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Every since that day Naruto and Ino kissed they haven't talked about it, it was an ignored subject. He didn't know if it was because she didn't want to talk about it because he walked out on her, or if it was because they were never alone anymore.

In the house there were a lot of flirting going around and he didn't know if he should like it or not. He seen the hate in their eyes when one of them touch him while the others was on the side line starring like they were going to kill her or maybe him. It was confusing at time but he grew to like it. Like how he could come home with someone waiting for him, always having a cooked meal, and how the way he felt needed. He loves it and he also grew a real liking to all the girls.


Sakura was at the hospital. She been doing shifts all day and she was tired. Pretty soon Naruto would be here to pick her up. A small sweet smile creped on her face. Just thinking about him makes her happy and then slowly she started to feel butterflies in her stomach. "Okay two more patient then I'm gone" she whispered to herself. Her first patient was a girl name Aiko. She was eighteen years old. She has been in the hospital for four months. Right now she had two visitor so she would make this quick. She walked in and they were huddle together a sign that they was gossiping

"Excuse me but I'm here to change your IV bags" she said checking off things on her clip board as she went. The girl just nodded and kept talking to her friends which gave her the okay.

"So guess who I did it with the other day" one girl screeched


"Yeah who was it. And give me detail I haven't had sex since I was out of this place."

"That number one bachelor Naruto" Sakura nearly dropped the IV bags at hearing this.

"No way. Is he cute like every one saying he is?"

"No he's better looking"

"So…how was he"

"It was the best sex I've ever had. I think I had like five organism in one hour"

"How long were you guys at it?"

"Like for five hours I think"

"Shut up"

"I know"

"So are you guys meeting again" the girl from the hospital asked her friend.

"I don't know after we did it he just got up and left but if I see him again I'll ask him." Sakura left out the room before she could hear anything else. She just wanted to do this last patient and get the hell out of the hospital. She walked into room 239. Male patient.

"Woo-wee look like I got lucky today. Tell me how bout after I get out of here you and me go on a date." he looked her up and down and his eyes lingered on her boobs which were at full display. She was wearing this dress for Naruto.

"Sorry but I'm taken" she pull on her doctors jacket, trying to cover her boobs a little bit more. She knew she wasn't taken but the thought made her feel good and plus she wanted to be available when Naruto asked her out. Just then Naruto walked through the door, knocking a little too late. "You ready to go?" he asked.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled. Everything that she heard them girls saying disappearing from her mind. "Yeah just a second I just have to change his IV bags then we'll be on our way."

Naruto walked out the door "I'll be out here" she nodded her head letting him know that she heard him.

"You got to be fucking kidding me" the patient yelled.

She walked over to him and started changing his IV bags "What?"

"Him. His always taking the hot girls" he yelled. Sakura couldn't help but to giggle.

"There still some 'hot' girls out there if you ask me"

He smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist "you and me. Just once. Come on baby it won't hurt anyone"

Sakura slowly unwrapped herself from him "It'll hurt my boyfriend" she said

He laughed at her like it was some kind of joke "come on. It's not like he never cheated on you and you know it"

"What you mean by that" she sneered

"The guy always got his hands down some girl pants. On my way here he was all over someone"

Sakura couldn't think, she couldn't comprehend. Even though that's not her boyfriend she still had mad feelings for him. But despite herself she didn't believe him. Even though she knew that he was out with some whore every night, in their room doing the do. She just still didn't believe him or she just didn't want to. She manage to push him away, and rather then walk out the door, she ran.

When she ran out the door. Naruto wasn't there. She walked to the doctors' locker room and there he was talking to some chick. 'Okay so what he has female friends, no big deal?' She thought. She roughly pulled off her jacket and slammed it into her locker. She wanted to hurry, give them no time to really chit chat.

When she walked out the girl was gone. "You ready" he asked. His eyes were still traveling her body. She had on a nurse outfit, white blouse, and white skirt. But the thing about it was the shirt was unbuttoning to like the middle. And the skirt was mini.

With Naruto, he just couldn't stop looking at her, she had his full attention. She had on some white high heels and her legs were at full display, completely shaved and lotioned up looking soft as ever. Her blouse was opened showing her breast which looked very inviting.

"You ready to go" Sakura asked. She watched him look at her and she kind of felt in control, people always say a women can control any man with her body. She will try that out today, and just maybe it would work.

Sakura cut him from his musing, imagination, and his starring. "Um... Yeah sure" they walked in salience for a long time. Not speaking. And on Sakura side every once in a while sneaking glance at him. Naruto walked with his head to the sky, hands behind his head, and whistling a sweet tone that she didn't know. At that moment Naruto turned his head and grinned at her.

"Um… Naruto our house is this way." He didn't listen he kept walking.

"I want to hang out for awhile if that's okay with you."

"Sure" she said. 'This is my moment' she thought. They began walking again and just than Sakura gave a silent groan something that Naruto heard. He looked at her concerned written all over his face.

"Something wrong" he asked.

