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I hate him.

I hate that low-down bastard more than I have ever hated someone before in my life.

We've been jacketed for nearly four months now. The sex is amazing. But, I'm starting to think he's only with me for it. You know what he did to me today? Of course you don't! Well, that son of a bitch actually told me we'd been together too much. Too much? We're jacketed! Generally people don't get jacketed before they get married. I don't know if I loved him enough to marry him. But, dammit, I know I loved him!

Didn't four months mean a thing to him? I know it's not a long time, but I like to think he loved me.


Rizzo put her pen down and sighed. She snapped the book shut and rolled onto her stomach on the bed. She held the pillow close to her face and exhaled into it. Four months.

Four long months.

The first month had been sex, making out, and showing off.

The second had been relaxed, they spent a lot of time together- there was still sex, there was still showing off- but it wasn't as sloppy and hot anymore. It was fluid.

The third was the best, she thought. The third had them holding hands, sharing shakes, smiling and flirting. She never thought she'd be one of those girls who giggled when her man did something so embarrassing it was almost romantic. There was less sex but it made her think a lot about how other girls relationships start out. Most go from being 'cutesy' to being 'passionate' and they just went from 'sloppily hormonal' to being 'normal'. She couldn't think of a moment they were separate for longer than twelve hours, while they both went home for dinner, then met up before school. They were hardly apart. They spent hours together.

The fourth had come in perfectly docile and ended in a screaming match.

It was almost fall and Danny Zuko decided to do sports. For Sandy. To show off to that ditzy little blonde. It almost made Rizzo sick, seeing someone stop being themselves for someone else. She'd never do that.

It was almost fall and Kenickie hadn't aske dher to the dance. Instead he said they were together too much.

She rolled back and picked up her diary and pen...


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