Well, this was actually part of a prompt game, but I thought it worked.

The prompt was Kiyoteru something, but leaning more for Rocker!Kiyoteru. This one also has a slight Spice! setting. Enjoy. :D

"Are you sure you're good at this?" Gakupo asked Len as he watched the boy's fingers fumble over the neck.

"Shut up! It's just been a while!" he shouted back, his eyebrows furrowed and jaw locked. He should be a pro a this! After all, it was just Guitar Hero! The game over screen shot up as he missed the last one. "God da-" he started to curse, but was cut off when he heard the voice of the last person he ever wanted to see.

"Kagamine-san, Kamui-san, what are you two doing here?"

Len turned around, trying to suppress a scowl and looked at their new company, the fake guitar still in hand. "Shion-sensei," Gakupo started, greeting him for Len, "And Hiyama-sensei. Well, this is an arcade. What you two doing here?" Len wanted to glare at Kaito and say "what happened to Rin?" but still held back.

Kiyoteru chuckled lightly and briefly. "We were just passing by and saw you through the window."

With the formalities aside, Gakupo gave in to his bad habit of cutting right the chase and asking what was on his mind. "What happened to Luka-sensei?" Len glanced over to him out of guilt for his own actions and curiosity. It certainly was no secret to Len that Gakupo was interested in the pink-haired teacher, but that didn't stop his own advancements.

"Please," Kaito started, "Call her Megurine-sensei." And there he went, changing the subject, as usual, when it didn't work to his advantage. "Hey, Kagamine-san," the blond twitched, "Would you mind giving Kiyoteru-san a try?"

He was referring to the game, but it caught everyone off guard. "Kaito-san, you know I'm no good at these things!"

"But I wanted to see if you could at least beat Kagamine-san's score," he laughed, bringing everyone's attention to the game's screen.

Gakupo smirked. "Yeah, Hiyama-sensei. Just try it."

"But I-"

"What's the problem? It's not like it's difficult to play. I even made it easy for you, not trying and all," Len added on. Said shouta smirked and switched over to the highest difficulty without looking at the screen. At least he was talented in something.

"Well, I suppose I could," Kiyoteru said unconfidently as he stepped up and took the guitar controller from Len.

"That's the spirit!" Kaito cheered.

"Ah, before I forget," the purple-haired student started, "Let's make this more interesting. If he loses to Len's score, then no referrals for a week, no matter what we do."

"I don't think that's-"

Kiyoteru was cut off by his fellow teacher. "Fine, but if he wins then extra class duties for a week!"

"Kaito-san, perhaps we shouldn-"

"You're on!" Len shouted, getting dragged into it.

"Come on, Kiyotel! It's all on you!" Kaito shouted, excited about their rearrangement.

"Really now," Kiyoteru said with a sigh as he pressed the start button contemplated where his new nick name came from.

The next thing the two students knew, they had lost a bet and ended up leaving the arcade with new class chores to do after school.

As it turns out, Kiyoteru was a rocker god at Guitar Hero, second only to Dell who got a higher score than him.