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Sam looked at herself in the mirror, today was her wedding to Jake Ely. When he had first declared his feelings for her on a college field trip, she had been shocked. They had been going out for a year and a half before Jake finally asked her to marry him; she immediately accepted but for the next six months after the proposal was hard and tested their relationship. Jake's mare Witch nearly died of colic after giving birth to twins a filly and a colt, Jake hadn't accepted her help and she nearly ended it but her love for him was stronger. A month later another disaster struck Jake's Grandfather Mac died of a heart attack, at the time of his death Nate's wife gave birth to a healthy boy which they named MacArthur. Two weeks later Sam's father married a vindictive power hungry woman, who thought Sam was her personal slave and made her do everything while she went into town and shopped for clothes. Sam's Gram had finally stood up to Liza and told her to do her own work. Liza hated that and had forbidden Sam to see or marry Jake because he was half Shoshone, Sam hadn't cared because she knew that Liza wanted to sleep with any Ely she could bed. So could Wyatt, he went to put a divorce through but Liza rang him before he could to tell him she was pregnant. They sorted out their issues but Liza still acted as though Sam was a slave, whose job it was to do all of Liza's work when Grace and Wyatt weren't in the house. In comparison to Liza, Brynna was an angel and Sam would do anything to have her back.

'Sam you look wonderful' Zelda as her maid of honour told her.

'Yes Sam simply beautiful' Jen agreed with Zelda.

'I have to agree Sam, you look amazing' Claire told her, Claire had broken up with Pete a few weeks after they got back from the college trip, and gotten together with Quinn. They had gotten married the day after Claire and Sam had graduated, Claire was expecting her first child in the early autumn the same time as Sam. Though no one knew she was pregnant she had only found out the day before the wedding, she was planning on telling Jake tonight before the wedding dinner and she was planning on telling everyone during the reception dinner.

'You all look amazing' Grace told them, Sam blushed as Zelda, Jen and Claire laughed.

Sam looked down at her dress; her dress was perfect in her mind, Zelda (Nate's wife) had let her borrow it. Thin one centimetre straps held the dress on her shoulders, it came down to her waist were it joined the skirt of the dress. On the bottom, waist and top line of the dress were thin silk forest green ribbon, Zelda was able to contact her dress maker and changed her Royal blue silk to forest green for Sam. Her hair was tightly French braided, with white ribbon and pearl pins in it. She looked at Zelda her bridesmaid dress was of similar fashion to Sam's wedding dress as was all of Sam's bridesmaid's, it was the same style except instead of having the two parts it was all one royal blue part with silk white ribbon on the top and bottom. Her eyes went to Jen her dress hung off her toned body perfectly, it was a hot pink colour with white at the top and bottom. Claire's dress was red and white; it hung perfectly off her just showing pregnant belly. Luckily Sam hadn't started showing yet only a speckle sized bump was showing on her stomach and Jake or her father hadn't even noticed nor Liza. Sam shuddered at the thought of telling Liza, she was going to scream and call her a slut and tell Wyatt that she knew this was going to happen.

'Come on Sam' Wyatt said as he came in, a heavily pregnant Liza followed and stuck her nose in the air. Sam knew that Liza wanted to rip up the dress because she didn't look as good as Sam and Zelda did on their wedding days.

'Grace come on time to get seated' Liza told Grace with authority that wasn't deserved. Grace followed her out the door but made eye contact with Sam before she left and rolled her eyes, Jen and Claire saw the gesture and they all started laughing.

'I guess it's time' Sam said and reached for her bouquet. Sam, Zelda, Jen, Claire and Wyatt ran down to the doors of the church that lead inside. The wedding march sounded and Claire started walking when Kit and Adam opened the doors. Claire only had eyes for Quinn who was standing beside Bryan Jake's second best man.

'Me next' Jen said and started walking down the walkway; she too had only eyes for one Ely Brother- Bryan.

Zelda nodded encouragement to Sam and stepped lightly down the walkway towards Jake, her eyes never left Nate she could see quite clearly that he wanted her so she teased him by touching her lips with the tip of her tongue as she stood beside Jen and Claire and they chuckled at what she had done. The music changed and Sam knew it was for her.

