So who am I? Or was I? Well I was Gabriel DarkBlade. Ironic I know. I was told I was a little angel, that was a long time ago. When I was born, I cant remember how many decades ago that was. DarkBlade was my fathers name. He is the one I mask myself after, I've heard so many stories about him, I wish he was here, alive and well, he would help me then.

I'm going to give up so many titles, I will have to, if I ever want to be free then that's what I do. My favourite title was the Silent Assassin. Not the hardest title to ever get, you kill some people in cold blood, leave no evidence, after a while the high powers hear of you and there you are, one rich assassin. I wonder where I left that treasure, who ever finds it is one rich person.

Ill always be the Elder and the True Blood of the Werepyres until the day I die. I will never pass this title on, it will always remain with me but no one will now know, everyone must now forget who that is, as far as they know he is dead.

Scourge of humans, always a favourite of mine. Death bringer, well I was until I settled down with my family. The humans, they tasted so nice, their necks so succulent. The blood so thick and tasty. It feels you up, the taste.

This is going to drive me crazy, I need to feed, if I Don't I Don't know what I could do, I do not want to flip again, if I'm caught I'm screwed.

A single tear slowly slides down Zaks face

And there it goes, the tear which takes the past with it. The single tear which will be lost for ever, only memory's will now remain of who I once was. From now on I am Zak!