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Chapter 4

'You over Holly so quickly Carl' it wasn't a question, Carl froze he breathed in and out and turned to face his brother.

'Pete, get out of here' Carl's voice was hard and he stood in front of Lou.

'No I like it here too much, especially with your new girlfriend' Pete said he peered over Carl's shoulder, his cold ice blue eyes bored into Lou who shuddered.

'Pete. I mean it get lost!' Carl said, Lou looked between the two brothers. They were totally different Carl had dark brown hair and brown eyes whereas Pete had sandy blonde hair with ice blue eyes.

'Mr. Forks is there a problem here?' Lou's aunt Claire asked, her eyes widened on Pete.

'Peter Forks I suggest you get of school property, unlike last time you aren't a student here now' Claire looked at Lou and told her to get Arty and Edward, Lou ran as fast as she could to the cafeteria.

'Arty! Edward!' Lou's voice rang across the quad, he cousins looked up from their girlfriends and ran towards her.

'What?' they asked, Edward looked behind Lou but didn't see any threats.

'It's Aunty Claire. Peter Forks is back' Lou rushed out, Edward and Arthur looked at each other.

'Get the rest of the clan' Edward's voice hardened, he hated Peter Forks with a passion.

'I'm on my way' Lou called over her shoulder, she ran to the football field. Everyone was where they usually were, lounging around enjoying the sun.

'Guy's! Get to the Parking lot, Arty and Edward need help!' Louise called she avoided a tree as she ran to her cousins. Jackson, Sean, Wyatt and Lisa got up and ran to her.

'What is it?' Lisa stopped and asked.

'Peter Forks is back' Louise replied, Lisa took off towards the parking lot.

'Louise get your ass moving' Lisa called she turned and ran backwards; she was still in front of her nephew's and sort of brothers.

'I'm a coming!' Louise yelled and ran after her.

Peter took a step towards Claire, 'let's finish the business we started.'

Carl slammed into Peter, Peter managed to flip Carl onto his back and get in a punch.

Arty and Edward came running towards, them while Carl managed to socket one in Peter's eye. Edward ripped Peter off Carl and gave him a few to the stomach while Carl got back on his feet, Edward glanced a look at Carl and Peter got his opportunity. Peter punched Edward in the side of the head knocking him off his feet, and he collided with the pavement. Peter drew back his jacket and produced a handgun. Claire screamed, Carl and Arty back up as the other started to dwindle towards them seeing them backing off. Jackson bolted towards Peter knocking him off his feet and a shot rang out.

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