'I love you daddy' Sam whispered and kissed him.

'I love you to' Wyatt replied and they started walking. Sam looked at Liza quickly; she was ignoring Sam completely and in some ways Wyatt. Sam ignored her and looked at Jake; she could see the love in his eyes for her.

The preacher went through all the necessary lines and it was soon time for Sam and Jake to make their own, Sam went first.

'Jake you are my soulmate, my confider, my best friend. If I had to go a day without you being in my life, I would sure as hell go nuts. I nearly did when I was away for two years in San Francisco and the two years you were in college without me. We may have our rough times and our awful times, but we will pull through because we were ment for each other and will never be happy with someone else. Nothing has kept us apart, even when I was sent way and I hope nothing will.' By the time Sam had finished there were tears in Jake's eyes and almost everyone else's in the churches even Liza's eyes were moist.

'Well what can I say to top that? Sam you are the one who means everything to me, I will never be able to live without you. We are soulmates and can't live without each other, for we are ment to be together and nobody will be able to match our love for one another. And trust me nothing will' Jake said his vows with love in his voice; Sam looked to her father sitting by Liza and Gram who was holding Lilly and Cody. Wyatt was crying as badly as Gram; Liza had sobs racking her pregnant figure.

'Thank god that nothin will keep us apart' Sam replied. The minister quickly pronounced them husband and wife, they kissed long a passionately. When they broke apart they could here all of Jake's brother's, Darrel, Pete even Zelda, Jen and Claire, were all whistling and cheering them on. They walked down the walkway with Nate, Zelda, Bryan, Jen, Quinn and Claire behind them.

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Sam snuggled into Jake more in the Limo, 'Jake I have to tell you something.'

'Yes Samsy' Jake nodded; she snorted at the use of her new nickname. She handed him a card with a package, 'what's this?'

'Open It' Sam encouraged him. He carefully opened the package it was the itinerary of the night plus some condoms thrown in from Jake's brothers, he chucked them aside. He read the itinerary carefully and stopped at where it said 'Announcement-open the card', obviously Sam had printed it just for him. He opened the card, it was blank on the outside and when he opened it up it started singing 'celebrate good time'. He ignored the song and focused on the two words on the card 'Congratulations Daddy'.

'Were having a baby' Jake shouted and kissed Sam passionately. They arrived at the hall too soon for Jakes liking, as he helped Sam out of the car as if she was made of porcelain.

'Everyone will know before we tell them if you keep this way over protectiveness up' Sam warned him as they made their way up to the doors where Kit and Adam were waiting to open the doors. The opened them as Nate was speaking.

'For the first time FINALLY, Mr and Mrs Jacob Dylan Ely' everyone in the hall cheered and clapped except for Liza who was giving Jake and Sam the evil eye, Sam gave it back to her for a few seconds then went back to her guests. They made their way to the bridle table where Nate, Zelda, Bryan, Jen, Quinn and Claire were sitting.

'Please keep the speech clean Nate and Zell' Sam grovelled, they looked at each other before responding.

'We'll think about it' they said together as Zelda's baby MacArthur was brought to the table by Maxine, Sam knew BOE wasn't going to be any trouble and Zelda couldn't stand to be away from him for long periods of time. Sam stood up and got the microphone from Nate.

'I know its traditional for Nate and Zelda as the best man and maid of honour to do speeches once everyone is settled, but could I please have Maxine, Luke, Liza, dad and Gram to come with me and Jake to the back room' Sam asked, the five of them got up and made their way to the room Sam indicated wondering what was going on, Sam and Jake moved to follow them and shut the door behind them as they came in.

'We have an announcement' Jake said first.

'We guessed that' Maxine put in.

'In seven months there will be anther BOE around and not Claire's' Sam stopped taking a breath, her hand brushed her stomach 'ours'. Liza stepped forward and slapped Sam across the face with force that no one expected.

'You filthy dirty little slut' Liza screamed.

'Liza you have no right to do that' Grace yelled at her and Liza for once quivered and went to Wyatt arms that weren't open. When she saw his arms weren't open she went on her usual rampage when Grace and Wyatt weren't there to witness.

'You are to divorce Jake, have an abortion and leave for San Francisco, now!' Liza ordered.

