I remember that I was walking into the city after school one afternoon. Shiki was supposed to meet up with me and our other friends Beat and Rhyme at the arcade, where were going to have a dance competition on the new DDR machine. After that, I suppose we all would have gone to Sunshine's and had a plate of hot chips together.

I was strolling along, tapping a short message to Shiki.

"Hey Stalker, are you still meeting us at the arcade?"

Because my nose was buried in my phone I didn't notice the car pull up next to me until someone shouted my name.


I jumped, almost dropping my phone, and turned to the speaker. I saw a woman with long, blonde hair leaning out of the window of a small black car. I smiled as I recognized Melody Bito, Beat and Rhyme's mother.

"Hello, Mrs. Bito." I nodded, but paused. Melody's face was twisted with worry, and I noticed her hair was messy. "What's wrong?"

"Neku, it's Melody." She tried to smile. "And well, there's been an accident. I called your mother and she said it was okay if I picked you up from school and took you to the hospital."

My stomach dropped as my heart leapt into my mouth. Accident? Hospital? My mouth set in a firm line as I clambered into Melody's car, a sense of dread growing in my chest. She put her foot down and the car shot from the footpath and into the traffic.

"What happened?"

Melody sighed as she drove, not looking up from the road. After a moment of collecting her thoughts, Melody's eyes flicked in my general direction for a moment.

"Shiki wasn't at school today."

It wasn't a question, it was a statement. And she was right – Rhyme went to the same all girl's school as Shiki, and she had sent me a text message earlier that day informing me that Shiki was absent. I had been worrying that she wasn't going to come to the arcade with us, but as I sat in that car it felt like the stupidest problem in the world.

"What happened?"

Melody bit at her thumb nail as we drove. "Well, she probably wouldn't want you to know."

I glared at her over my hoodie. Shiki was my best friend in the whole world – no way would she keep me in the dark about something as serious as a hospital visit. I tried to think of some witty remark that would convince Melody to tell me what had happened, but I was never very good with words and I remained silent.

"Well, I suppose I should tell you." Melody mumbled after a while "But don't tell Shiki you know, okay? Let her tell you in her own time."

I nodded and Melody sighed. "Well, it happened when Shiki was walking to school this morning. A thug grabbed her – in broad daylight, too! – dragged her into an alley and..." Melody swallowed "Took advantage of her."

It felt like my guts had fallen out of my butt.

"The poor girl is really bruised, and I think he cracked a few of her ribs. But the worst part was that the sick bastard tried to murder her when he was done. She has a large gash across her throat."

Well shit, that scene is really morbid. I pulled my headphones out and scrolled over what I had just written – somehow I wasn't sure that Melody telling Neku of Shiki's assault in the car was dramatic enough.

I rapidly hit the backspace key and tried again.

I glared at her over my hoodie. Shiki was my best friend in the whole world – no way would she keep me in the dark about something as serious as a hospital visit. I tried to think of some witty remark that would convince Melody to tell me what had happened, but I was never very good with words and I remained silent.

Melody and I drove in total silence. The whole way my insides churned sickeningly, and I fiddled with my MP3 player as I waited, trying to find a song that didn't make me want to curl up and cry or scream and put my fist through the window. I didn't immediately notice that I was shaking.

When Melody pulled up in front of the hospital her face was grey. "Neku" she mumbled as I fiddled with the door. "Shiki looks pretty bad, so brace yourself."

I swallowed and nodded. But I was determined to see Shiki, even if she did look like hell.

"Hey faggot!"

Ah, fuck.

I barely had time to save and close my screen before a warm arm snaked around my neck and pulled me backwards in a friendly manner. When I was free I turned around in my wheelie chair to see Axel's face barely an inch from mine.

I recoiled. "What do you want?"

Axel straightened up and glanced around the library. It was pretty empty for a Wednesday morning, with only a few hungover students passed out on the soft carpet and a group of younger boys looking at pictures of breasts in a human anatomy book.

