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So here's chapter 3 of TALE OF THE NINJA MAGE

Naruto woke from his sleep thanks to his internal clock, fine-tuned after a few years of training and practice despite how much he hated it. Before even opening his eyes, he quickly sensed for any chakra source in the vicinity. It wasn't until then he remembered where exactly he was, Mahora Academy. After mentally smacking himself for being so paranoid in a secure area, Naruto rose from a laying to sitting position on the bed's edge, taking a look at his new room. It was scarcely furnished, having just his bed, a closet containing some of his work clothes (teacher, not shinobi), a small dresser for other clothes, and a nightstand with a digital clock. The blonde teen saw the time was 4:00 in the morning, earlier than he liked but knew it was a perfect time to get some training done before the school day started. He was glad now for all the early wake-up experience he's gained over the years, as he was going to need it to ever find a good, private time.

Naruto got up off of his bed before walking over to his dresser, pulling out a simple t-shirt and shorts and getting dressed. The blonde shinobi decided to take the window exit to make sure he didn't disturb his other roommates, and in a minute was already outside and walking away from the log cabin that was his new residence. Looking back at the cabin, he remembered how he was returning from the party Negi's and his new class had thrown, only to see the little girl…Evangeline wasn't it? sitting at the kitchen table drinking something when he walked inside. Said girl had just glared at him before going back to her tea when Chachamaru had refilled her cup.

"You can stay, but if you dare annoy me your life is forfeit" was pretty much the gist of what she had said to him nonverbally, he was too tired to bother analyzing it too far or retorting. The last thing he remembered happened was Chachamaru leading him to his room, then getting his non-shinobi clothing out of his scroll before going to bed.

'Have to remember to thank Konoe-san for getting her to agree' Naruto thought as he looked for a secluded spot to train. Luckily the forest was a good distance from the school, so all he needed to do was get a good distance from the cabin.

The next couple of hours were spent doing physical exercises, which unfortunately was all he could do in that time before having to get ready for his first day. Finding the time to get some real training in was an issue he'd have to resolve at some point. The new teacher went back to the cabin, making sure to return through his room's window again so his hosts wouldn't see him and wonder what he was doing. The blonde teen grabbed a set of his 'teaching clothes' and went to go take a shower. That is, he would have done so except for the fact this wasn't his apartment and the blonde had no idea where the bathroom was in this place.

"Crap, should have asked them where the bathroom was first. Guess I'll just have to see if either one of them is up yet" Naruto said to himself. Clothes now on the bed, he walked downstairs, hoping that one of them, preferably Chachamaru, was awake for some reason. He doubted that the chibi blonde would bother helping him.

To his luck, the green-haired girl turned out to be in the kitchen, and from the looks of it was cooking some food as well as brewing tea.

"Good morning, Naruto-sensei. Did you find the room to your liking?" The girl said without even turning to look at him. He was surprised that he didn't even need to announce his presence, but noticed the slightest twitch of her 'ears'.

'So, her Kekkei-Genkai must include excellent hearing, huh? I'll have to see just what else it is she can do some time in the future.'

He grinned cheerfully, although she didn't see it. "Good morning, Chachamaru, and yes the room is fine. I have to thank you for putting up with me bunking here so easily. Just wish that other girl could be as easy-going."

Chachamaru turned to look at him at that point, although somehow still able to scramble the eggs she was cooking with incredible accuracy. "What do you mean by 'easy-going' sensei?"

"She just seems like she's trying to act older than she really is, I mean she looks maybe ten, eleven, maybe twelve at the most, yet she's living alone with you in this secluded cabin. That reminds me, can you point me to the bathroom? I wanted to take a shower before the day starts."

The green haired girl pondered over the question for a little bit before answering. "My apologies, sensei, but the only bathing area we have is located in master's personal bathroom." Naruto flinched at the thought of asking the girl to use her bathroom. "If you would like, later on I could show you the public baths in the dorms."

He slumped into one of the table's chairs in disappointment. "Oh man, guess I just gotta be patient until then." Before he could go up to change, however, Chachamaru placed a plate on the table in front of him. His nose quickly caught the scent of freshly cooked eggs and toast, and he looked at the girl in front of him curiously.

"Umm, you might have finished those a bit early Cha-chan, by the time Eva-chan gets down here this is probably going to be cold" he said, pointing down at the food.