'Don't you dare tell me what to do; I have done your work for years while you screwed nearly every man from Darton County. If you think I'm going to divorce Jake and abort my baby YOU ARE MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE, I AM AN ADULT AND I DON'T WANT YOU IN MY FAMILY OR INVOLVED IN MY CHILD'S LIFE BECAUSE I KNOW YOU WILL TREAT IT LIKE DIRT AND I KNOW YOU NEVER LOVED MY DAD.' Sam screamed at her.

'Is this…' Wyatt stoped seeing the look on Liza's face and how she was crouched over her belly.

'Baby coming' was the two words she said before she passed out and her water broke.


Liza went to hospital on her own, Wyatt said to the Ambos to call him when the baby was born. The wedding reception went along as if nothing had happened and weight was lifted off the air.

'Thankfully we are finally able to get back on track' Nate started his speech. 'I have known Sam since she was five; she is our little sister and has been in on many pranks on Jake and other members in the family. One of these pranks were flooding Jake's about to die Chevy Truck on graduation day, I swear that truck wasn't going to last one trip to Darton High. Another Prank was when Wyatt and his wife Brynna were on their honeymoon probably doing what these two are when they get to where they're going, Sam with Quinn stole should I say borrowed Witch' he said seeing the look Sam sent him 'and with the help of Callie braided her main and tail with hot pink ribbon quite like the dress Jen has got on. I'm sure we've still got the tape of it. Welcome to the family Sam you sure will fit in well' Nate sat down as Zelda stood up and gave him BOE.

'I met the Ely's when I brought Trudy's Ranch; at first I thought Sam was married to Jake by the way they were bickering or bantering to each other. Either way they were doing what they usually do, and Nate quickly set me straight. They finally got together on a trip to Flight of Fantasy Castle, though I was told that they had some troubles, they got together because even then the love the share was strong enough. After two years they have finally decided to get married and I welcome Sam into the Ely family, welcome sis' Zelda held up her glass for Sam and Jake as did everyone else and cheered them on. 'Now though I think they have an announcement' Zelda said and sat down. Jake and Sam stood up.

'Thanks Zell. We do have an announcement' Jake started.

'In seven month there will be another BOE, Ours' Sam said proudly, everyone started clapping and cheering.

'Hopefully it will be a boy; I can't see Jake raising a girl' Quinn quipped; Sam moved around and slapped Quinn on the back of the head.


Sam leaned against Jake she had gone into labour at Zelda's and Nate's, not realising that the last time she went to the toilet to pee her water had broken.

'Come on Sam one more push' Sam grunted to do as Zelda asked. 'Don't push.'

'DON'T PUSH! I'M PUSHING OUT A TWEENTY POUND TURKEY!' Sam screamed at Zelda though she did as she asked.

'Try pushing a thirty pound turkey that was nearly two months overdue' Zelda told her, Sam grunted one more time and her baby's cry field the air.

'It's a little girl' Zelda said to Sam who was looking up at Jake.

'Well Quinn's going to have to get used to you raising a girl, Jake' Nate said, Sam snorted while Jake laughed and was handed his daughter.

'She's so beautiful' Zelda's commented and rubbed her own belly she was five months pregnant with her second and third child, they found out she was expecting twins but not whether they were boys or girls.

'Louise Maxine Ely' Sam said, Jake nodded.

'It's perfect' Jake said; Zelda left to get MacArthur and Lisa.

'Lisa say hello to your niece' Lisa looked down at Louise and waved her hand, she was a smart baby just like Claire's baby boy Edward Robert. Lisa was Liza's baby, Wyatt wanted to give her up for adoption when Liza died during a C-section, but Grace didn't want to and Zelda said she would look after her. That settled that and Wyatt was still huge factor of Lisa's life but because of what Liza had done he hadn't wanted her to turn out the same, he could get her to come live with him and Grace whenever he wanted but for the moment with all the work on the Ranch and with Lilly and Cody he didn't have the time. Sam hardly knew Lilly the most she knew was that she was two years older than her daughter and Lilly wasn't going to like being called Aunty in front of everyone, especially Louise she was practically the same age as her, but Sam could see they were going to be the best of friends.


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