"You were supposed to meet Xemnas fifteen minutes ago."

I jumped up. "WHAT?" Frantically I snatched my USB and gathered up all of my books, stuffing them into my backpack. I didn't have time to log out of the computer so I simply wrenched the plug out of the wall to shut the machine down. Nobody kept Xemnas late, and I mean nobody. The last kid who was late to a meeting with Xemnas was so thoroughly terrified he was later hospitalised from drinking straight bleach.

Dashing through the corridors, my heart hammered in my chest and my thoughts swirled through my head sickeningly. What an idiot I was! Sat down to write when I knew I had a meeting with Xemnas at 9AM sharp. Fortunately for me, Xemnas' office was rather close to the library, so I was only sixteen minutes and twenty-three seconds late.

I slammed the door open and charged in, overflowing with excuses and apologies for being late, but I stopped dead when I saw Xemnas sitting rigidly behind his desk, rapidly tapping at a PlayStation Portable, his face dark with concentration. I cleared my throat, but Xemnas just shook his head without looking up.

"One moment, Mr. Mizu, I am engaged in a heated boss battle presently. I will be – WITH – YOU" his rapid tapping became wilder as he tilted the console with frustration, calming down once he gained the upper hand "In a moment."

I didn't dare to comment or laugh, so I obediently sat in front of his desk and twiddled my thumbs. My fate probably hung on the outcome of Xemnas' battle; if he won he might treat me fairly, but if he lost he would probably hang me from a tree with my own small intestine. Charming man, really.

As the minutes trickled by I calmed down and began to observe his spacious office. Xemnas' technology was all state-of-the-art; His computer had no wires or cords to speak of, and the telephone on his desk was a fancy model. His mahogany desk was spotless aside from the odd manila envelope or stack of paper. There was only one filing cabinet in the back corner of the room – an Amazon Kindle sat atop of it, containing most of the school's records in its expansive memory. Framed certificates lined the walls – some bearing Xemnas' name and others congratulating the school. Last year's staff photo also hung above the door. The office was crisp, clean and organised. I scratched my elbow and wished that I was on the couch in Zexion's messy office.

Eventually, Xemnas threw the PSP down with disgust. "Curse that Vanitas, he defeated me once again." He muttered as he fumbled with a stack of paper. Noticing my presence, he smiled wearily. "I suspect you understand my predicament?"

"I'm more of a DS gamer, really." I quipped.

Xemnas' resulting cough into his gloved hand sounded oddly like "Pussy."

As I watched Xemnas chuckle at his own joke, I couldn't help but feel that his reputation was misleading. Maybe he wasn't such a bad person at all – in fact, he seemed like a rather nice man when he wasn't trying to be intimidating. Hey, the guy liked to play video games during school hours, so he was probably a lot more relaxed than most people realized. I relaxed as I noticed that he seemed almost good-natured.

Well, he seemed good-natured until he pulled a stock whip out of his desk drawer and cracked it loudly over our heads. I threw my arms over my face in a panic.

"Mr. Mizu, it has come to our attention that you have acquired certain knowledge recently."

I peeked over my arms cautiously. Xemnas was placing his PSP in a case I hadn't noticed before. He zipped the case forcefully and gently placed it next to his whip.

"C-Certain... knowledge?"

Xemnas smiled, but it was not a nice smile. I was reminded of a predator smiling before it captured its prey. Involuntarily I began to shiver as Xemnas spoke again "About our existence, and our purpose."

"I thought I was here because of the condoms in the assembly hall?"

Xemnas stood up, stretching to his whole six feet and three inches, towering over me. Flicking a strand of grey hair over his shoulder, he linked his arms behind him in a peculiar fashion and began to pace the room. His face was stormy.

"You fancy yourself a bit of a writer, don't you?" Xemnas spat at me, ignoring my question. His mood was so dark I could practically see the air around his body darken. I wished I could go into Xemnas' PSP and beat Vanitas up myself, because death by fictional character seemed less painful and humiliating.

