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The day their letters came George and Fred Weasley were exactly Eleven years, sixty-eight days, and about five hours old.

This is a known fact, because at the time the twins had a slight obsession with aging potions, having been in no way dissuaded by their mothers strongly voiced opinions on the matter.

On this particular morning, the two boys could have been found sitting outside on the steps of the Burrow, chatting animatedly about the failure of a potion, which was now splattered around the kitchen.

Naturally they agreed that next time they needed to try something in the kitchen, they would make sure Mrs Weasley was not at home.

This would make it less likely that she could barge in and catch them before they had a chance to hide the ingredients... As they was, they were stuck until they could find new ingredients, yet again.

"A real bummer it is." Said Fred, who sat scraping a silverish slime off of his hands with a piece of gravel.

"Yeah.... You think we can get Mundungus to get us some more Silver fish?" George asked.

Though his hands had been spared the coating of failed potion, his shirt was covered in it, and was sitting in the slightly rusting, thoroughly dejected looking cauldron by the door.

"Maybe." Fred agreed.

The two boys continued their silent mulling in the warm summer heat. Today would have been a good day for quidditch if they had finished their potion earlier.

A snap came from inside the house, and they heard Mrs. Weasley say something too quiet for them to hear.

Molly had sent the boys outside to sit on the step while she cleaned, she would yell at them later.

She knew that if she had let them help her clean up, as Arthur had so naively suggested, they would have just filched all their stuff back. Oh yes, Molly knew.

"Boys!" Mrs. Weasley shouted, her voice irate, from inside.

"Come here!" She shouted again, as they failed to respond in the three-seconds of time she had allowed for their response.

Fred and George looked at each other before hopping up, and swinging the big door open.

"Ello mum" Fred exclaimed, strutting into the room.

"Ow are ya' doing?" George said, following his brother.

Mrs. Weasley looked at the two boys, glaring slightly.

Her face still shone with the red tinge it had acquired when she came into the kitchen to get something, and instead found her twins sitting at her kitchen table, the purple mists of an aging potion wafting from the cauldron. It certainly wasn't lightening with their playful tones.

Noticing his mothers still angry face, they decided to change tack.

"Sorry mum" he said, this time going with the apology tactic.

"We really are..." George agreed.

"Oh, of course you are!" Mrs. Weasley said. Of all of her seven children, these two had been given the most of her 'speeches'.

"And I dare say you will be sorry tomorrow too when you wake up with your arms aching from throwing gnomes out of the gar-... What in the world is that owl doing here!" Mrs. Weasley dropped her sentence to exclaim.

Her eyes fixed on the window, which was framing an owl.

The owl turned towards them, looking down at them in a way only owls, Malfoys, and cats have truly mastered, then started preening its feathers.

"Well... I... Fred, go get the owl will you?" Mrs. Weasley said, startled out of her tyrannical shouting. Arthur and Charlie were really the only ones to receive letters these days, unless something big happened.

Fred shot a disgruntled look at his brother before going to the window, unlocking it, and reaching out his arm for the owl-sending a glare at it as he did so. He then turned and walked back over to his brother and mother, holding out his hand to the later when he reached them.

"HEY! Its our letter!" George said, noticing the Hogwarts seal on the single piece of parchment.

"No, of course it's not George. There's only one piece of parchment." Molly Weasley said as she reached over, taking the owl from her son's arm, and undoing the piece of parchment there.

Immediately after her eyes had moved from them to the parchment, her sons started to back towards the door. They did stop though, when she looked up at them.

"Seems there's too many letters to be owled to us this year, so they're dropping them off later." Mrs. Weasley shook her head and handed the Owl a treat from the basket that sat on the counter.

"Oh, Good!" Said George.

"Yep, Mighty fine." Fred agreed.

"Yes it is." She said, turning back on them "Now, you two let the owl out through the door, and while you're out there start de-Gnoming the garden!"

"Yes mum..." Fred and George groaned together, before heading out to the door.


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