"Master rarely partakes in morning nutrition besides her tea, sensei, so Konoe-sama had our kitchen restocked yesterday for your use. I believe that cooking meals for guests are considered good manners?" Chachamaru explained, her question causing him to grin widely at her.

"Wow, thanks Cha-chan!" Not one to turn down the offer of a cooked meal, Naruto quickly wolfed down the food, and through the mouthfuls he ate noted that she was a very good cook. He'd definitely have to ask her to make some ramen at some point. After finishing the meal, he looked up to see Chachamaru looking at him, her face still impassive.

He rubbed the back of his head, thinking that she was shocked at how he had eaten. "Sorry about that, sometimes I forget when people are around me when I'm eating" he said, but the green haired girl shook her head in the negative.

"It is not that, sensei, I am just wondering about the way you have been addressing me."

Naruto made the assumption that the girl was angry over his use of the "-chan" suffix, something he'd experienced many times. "I'm sorry Chachamaru, I guess you feel strange with me giving you a nickname like that, huh?" he held his arms in front of him in a placating gesture, but again she shook her head.

"I am merely curious as to why you use it" she replied, getting a curious stare from the teenage sensei. "My records indicate that the use of 'chan' connotes some form of affection. Does this mean you hold that affection for me sense?"

Naruto was really glad that he wasn't eating anymore, otherwise he would have started choking for sure. He settled instead for a deep blush. 'Holy crap, she can be pretty blunt!' He coughed a bit, trying to get his face's temperature back under control before answering. "It's not that I like you, Chachamaru – well not in that way- I do still like but uh…its just I use it when talking to any girl I'm friends with. Does that answer your question?" He wished his cabin-mate didn't have to be so expressionless all the time, it made it a lot harder to tell whether she was angry or not.

"I believe I understand now Naruto-sensei. However…does that mean I am one of your…friends?" The blonde didn't have any trouble answering this question, grinning with his hands behind his head.

"Well, of course you are!" He gave her his Lee-inspired 'Good Guy Pose.' He would have continued their conversation except he saw a clock on the wall, and the fact that he needed to make his way to class.

He got up from the table, checking to make sure everything was in order before he left to the front door. "Sorry to cut our conversation short, Cha-chan, but I gotta head out now, you'd better get Eva-chan up before she makes you late as well! I'll look for you some time today to give me that tour!"

"That is alright, Sensei." Chachamaru replied, watching the newest addition to her Master's cabin exit out the front door. Her attention shifted from the front door to one of the cupboards which held the ingredients to her master's preferred morning tea.

If she had been more attentive to her facial sensors, the four-year old gynoid would have realized her facial muscles had twitched the corners of her lips in an upward direction.

It didn't take long for the blonde shinobi to find his way back to the main school grounds, and on the way to class 3-A he spotted Negi running towards the building with the two girls he met yesterday, Asuna and Konoka if he remembered right. The child teacher looked to be discussing something with Asuna. He faintly blushed remembering the incident in the hallway, at least until the new teacher remembered another important detail.

'Fuck, I forgot I was going to meet Negi yesterday to come up with our lesson plan, hope he isn't too angry.'

He hoped that the trio would not see him so he could deal with the issue later, but Kami seemed to have other plans in store.

"Oh, hello there Naruto-san!" Negi waved cheerfully, slightly altering their course in order to meet up with the assistant teacher. That was a mistake on Negi's part, however, when the tall blonde slammed a fist into his head once within arm's reach. The ten year old quickly slammed into the pavement. Konoka and Asuna stopped as well to watch their exchange.

"Ow! Why did you hit me, Naruto-san!?" Naruto let that one slide after seeing the kid rubbing his face, tears pricking his eyes in a way that would have sent all but the most cold-hearted female into a 'Kawaii' state.

Instead the blonde just kneeled down to get eye level with him. "Did you forget already about the way I wanted you to address me?"

It was then Negi widened his eyes in realization. "Oh, I'm sorry Naruto I completely forgot!"

"Don't worry about it, so long as you remember from now on" the blonde smiled in response, placing a hand on Negi's head. "Besides, I have to apologize for not meeting up with you yesterday like I said I would."

Negi looked at him curiously for a second, until he realized again what the blonde was talking about. "Oh, now that you mention it I forgot all about that!" Cue Naruto's facefault into the pavement. The blonde quickly rose back up, an angry look on his face, as the hand that had been on the kid's head previously became a fist for a massive noogie.