"You write fanfictions for your favourite DS game, The World Ends With You, do you not?"

My jaw dropped. How did the principle know what I did with my spare time?

Xemnas glared at me. "Don't look so innocent, Mr. Mizu. You are being monitored, and you have been for some time. It appears that you've stumbled across the very fabric of our universe while writing your monstrous little creation."

I shrank down in my seat. "Fanfiction?"

Xemnas' glower was sharp enough to cut diamonds. I'll admit, I was fighting back tears at that stage. I didn't want to die!

"Your knowledge has hampered our world, Demyx. Because you know that your life is a lie you haven't participated as you were originally intended to. Your actions are threatening the future of the world as you and I know it."

My head swum. My life was a fanfiction? My actions were hampered by an idiotic, naive, eleven year old yaoi fangirl? Nothing was real? The neat office spun around me as I processed the new information. Everything I knew was a complete lie. Drinking straight bleach seemed like a pretty good idea if it would end this charade I called a life.

"The current situation always leads to one inevitable conclusion – deletion." Xemnas spoke softly, venomously. Briefly, Zexion's laughing face flashed into my mind and I realized that I'd never see him smile again. The tears I'd been fighting back rushed to my eyes and fell down my face rapidly, as if each of them were trying to escape at once. I fell from the chair and onto my knees, sobbing heavily into my hands.

"Please don't kill me!" I managed to force out between sobs.

Xemnas watched me cry coldly. After a moment he sighed "Get up, you silly little boy. Save your emotions for scenes the readers will actually enjoy."

I wanted to make a witty comeback, but all I managed was a strangled sound. I forced myself to clamber back into the chair and wiped my streaming cheeks on my sleeve. After a minute or so I managed to stop crying, but once the initial shock, rage and humiliation were gone I felt strangely empty.

"There is an alternative to deletion." Xemnas began after I had composed myself. "You cannot be allowed to wander around with a free mind as you have been doing recently. For this world to prosper each person must be in complete control of the author, even if they completely contradict their preset personalities and histories."

I sighed. "So I've been possessed."

Xemnas chuckled, and a silver of that good nature shined through once again, but I wasn't fooled. "I'd describe it as 'influenced'."

I fought down a sarcastic laugh.

"The alternative to deletion is character development. Your character may be further developed to suit this world while incorporating your wisdom if it is deemed as low-risk." Xemnas stated calmly, pulling his gloves further over his hands. "However, that requires a great amount of skill from the author, and this one has yet to prove she has such a level of finesse-"

Xemnas was cut off as a sudden earthquake shook the building, throwing his office into chaos. I scrambled under the desk, covering my ears to protect them from the horrible, deafening noise of the building crumbling slightly while Xemnas was flung about the room in a way that defied gravity, bouncing off walls and crashing into the ceiling. But before I could even think, it was over and Xemnas and I were exactly as we had been before the quake – I sat in the chair while Xemnas stood over me. A quick glance around the room revealed it to be completely spotless as it had been before.

I shuddered.

Xemnas sighed as though nothing had happened. "Tonight you will pack your bags and tomorrow you will be travelling to a character development camp at the base of the mountains. Traveling with you will be those whom you have greatly affected with your knowledge."

I paused, but before I could ask Xemnas what he meant he stepped behind his desk, sat down with a sigh and grasped at his PSP case.

"What I mean, Shit-For-Brains, is that you, Sora, Roxas, Riku, Axel, Kairi, Naminé, Larxene and Zexion will be going to Camp Camp tomorrow."

I cursed something about eleven-year-olds smoking weed and writing fanfiction, but Xemnas just laughed heartily at me.

"My dear Mr. Mizu, our author is not eleven and she hasn't been for some time." He mumbled as he unzipped the PSP case and pulled the console out. "In fact, she just turned eighteen a few days ago."

Happy fucking birthday, you sick bitch.


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