She looked at him like everything was all good. When truly it wasn't. Her back was killing her and so were her feet. But the thing was she wanted her alone time with him, and she was going to get it. "I'm fine thanks for asking" she said. But just then she gave another low groan. Naruto stop walking and looked at her. "Seriously I'm fine"

"You don't sound fine to me" he said "you're tired aren't you I could take you home sakura, it's no big deal"

"No I'm okay I just don't want to go home now is all"

Naruto looked at her for a moment before giving a low chuckle. She knew that Naruto knew why she really wasn't going home. It was so obvious that a stupid person could tell. Naruto bent down low enough for her to get on his back. "Come on" he said "I'll carry you". The offer was generous but she didn't want to take it. Didn't want to feel like a burden. But just like Naruto he didn't take no for an answer. He backed up into her, grabbed her legs, and lifted her up on his back forcing her to wrap her arms around his neck.

They walked in salience again. His smell lingered in the air pulling her towards him. Without thinking she buried her face into his neck and gave a long, low sign. Naruto stopped at the bridge, slipped off his shoes, sat down and put his feet in the river under the bridge. He pulled her legs up making her press the front of her body against his back. Slipping off her shoes he put one of her foot into the water and kept the other one in his lap, rubbing it every once in a while. He leaned back into her letting his head rest on her chest. Pulling her hand up into his hair she combed her fingered through it. Hearing him give a satisfied low groan she gave herself a pat on the back for satisfaction.

"What do you think of the Sakura tree?" she asked him looking across the bridge at it.

Naruto closed both his eyes. "I don't know I haven't thought about it"

"People say it's the weakest tree that ever lives because it only depends on its beauty to survive. Well that's what they said in the beginning of course." She whispered "when I was little most people described me as a sakura tree. Beautiful but then again the weakest genin. I started to believe in it to, that I was a sakura tree. But as time go by things change and so do people. The truck of the tree grew thicker, taller, and there grew more petals. I became a well known jonin and a respected medic-nin. And still people still said I reminded them of the sakura tree but the meaning was different then." She slowly smiled. She pulls her hand from Naruto hair and slid them down to his chest. She pulled herself closer to him, wrapped her arms around him as much as she could. Then she rested her chin on his shoulder and buried her face into the side of his face.

"Everyone could see then that it took one man days to cut the tree down, and two men hours. But it never took a second or a minute to cut the tree down or destroy it. It was always there left to be finish off. But then they said the petals are the weakest part of the tree because it's the heart of it. The petals could easy break or rip. My mom always told me that the body is stronger than the heart. I've never knew till now what she meant by it" She whispered.

Naruto pulled at her thighs trying to pull her closer to him but no matter how many times he tries it, it just wasn't close enough.

"Naruto can I ask you a question?"

"Shoot" he whispered

"When you go out what you are doing" she asked. She held her breath waiting for the answer.

"Stuff" he said after a while

"What kind of stuff?" she asked

Naruto pull away from her looked her squarely into the face. "Sakura don't do this to yourself" he whispered to her. Giving away that he knows how she actually feels for him which made her feel even more nervous. She childishly pulled on his shirt "I just want to know…" she trailed off.

"I be out with girls"

"Oh...With girls" she repeated. She felt like a fool, why did she ask him that when she already knew the answer. She turned away from him; tears threaten to come from her eyes.

"Sakura don't" he whispered. He moved forward wanting to spare her the pain. At the hearing of her name being called she turned around and just at that moment their lips touch. They both felt the electric shock that went through them that instant. They both stared at each other, not knowing what to say or do. But the two of them knew one thing, they couldn't ignore it. They both leaned forward and captured each other lips. Again they felt it and it felt pleasurable. Naruto wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, pulling her under him. At first the kiss was little until he slipped his tongue in her mouth. The heat was intense, the kiss became more urgent, more demanding.

Sakura was becoming more and more dizzy with every second. So much that she wasn't aware with the things that was going on around her. She pulled back for air while Naruto attack her neck with soft kisses and bites. She noticed that now she was on top cradling his waist between her legs. Also her shirt was off and so was his, the only top she had on was her bra and by the way she was feeling she wasn't going to have that on for long either but then she thought about them. "Naruto" she moaned "Naruto stop"

He looked up at her confusion and desire in his eyes. "Yeah" he said in a husky voice. She pushed him away and covered herself feeling insecure all of sudden. She grabbed her shirt and franticly begin putting it on "Did I do something wrong" Naruto watched her put on her clothes not once sparing him a glace.

"It's nothing…. I just don't want to be one of them." She whispered.

It took Naruto a while to understand what she was talking about and then he knew. She was talking about the girls he sleeps with then throws to the side. He sighed "Sakura you can't be one of them even if I tried. You're a childhood friend and still a close one. I can't hurt you like that even if I wanted to, I just couldn't. Besides I don't have feeling for them girls, I have feelings for you." Despite herself she gave a smile at knowing this information. He reached out, wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him. He nuzzled her neck and sighed.

Sakura looked at the sky it was getting dark. "It's about that time to go home" she whispered. Naruto groaned and pulled her closer. She giggle "come on Naruto" she pulled herself up and helped him up to. She watched as he put on his shirt, he looked at her and grinned "you just can't get enough of me, can you?"

She laughed in his face "I think you got it backwards". He pulled her to him and kissed her softly on the lips, a kiss that was still making her dizzy. "Oh can you do me a favor" she said. He nodded his head. "Can you not tell Ino and Hinata about us, not yet anyway? Just until I'm ready"

Naruto smirked. Just what he needed because truth be told, true he didn't plan to hurt Sakura. He planned on her not finding out about Ino and sweet Hinata because he craves them and he was going to get them.

He grinned at her "I was thinking about the same thing" and they walked off arms wrapped around eachother.