"What was that you twerp!? I go getting nervous about forgetting my promise and you don't even have the decency to remember!?"

"Ow, Naruto that hurts!"

Asuna and Konoka stood on the sidelines, forgotten by their new teachers as Negi tried getting away from Naruto's noogie in vain.

"Aw, isn't it great to see our new teachers getting along so well, Asuna?" said orange haired girl just sweat-dropped at her friend's naiveté.

"Yea, they seem to be getting along just fine." The sarcasm was lost on her brown haired friend.


"Crap, c'mon Konoka before we're late!" Asuna began pulling her along to class after hearing the school bell ring.

"What about Negi-sensei and Naruto-sensei?"

"I'm sure they'll be fine!"

Turned out the orange haired teen was correct, because no more than half a minute later the pair witnessed the two teachers pass them into the school door, although in a rather comical way that even had Asuna giggling about it.

After all, how can you not laugh seeing an eighteen year old teacher giving his ten year old partner a piggy-back ride into the building, especially with said boy protesting the whole way?

Only a minute later the two teachers were preparing for their second day of class, with the other students in their chairs. While Naruto was making sure that everything was in order, Negi was going through the attendance sheet.

When Naruto heard a couple of familiar names from Negi, he turned his attention to the child teacher.

"Hey Negi, did you just say Evangeline and Chachamaru?" said boy looked over to his teacher, a somewhat confused look on his face.

"Yes, according to this list I got from Takahata-san" Negi showed Naruto the pages holding the class listing "there should be two girls sitting near the back, but they are both absent." The boy's attention turned to the other students in the classroom. "Do any of you know why they aren't here?"

"Oh, they almost never show up to class Negi-sensei!" Naruto saw one of the twins, who he thought honestly looked way younger than fifteen, speak up. The other twin nodded in agreement. "Yea, Takahata-sensei didn't seem to mind much, though."

Negi frowned a bit in worry. "Well, that just won't do, what kind of teacher would I be if I let students go skip class?"

Naruto took the question as a sign to speak up. "If you don't need me, I could always go get them, I'm living with them so I know where they are."

"WHAAAAT!!" Apparently that was the wrong thing for the blonde to say, since pretty much all the girls in the class were interested in this news, some more jealous and vocal about it than others.

"That's not fair, how come those two get to bunk with the hot, teen teacher?!"

"Aw, I'm so jealous of them! Getting to room with a guy like Naruto-sensei!"

"Don't you already have a boyfriend?"

"Jealous?! I'm more worried about what McDowell-san might do to Naruto-sensei!"

"That's true! We have to get Naruto-sensei away from her!"

Naruto chuckled nervously, looking at the child teacher who was trying in vain to calm down the girls. 'I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a confidence booster, or make me worry about my roommates. I'd better just take this time to get out of here.'

It took a couple of minutes for Negi to manage quieting down the class, though the biggest help was the fact Naruto had already disappeared from the room, no doubt doing what he had proposed.

"Now that everybody is settled down, if you could all turn to page 74 in your textbook, we'll begin by translating the passage…"

In the meantime, the eighteen year old teacher was walking away from the building in the direction of Evangeline's cottage, eyes closed in concentration. Although walking probably wasn't the best term for it because the blonde shinobi was walking so slowly and stiffly that any person who witnessed it would think he was trying to pass the straight line drunk test. What he was actually doing…

'Ha, take that you old toad! And you thought moving while gathering natural energy was impossible! Now all I got to do is keep practicing until I can move normally!'


"Fuck!" Naruto rubbed his forehead, opening his eyes to see a street lamppost in front of him. "Gotta work on my awareness apparently too. That's enough of this for today."

This was a certain project Naruto had been working on ever since he'd first learnt Senjutsu; attempting to gather Natural Energy, a feat Fukasaku and Shima told him required complete stillness, while moving at the same time. However, his progress on it had been incredibly slow, at least to him. Fukasaku, on the other hand, had declared that the blonde was one of the greatest masters of Senjutsu ever just for the progress he'd demonstrated to the old toad. So far, it was incredibly far off from being combat worthy, as his movement to accomplish it was pitifully slow, and he could feel maybe half of the energy he gathered slipping away as soon as it touched his chakra, not to mention how much of it was gone before he could even meld it together correctly.

