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Chapter one: the house

Ino was walking down the street looking for an apartment. "Man this sucks" Ino said to her friends that were following behind her. Sakura, Hinata, and Tenten has been helping Ino look for an apartment. Ino's been looking for an apartment for the longest now. She seen a lot of apartments lately, some was cute but really did she want just a cute house? No Ino wanted the best. But it seems that konoha has been lacking on things that met Ino expectations on the word best lately.

"Well maybe if you wasn't so damn picky…."Tenten said. She didn't even have to finish that sentence everyone knew what was coming next.

"Hmp you're just saying that because you have a nice apartment with your little Neji-kun" Ino said. At this Tenten blushed. It was true Tenten was living with Neji for awhile now. They have gone serious in there relationship. Tenten stated that she loved him and would tell him soon but when the time is right. And still that time wasn't here yet, Tenten is a wuss when it came to Neji. She would melt in a incent with one touch or kiss or anything that came in contact with him, it didn't even have to be a touch she could make eye contact with his eye and she would be in another world.

But what could they say, they couldn't complain everyone wanted love like that. But she knew that she wasn't going to have it soon, main reason is that her and her best friend Sakura and her other friend Hinata was all in love with the same guy. that's right and that guy is no other then Naruto Uzumaki. He became one of konoha finest bachelor. All the girls wanted him and after the announcement about him being the 4th hokage's son he only had following him around asking to be his girlfriend, his booty call, his sex buddy, his baby momma, and his wife. tenten pity them because the guy that they love is being staked never leaving them any time alone

As she was just about to give up and go home for the day, she happen to walk past the ramen stand and see her favorite blonde friend Naruto. Naruto was 18 and looking hot as ever. He changed over the years. He didn't wear the blur of orange anymore but yes of course he still did wear orange though. He still had the same hair style as he always did but he didn't have the blue ribbon head band, he had the black. He had a short sleeve orange jacket that reached below his knees, with black flames at the bottom of his jacket and sleeve with the collar spike up. Underneath his jacket he had a long sleeve black jacket with a green rope tide to his elbow. And some black ninja pant and sandals.

Naruto changed over the past few years. He wasn't loud anymore- "HEY INO OVER HERE" well not all the time. He became a little bit smarter, and he didn't follow Sakura around anymore like a lost puppy. So much for her that is.

naruto looked at all of them and said "So what you lady's up to" did i mention he was a big flert too.

I looked up at him and said "My mom and dad gave me the 17 year old and moving out speech again. And there getting tired of me being there since i've been 17 for the past 6 months. So I'm out here looking for a place to stay. But for some reason I can't find a place."

He looked me up and down then smirked and said "you know if you want my apartment is always open. I wouldn't mind…….your Company". Did I forget to tell you that Naruto became a freak when he came back from that 3 year ago. Yea I know Jiraiya really rubbed off on the kid. But living with Naruto wouldnt be that bad. he moved out of his messy small apartment and into a mind blowing one. like she said she wouldnt mind living in that house, one point for the house. then living with the guy you love, two points for that.

Hinata and Sakura both snap there heads towards her direction and gave me a glare saying you-better-not-accept- that-offer. So she did what that glare told her to do to her disapointment. "Sorry Naruto but I rather try first" she declined. she was about to order but she thought she would rather go home for the night. So she got up and told them that she'll see them around but before she could make it out of the shop Naruto said "My house is always open Ino"

when she got home her dad gave her that speech again, and again, and again. I guess it was a depressed way to make her get out. And guess what she wasnt going to give in so easy

Naruto was woken up by loud banging on his door. 'What the hell' he thought as he turn over to look at his clock to see that it was two in the morning. He got out of bed mumbling curses under his breath and slammed the door open. "WHAT" He said looking quite irritated at the blonde before him. "Ino it's fucking two in the morning what the hell do you want" he said getting more irritated when she just walked past him dragging some bags in. Ino turned around and looked at him before turning away quickly with a mad blush on her face. Naruto looked down to see that he was only some shorts leaving his chest bare, which was normal for him. "Is there a problem Ino?" he asked with a raised eye brow. "No No not at all" she said as she started walking towards his guess bedroom

"Are you going to aswer my question" he said to her.

she looked at hime and said "im taking you up on that offer"

naruto quirked an eye brow and asked "Ino what offer are you taking about"

"the one from the ramen stand ofcorse silly"

at this naruto couldnt hold back his smirk as he thought of all the things he could do to her in his apartment "oh this is going to be fun". he said as he closed he closed his apartment front door.

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