Alright, to space I decided to throw all of my one-shots together into a random collection, so yeah. Enjoy my drabbles and rambles as I try to develop my writing abilities. :D

This one is RinxLen, just incase it isn't obvious right away. This one is supposed to be really abstract until the end. :3

How long has it been? Just how long has it been since my eyes first started following you? Perhaps it was when I first saw you smile, or maybe it was when I heard that your name was "Kagamine" too. We share nothing as far as blood goes, no matter how much I look like you or you look like me, and I'm a little happy for that. Sometimes though, and only sometimes, I wish we really were related. If we were twins, bound by blood, then perhaps I wouldn't have to go through this aching pain. This constant pain that comes with every whisper of your name.

How long has it been since I first thought of how beautiful you are? Since it first crossed my mind to take a picture, but then quickly threw the thought away. If I did take a picture, I would have to name it something other than your name to save me some peace of mind, and something different from "Kagamine" because I have the same name. That name often feels like a blessing, but I think it can also be curse in disguise. It is the only thing that holds us together other than the likeness of our faces, but I wonder if you even see it. Do you see the importance of having something as precious as a name to share with you? Do you know how much it hurts when I know you don't see it? This ringing hurt that follows every time turn away.

How long has it been since you changed who you hold? Was it only a day? The one before that was the same too. That never ending rotation of lovers around your arm. You've gone through so many that you're even onto repeats, yet I have never been on that list. Even if it was just for a day, couldn't I be one of them? If I was able to hold you the same way, even just once, then maybe I wouldn't feel such a great wound. This burning wound that sears my flesh every time you hold someone else who isn't me.

How long has it been since you last smiled my way? That enchanting curve of your lips, just a twitch away from ending the world, or my world. It use to sing a song to me of bliss, but it has long since chosen to sing for others. Your songbird of a smile; where is a melody for me? If you have so many songs to share, why not a tune for me? If I could see your smile just once more, then maybe I wouldn't need to hear anymore. I'd just need see your chorus of a smile. If I could see it, a glowing look just for me, then maybe I wouldn't feel like I'm bleeding. This bleeding guaranteed every time I miss your smile.

How long has it been since you last spoke to me? I can hardly remember. I am forgetting your voice, and it scares me. I am forgetting, even though I see you everyday. The memory of your bitter-sweet tone, meant only for me; it is slipping through my fingers. If I could just hear you say "hello" only once, would I be able to recall the rest? If I did, would it be enough to rid me of this sting? This sting that overcomes my everything whenever you remain silent.

How long has it been. Just how long has it been since I last whispered "I love you" from across the room. It seems too long ago, but so soon as well. You have never heard a single word, just as I have heard every one of yours. You compliment and flatter, whisper and seduce always in a variety of "you're so cute" or "I like you", but that is never in response to me. It is always for one of your rotations. If you shared one of your repeated lines with me, then maybe I wouldn't have made such a promise. This promise to love you forever, but never be by your side.

Yes, I promise my self this: I will always love you.

"Rin?" his sweet voice calls. I turn and see his smile, at last singing for me again.

Always. I promise-

"I love you," Len whispers, mesmerizing as usual. "Will you go out with me?"

I will never-

My lips part with a dry intake that only I can hear.

Never be by your side.

"No," I say, with my heart in pain, my soul ringing of hurt, a burning wound in my pride, a bleeding in my brain, and a stinging in my throat.

Because if I was-

His smile falls, no longer singing for me.

If I was by your side-

I turn away.

Then I-

And I run.

I would mean that much less to you.

Alright, I joined the RinxLen bandwagon with this one. Actually, I visioned the end part here and they were the only characters it applied to so this is what happened. The rest just sorta... happened. Kinda angsty, neh? Looking at it now, it's kinda an implied soft-core, watered-down version of Spice!, but God-forbid we have another Spice! fic floating about.

Anyway, sorry for how short it is. It's just a one-shot and I couldn't think of anything else for Rin to babble/ramble/rant about.

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