He pulled up the sleeve of his coat until his left forearm was revealed before biting his right thumb, drawing a little blood. Quickly swiping it across the middle of his left arm, he applied chakra to the area, revealing a small seal that glowed momentarily. Suddenly a puff of smoke appeared in front of Naruto, revealing a Kage Bunshin sitting cross legged in meditation. A hand lain on the clone's head was all the signal it needed to dispel itself, Naruto quickly feeling the rush of natural energy entering his system.

'Hm, maybe thirty minutes worth of Sage mode, I'm getting better at gathering more energy stationary at least.'

Using the energy-sensing capabilities of Sage mode, the blonde searched for any energy that was unnatural to the forest, thereby discovering Evangeline and Chachamaru's location, and it didn't take very long to do so.

However, the strange part was that while he could find two separate energy signatures, they were the same person's, and they weren't like any other human he'd felt before. It had a similar base of magic, and it wasn't demonic, but most definitely inhuman. The power was very faint though, so much that without Sage mode he probably wouldn't be able to tell even close up.

As the blonde shinobi used shundo to get to the location of the energy, he wondered whether it was another person, or thing, entirely, or if there was something about his roommates Konoemon didn't bother to tell him.

A couple of minutes later the blonde reached his destination, and discovered that it actually was both Chachamaru and Evangeline, and they looked to be having something of a picnic, or maybe just tea since he couldn't smell any food. The pale blonde child was leaning against a tree, now looking towards him with a scowl on her face.

'Well, I was right that both of them have the same energy signature, but that should be impossible, no two people have the exact same signature. Not only that, but it definitely is not completely human.'

Naruto grinned brightly at the pair looking at him. "Well, what are you two doing out here? Seems to me you guys decided to have a picnic without even inviting me! I'm hurt."

"What the hell are you doing here, Namikaze?" Evangeline said, not really in the mood after being interrupted from some peaceful relaxation.

Naruto grinned at the pair. "Well, I just found out a few minutes ago that you two are students in my new class!" The pair of girls were shocked, although it was tough to tell with Chachamaru. "So now I'm wondering why you two didn't bother to come to class today."

Now Evangeline snorted. "There is nothing I need to learn from you, so I see no point in wasting my time."

"Well, unfortunately girls your age need to go to class, no matter how pointless you think it is." 'Crap, I'm really starting to channel Iruka-sensei aren't I?'

"And if I won't go?" The blonde girl quickly felt herself being lifted up against her will before she was tossed over the larger blonde's shoulder like some sort of potato sack.

Naruto began walking back in the direction of the school after seeing Chachamaru stand to follow. "If you won't come willingly, I'll just have to take you by force Eva-chan!" He stated cheerfully, as if this wasn't a form of kidnapping.

'This man is going to DIE once I'm finally free!' Without her powers, however, the vampiress had to settle with plan B.

"Chachamaru, get me out of here!"

"Yes, Master."

Naruto could hear Chachamaru approach him from behind, and was too curious about how the teenage girl planned to free her 'master' to bother dodging. It wasn't until the blonde felt her fist implant itself into his backside that he realized his folly, feeling himself lose footing with the ground. In his surprise, Chachamaru managed to grab her master from his loosened grip and begin running in the opposite direction.

'She hits pretty damn hard, more than any civilian could. I wonder if she really is a kunoichi? I'll think on it later though' It didn't take long for Naruto to recover, and fortunately the possible kunoichi didn't care about covering her trail through the forest.

For the next hour Naruto gave chase to the pair, never letting them get too much time to rest, but at the same time Chachamaru was faster than Naruto expected, since he couldn't get close enough to grab them without possibly divulging his magical/shinobi abilities.

In the end, however, Naruto knew that it was time to make his choice, as the class period was probably nearing its end, and he wanted to at least catch the pair. This had become too entertaining to just give up on, after all! 'But how to catch them without realizing I'm using magic or chakra, just coming up from behind with shundo would be too obvious –Wait, that's it!'

