Chapter three



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Ginny shrieked happily and dashed the next few feet to the window of  Eeylopes Owl Emporium. A few Owl's who sat on stands outside of the store hooted indignantly for a moment, but settled back down once the girl was past. 

"How do you tell the difference between an owl and a lorry?" George said,  scrutinizing a haughty looking brown owl who sat preening its feathers behind his sister.

"Lame. An owl can hoot at night, but a lorry cant?" Ginny said sardonically.

"Yeah... but we thought it was more or less pitched to your intelligence level." Ginny shot them a glare. The two boys shuffled there feat on the cold cobbles. The temperature had risen from when they had arrived, but it was still cold. After a few more moments of silence from the three, the cold began to seep under 's homemade sweaters.

"Ginny! C'mon! Me and Fred are going to get our books NOW so we can drop you back with mum!" Ginny pressed her red nose against the window further, and wiped the sleeve of her to-large wool coat over the window to clear it of fog.

"Yeah, she'll take you back to see the baby owls." George said. Ginny didn't answer, but moved a foot further along the window to stare at some rabbits. Fred and George exchanged looks before sidling between two raised cages to there sisters sides. 

"Cummon Gin..." George said pleadingly, locking his arms around Ginnys right one. Fred did the same on the other side, ignoring the whack she thru at him. 

"Time" Ginny said, and sighed. Pulling her arms free from her brothers roughly, and then smiling back at a mean looking owl thru the window. 

- -

"Now you two meet us back at Eylopes in one hour, do you hear? As soon as the clock chimes!" Shouted Mrs. Weasley to the receding forms of Fred and George. Fred ducked under the arm of a flailing wizard in magenta robes, and George hurried around the baby buggy of a lady who was shouting at her toddler. Diagon alley itself wasn't so long, but the buildings and wonders that were behind all of the doors were well advertised. Bright colors outlined the shapes of dark robed wizards, and motley dressed children. 

The red haired twins soon disappeared into the crowd of witches and wizards. They reappeared standing still at the doorway of a dark looking building. They were alone there but for a young bleach-blond haired boy who sat looking at them from a bench. 

"mehhh" George said, sticking his tongue out while the grey eyed child glared at them. The twins defiantly turned from him and looked high above them to a sign. In spindly silver writing 'Damsels n Devils' dominated a black banner over a grungy shop. Inside the front windows was nothing more than a stack of books and an un-lit candle on a black display. 

"This it?" Fred asked.

"I don't see any other 'damsels n' Devils' around here." Said George. Both of the brothers looked down Knokturn alley. George took the two steps to the door then and heaved at the bronze knobbed door.

- -

"Okay, just put it in the potion and we can go." Fred ushered. They had spent more time than they expected in the store. A tall long nosed man with flossy yellow hair had stopped . But they had managed to get the ingredient, and they now huddled behind a stall selling large toe nails and necklaces made of teeth. (The stores owner seemed to have fallen asleep on the ground near it, huddled around the mangled form of a bag.)

"So, your sure this'll work?" Fred asked his brother.

"Positive, there wasn't anything even remotely similar to 'Aravitom Couleur' in the store, or in the book." George said tipping the small vile into a jar.

"Okay" Fred said, watching the shimmering dust fall into the jar. Pulling out his new wand he cloased his eyes, remembering the incantation, then twirled the wands tip in a circle above the potion and spoke aloud "Couleur ändern" 

Both boys stared at the potion, which shifted colors to a rich red. 

"Looks like a strawberry to me."

"I must agree." Fred said.

The two boys stood up, George hiding the uncovered jar under his robes, and walked out of Knokturn Alley.

- -

A few minuets later the two stood in front of Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour. Sitting down at a recently abandoned table, george shoved away a few crumpled napkins and the two watched Florean himself at the counter.

The glass covered tubs of icecream were filled with colorful icecream, some of them more full than others. Mr. Fortescue was watching the groups of witches and children's hurry past the store, and the few people sitting at his tables.

"So as soon as someone comes to buy one and he turns to reach for a cone, reach over and poor it in." Said George.

"Right" Said fred, watching the street for people coming to purchase.

- -

"Okay, move on three."



"thgo" The two boys stood up from there chairs. Fred dashed to the counter, and George to the side of an unlucky witch who stood with her two daughters ordering ice cream.

"Excuse me" Fred said, pushing aside one of the girls and standing on his tippietoes to reach over the glass. Pouring the potion over three of the vats he whirled around and started to run.

"KEEP GOING" George shouted as Fred started to duck into a building.

Behind them, the two girls were staring at the receding forms.

"Pavarti!!! Look at your arm!!" Shouted there mother frantically.

When Fred had whipped around to start running, the last few drops of there potion had landed on her arm. These drops had then disintegrated, and in there place on her arm were color-changing splotches.

"Those hooligans, good thing they ran off." Old florean said, and began scooping the strawberry ice cream onto the girls cones.

- -

Mrs. Weasley turned around to look for the boys in the crowd again. This time, her eyes found their turned down fiery heads. Molly sighed. Two more minuets and she would have had their heads.

"What have you two been up to?" She said, as they stopped in front of her.

"Oh, nothing much" Fred said, trying hard not to look like he was catching his breath.

"Just went to the joke shop..."

"You didn't buy anything did you!" Mrs. Weasley said in a pinched voice.

"Nope" Fred said, and then he smiled at his brother.

"But we had a good time, got lots of ideas."

- -

The Daily Profit, Monday the 16th

Ministry receives filed complaints from nearly 30 

wizards and witches about their skin changing its

color. All that has been released is that they were

all at Diagon Alley the same day, and that they all

had the same reaction of skin that changed color 

every few minuets. Nothing has been released about

the cause of this, but officials are looking into

it now. In the Department of Magical Maladies 

and Mysterious Illnesses, head warden Joeden

Fisher reports that they are getting no wear with

the few patients who have saught help. Only

two of the 28 victims have recovered so far,

they are reported to be a 10 year old pair of twins

but nothing has been confirmed. When asked,

their mother said it was probably to do with

how much sweats the girls ate. We will continue 

to update the public about this horrible diseas

as we learn more. Reporting from the scene,

                   --Katie Whalebeck

- -

"How Horrible!" Said , after she had finished reading the article aloud to her husband. "Im surprised they don't have you on it Arthur!"

"They wouldn't, unless it got to th' muggles." He said, shuffling thru the pile of new school books littering the table to find his paper.

Fred looked at george with a mischievous glint in his eyes, and George winked back.


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