With a grin he usually reserved for his pranks, Naruto began his ascent far into the air, applying several mid-air shundo to position himself above the forest canopy, making sure the pair stayed within sight and reasonable distance. "Now for the right moment." It wasn't until the retreating pair of girls were sufficiently covered by trees that he began a rapid descent. Still not used to the idea of running mid-air, the blonde had to deal with getting the right angle of descent while dealing with the wind rushing into his face and a nauseating feeling from the practical teleportation. Shundo after mid-air Shundo, the blonde closed the distance between him and the delinquents, until finally he broke through the forest ceiling, narrowly avoiding branches as he reached out to grab Chachamaru by the shoulders,sending the trio into the dirt.

After a short tumble, Naruto claimed victory while sitting on Chachamaru's back, one hand holding her wrists together while the other held Evangeline by the scruff of her shirt.

"Well, I think this is my victory for today you two, but that was a lot of fun." Still not letting go of Evangeline, Naruto got off of Chachamaru before helping her up with his other hand. Her acceptance of said appendage told the blonde that the green haired girl wasn't going to resist any further. "Hope I didn't hurt you Cha-chan, I kind of got carried away there."

"My performance readings tell me I'm in functioning condition, Naruto-sensei" the girl responded, which Naruto took to meant she was fine. He'd have to figure out why she talked so strangely, though. Maybe it was just how kunoichi worked in this world?

Back at the school, a tall girl that nobody would think of as being only 15 with forest green hair sneezed as she sat in the classroom alongside the others in class 2-A. 'Somebody must be thinking about me de-gozaru.'

Naruto looked at the girl still in his grip, certain that the silent girl would have been pouring out obscenities by this point, or at least trying to escape. The blonde wasn't going to press his luck though and left her to her thoughts as they finally began to get closer to the school.

'Hm, still no bell? Awesome, I managed to capture delinquents successfully, and on my first time too! This must be how Iruka-sensei felt when he caught me-'


'God damn it!' he yelled mentally as the bell signaled the end of the period, meaning he hadn't made it in time. Sighing in disappointment, the blonde dropped his fellow blonde girl unceremoniously on her butt, finally snapping her out of her train of thought.

"What the hell was that for you dumbass!" she shrieked, quickly standing back up.

Naruto shrugged. "While I managed to catch you guys, the class I have with you guys is already over, so I have no need to force you guys to go to your other classes."

Evangeline stared at him like he was some kind of moron, which was precisely what she thought about him. "What kind of teacher tells that to his students?"

The blonde grinned at her in response. "The kind that was as much of a delinquent as you two when I was your age." He turned his attention to the bright green haired girl following behind them.

"Hey Cha-chan, if you have the free time now, do you think you could show me that bath area in the dorms you were talking about?" The green haired girl didn't respond verbally, instead she faced her master, who was looking at the pair incredulously. Evangeline sighed looking at the idiotically hopeful visage of her intruder/guest.

"Whatever, you can go with him for now Chachamaru, but make sure you return in time to make lunch."

Said girl bowed, saying thanks before walking in the direction of the dorms. Naruto took it as a signal to follow.

Evangeline stared at the blonde teenager as he followed after her gynoid servant, her mind buzzing with the info Konoemon had told her when she went to threaten him about the guest. When the old man (not that she had room to call him that) had described the boy as a 'special case,' she hadn't thought much of it, considering him a mage just like most of the staff and leaving it at that. But this chase had told her much of his abilities.

'Able to keep up with Chachamaru when I couldn't feel any magic augmenting his speed, but that maneuver with Shunpo was as stupid as something Nagi would pull. But he still angled it perfectly to not only maintain a close distance, but factor in the risk of being spotted by myself, who he thinks is a regular student. That's not taking into account he was going fast enough to be invisible not just to any regular human, but even plenty of mages working here.' Even when he crashed into them, he was cognitive enough to grab her and restrain Chachamaru in a way that it'd be hard for the gynoid to escape, especially when shown that his strength was greater than hers. Though when he held Chachamaru down, the small vampire could feel another energy being used, but one she'd never felt before, even in her long life. 'If he's a mage, his skill is impressive. Even if he is an idiot.'

The rest of the day had gone by fairly quickly for the eighteen-year old teacher, now looking for Negi's dorm room in order to finally go over the lesson plan with him. Though thinking of the dorms, he still couldn't believe that these girls had such an extravagant bathing area; its quality nearly exceeded Konoha's own hot springs! He'd definitely have to try it tomorrow morning, so long as none of the residents were there at least.

After Chachamaru had shown him it, however, the blonde managed to rope the stoic girl into giving him a tour of more of the school, and even a bit of the city of Mahora. She made sure to point out places he needed to know, such as the shops and eateries. What had been very enlightening for the young shinobi was finding out that a few of the students in his class, Chachamaru included, ran their own restaurant Chao Bao Zi. While not on the same level as Ichiraku's ramen, it turned out to be an excellent place for lunch, at least it had been until said students saw the pair together. Apparently they were just in time for the school's lunch break. It was pretty difficult to enjoy lunch whilst having to explain why he and Chachamaru were having lunch together since he had left class declaring he'd be bringing the pair of girls back. The only good thing that came out of it was the fact his roommate was the most expressive he'd ever seen her when talking to them. He made a mental note that Lingshen Chao and Yotsuba Satsuki were good friends of the green-haired kunoichi, and that the pair made delicious meat-buns.

Overall, the blonde felt he'd made good progress in his personal mission to get Chachamaru to open up more. Now if he only knew a way to get through to Evangeline…

'I'll worry about the chibi later, though, just hope she isn't too mad I monopolized Cha-chan for the whole day' Naruto thought, feeling Negi's magic signature get closer. The assistant teacher was in for a surprise when he spotted a trio of girls whom he recognized from the class approach from the opposite end of the hallway.

The girl with dark green, nearly black hair on the left was the one to wave at him. "Hey there, Naruto-sensei!" Yue gives a small wave as well, while Nodoka follows with a shy nod.

He waved, a curious look on his face. "Hello there, girls, what are you guys doing here?"

The same girl was the one to answer his query. "Oh, well we're just coming to ask Negi-sensei some questions about the lesson today." The reason seemed a bit iffy to Naruto, after all why wait hours after school was over to ask him? He let it slide though.

"Naruto-sensei, what about your attempt to retrieve Evangeline-san and Chachamaru-san?" This time the girl on the opposite side, who had light purple hair tied into large twin-tails that went down to her waist, was the one to ask a question.

Naruto grinned at the trio as he knocked on the door. "I'll tell you girls what happened with Negi, though I did manage to catch them in the end."

What Naruto didn't expect when the door opened was to see a familiar brown-haired girl, Konoka if he remembered correctly, cheerfully greeting the quartet. He was worried that he got the wrong room until she opened it further for the exuberant glasses-wearing girl of the trio, spotting Negi sitting by a desk. The blonde also saw Asuna there as well, which could only mean the child teacher was in the same boat he was in terms of boarding.

'Hm, I can't remember Negi mentioning he was living with them, though it explains just why he was with them yesterday and today.'

Negi was greeting the girl newcomers when he spotted Naruto come in after them. "Naruto, what are you doing here?" The eighteen year old just grinned at his junior superior.

"What, do you not want me here?" His grin changed into a mock frown, but unlike the girls Negi wasn't able to tell the difference. "I mean, if you don't want me here I guess I could go."

"Nonono, I'm sorry Naruto I didn't mean that, its just that it was a surprise, and I wasn't sure-" Negi's rambling was cut off by Naruto's laughter.

"Hahahaha, don't worry so much Negi, I was only teasing. Anyway, I was here to look over the plans you've been making, and I guess I can do that while you help these girls with their questions, right?"

Negi bowed at his assistant in thanks. "Sure thing, Naruto." So Naruto took Negi's seat at the desk as the child teacher joined all the girls at the main table.

Naruto looked over the papers detailing Negi's schedule for the next couple of months, fairly impressed on how well the younger boy was with paperwork. 'I'm sure Baa-chan would love to have a kid like this doing her paperwork in a couple of years.' Another thing he noticed was a notebook, opened to a page holding the roster for Class 2-A. 'Ah, here we go, at least now I can learn all their names.' He saw several familiar girls, including Evangeline, Chachamaru, Ku-Fei, Chao, Satsuki, and Konoka. The blonde also found the names of the trio now studying with Negi; Saotome Haruna was the outspoken girl of the trio, the one with the large twintails was Ayase Yue, and the shy one was Miyazaki Nodoka. He even saw Asuna, amused to notice a pair of devil's horns were drawn on her head, even if they were scribbled out now and replaced with a small comment of 'she's nice after all'.

'Guess Negi and Asuna have trouble getting along, huh? They do kind of remind me of myself and Sakura-chan, although Negi isn't trying to gain her love at least.' Any further reminiscing was quickly dispelled by a sudden memory intake of a dispelled Kage Bunshin. Apparently the tall blonde girl 'Yukihiro Ayaka I know now' was about to make a sudden appearance.

As if on cue said girl barged through the dormroom's door, looking indignant, if not jealous of something.

"What is the meaning of this Asuna-san!? I suddenly hear that you're sharing your room with Negi-sensei, this cannot be allowed under my good conscious!"

Naruto could see that Asuna was about to respond violently to the accusation, so he stood up from his kneeling position, his change in height a good attention-grabber.

"Is there something the matter with this, Ayaka?"

The fellow blonde only then realized the other teacher's presence, quickly bowing to him in apology. "Oh, forgive me Naruto-sensei, I did not know you were here!" The blonde eighteen year old waved off her concerns, while Konoka walked up to the class representative.

"Ayaka-san, right now we're having a study group with Negi-sensei right now, would you like to join us?"

Naruto nearly laughed at how easily Ayaka accepted the proposal, already sitting down with the others. 'Wow, only two days and Negi's already becoming a pretty popular teacher.'

The room got pretty noisy at that point, already holding three times as many people as it used to, and with half of them loudly asking questions or talking with the child teacher. While Naruto wasn't bothered too much, he could see Asuna wasn't taking the noise as well, who had been trying to study at her own desk.

The assistant teacher decided to take a break from looking over Negi's lesson plan, instead looking over Asuna's shoulder to see what she was working on. After trying so hard to drown out the noise of the others, the orange haired girl didn't even notice him until he spoke.

"Need some help there, Asuna-chan?" he asked, startling her enough that she nearly punched his face. Nearly being the key word as he tilted his head out of the way.

The teenager just blushed in embarrassment at nearly hitting her sensei and his use of 'chan'. "S-sorry Naruto-sensei."

"No problem, Asuna-chan, I guess I shouldn't have gotten so close to a person with a nasty left hook huh?" he grinned at her, not noticing her blush darken another shade. "It looks to me that you could use some help with that homework, though?"

At that she turned away from the blonde teacher. "I'm doing perfectly alright by myself!"

"Having answered one question over the span of fifteen minutes is hardly what I'd call 'perfectly alright'." And it was true that Asuna had only answered the first question on the worksheet, making her blush again at being called out.

Naruto took the chair from Negi's desk and put it by Asuna's, as well as taking the pencil right out from Asuna's hand. "Here, I'll give you some advice on how to get through this, unless of course you want to try and finish this with all those others around?" He gestured his head towards the group of studiers (or Negi-admirers, Naruto wasn't totally sure yet). Her response was merely a sigh and a reluctant 'alright.'

The next half hour went surprisingly well for the occupants, not counting a minor squabble between Haruna and Ayaka over the last of Konoka's tasty snacks, and it seemed nearly all of the girls' questions had been answered. At least, it was until Haruna remembered what Naruto had said to them before their arrival.

"Hey, Naruto-sensei, are you going to tell us what happened between you and Evangeline and Chachamaru?" she asked, putting the blonde on the spotlight as all their attention turned towards him.

He rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. "Oh yea, I did say that I'd tell you guys, huh? I totally forgot about that hehehe." They all sweat dropped at his announcement, though they all gave the blonde their attention as he began.

He gave his audience a short summary about finding the girls and their subsequent chase, obviously editing out his use of ninjutsu and magic. While the girls at least were amazed that he'd do such a thing to Evangeline, and without the girl trying to kill him afterwards, it was the ending that made them the most surprised.

"What, you mean you just let them go!?" Ayaka yelled at the blonde sensei. Being the class rep, she was the largest stickler for correct decorum, and what Naruto-sensei did was definitely not appropriate!

He just shrugged in response. "Well, like I told them it's not really my issue what they do outside of the classes I'm involved with. And besides, I have a method to my madness."

This time it was Yue who asked the question. "And what does this method involve, Naruto-sensei?"

Unfortunately for the groups' curiosity, he just put his hands behind his head and laughed. "Sorry, but that's a secret, I can say that you'll figure it out tomorrow though."

Asuna snorted as the rest sighed in disappointment. "So, even our assistant teacher's a knucklehead."

"Ouch, you wound me Asuna-chan!" The other girls giggled a little at the melodrama as they got ready to leave.

"See ya guys later!" Haruna yelled at the group.

"See you tomorrow Naruto-sensei, Negi-sensei" Yue said, bowing a little. Her friend Konoka copied the action.

"G-g-goodbye N-negi-s-sensei, N-naruto-sensei" she stuttered softly as the three walked out. Ayaka was a lot more physical, giving Negi a hug, making Asuna angry for some reason.

"I'll see you tomorrow Negi-sensei. Just remember, if that ape does anything you don't like you can always room with me, alright?" Now Naruto had to hold onto Asuna's shoulders to keep her from lunging at the fellow blond until she was out of the door. Asuna quickly shook Naruto's hands off of her once Ayaka was gone.

"Wow, first it was Haruna, Nodoka, and Yue, then Ayaka. There sure are a lot of your classmates living nearby huh?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, everybody in Class 2-A lives on this floor, it's how they arrange it." Asuna replied, getting the other two's attention.

Negi, curious about what his roommate said, went to his desk, and pulled out a piece of paper from the mess before showing it to the others that it was a diagram of the dorm. "So, you mean everybody in my class lives on this floor?" He pointed to the second floor they were currently on. Asuna nodded.

"Yea, it's arranged by grade." Naruto was now the one who was confused.

"That can't be true, Eva-chan, Cha-chan and I don't live in the dorm, they have a cottage out in the forest we live in."

"Oh, I asked my grandfather about that once" Konoka said, "it was when our class first heard about it, but when I asked he just told me they needed the space because of a special reason."

At that Naruto frowned a bit, remembering his chase earlier and Chachamaru could, and had, run faster than even slow Chunnin. 'There's something about those two that the old man hasn't told me. Of course, that might just mean he doesn't feel it'd affect my mission.' Any further thought was ended as Asuna said-loudly-"Negi, you're starting to stink. When was the last time you had a bath?" It wasn't until Asuna mentioned it that Naruto noticed the smell as well. 'Wow, she has a sharp nose' and he concluded she was right when declaring it'd been a few days since the boy had had a bath.

"Well, go take one now, then!"

Negi mumbled something, but Asuna couldn't hear it. "What was that?" Again he mumbled, still unintelligibly. "C'mon, what's the problem brat!?" This time, the red headed boy decided to say it into Konoka's ear, who giggled a little bit.

"Negi hates baths? That's so cute."

"That's not cute at all Konoka!" Asuna yelled. "Blondie, go take this kid here for a bath!"

"Hey, I resent that comment! You're supposed to address me as sensei!" The trio all turned to see said 'blondie' was nearly halfway out their door, making Asuna's eye twitch.

"And where are you going, you're the only other guy here?"

Naruto nodded. "Exactly, no way am I going near a naked ten-year old boy to give him a bath. Especially since I'd probably drown him if he struggled too much. So have fun with that, I'll see you guys in class tomorrow!" Before any of them could even try to stop him, the teen teacher was already out the door, and in a couple of minutes was outside the dorm, walking towards his new home. At the same time however, he didn't neglect to make a couple of 'clone squadrons,' as he liked to call them, one to patrol the dorm he'd just left and another to make rounds around the school. Learning that all his primary targets to guard lived on the same floor made it much simpler when it came to sending more clones in the morning to begin the day shift.

'Today turned out to be fairly fruitful, I got to mess around with Eva-chan, spent another day here without actually having to teach thanks to Cha-chan, met some more of my new students, and learned a bit more about Negi-kun and apparently his own student roommates.'

A little bit later, he found himself right in front of the familiar cottage, and went up to open the door. When he touched the doorknob, however, he suddenly felt a chill go down his spine.

'Weird, why do I feel Ero-sennin's berating me for missing a valuable opportunity?'

At the same time, in the dorm's baths, most the girls in Class 2-A were there taking a bath, naked, or at least they had been before somehow beginning to compare breasts to see who'd get Negi-sensei as a roommate. A good number of them were 'developed' in ways that eighteen year olds would be jealous of. Now, however, they all were staring up at Asuna, whose breasts had somehow become so big they were actually lifting her up off the ground, yelling at somebody to get her down. The orange haired girl knew exactly who she was going to pummel though once she managed to get back down. Negi was exceedingly nervous, both because he messed up on a spell again and because he knew Asuna was going to hurt him once grounded.

So, I'll apologize again (just because I like you guys so much) about both the lack of awesome action and long wait period.


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