'BEEP' 'BEEP' I groaned and rolled over, hitting the snooze button as I went, I could not believe my best friend had got me in to this. I pulled my cover over my head, and snuggled back down, in to the warmth of my blankets.

" Wake up, wake up
Wake up, wake up
On a Saturday night
Could be New York
Maybe Hollywood and Vine
London, Paris maybe Tokyo
There's something going on everywhere I go
Tonight, tonight
Yeah tonight

I groaned as I reached for my phone, I could kill that little pixie right now, she had once again changed my ring tone and I bet she had made sure it was on loud before she went home last night.

"Hello" I croaked my voice heavy with sleep, "hey Bella, I am so glad you are awake, I will over there in 5 to help you get ready, did you like your ring tone?" "Alice, I am going back to sleep" "don't you dare or I will come in there and I will…" I hung up before she could finish and went back to sleep.

"AHHHHH" I screamed as I felt freezing cold water hit me, I jumped up, trying to figure out why I was soaking wet and freezing cold as I had been nice and warm a few minutes ago, I was now wide awake and looked around to see a angry Alice standing with a once full bucket of water. "GET IN THE BATHROOM NOW!!!" she screamed but I could see a smirk at the corner of her mouth.

I didn't dare argue with her even though the smirk was spreading across her face and there was no real point of me going fancy as we were just going on a camp, I walked into the bathroom, sitting on the red chair Alice had put there with in the first week of me meeting her saying it would be an important part of our friendship.

I sit there while she does her work, Alice blabbing away as usual, when she was finished with my hair and make up she goes and gets her bag, that she had brought with her, she pulls out a pile of clothing and puts it on the bench and walks out waiting for me to get dressed, I groaned but got up and compiled with her clothing she had gotten out. I was worried about what she was going to put me in but I was surprised, she had actually gotten me something that was reasonable comfy and covered me up.

First was a simple matching pair of a bra undies, Then the out fit consisted of simple designer jeans which of course I had argued when she brought them but I put them on any way as secretly I loved them as they were tight but they still gave you enough stretch, next came a simple blue tank top and then over all was a black warm, reasonably formal jacket.

I walked out to see Alice searching my cupboards for something, I also noted that a bag was at the door, bursting with stuff, Alice not sensing my entrance kept searching, I went to walk to the bag to see if what she had packed me was suitable, "DON'T even think about looking in that bag Bella"

Alice said with out even looking up, sometimes I swear she could see the future. I stopped going to the bag as I decided I better not as I didn't want Alice to have another reason for pay back, "ahuh" I turned to see Alice holding my pair of volleys, "put these on and come on, I already packed your bag" and with that she walked out of my room and out the front door, I followed pursuit, picking up my bag as I did.

"Do I really have to go to this thing?" I ask Alice "yes you do, it will do you great, and you could even meet your dream guy here" she laughed and added "any why it will make you trust guys more" she says as she bounced out of the car if that's even possible. I slowly open my door and get ready to meet my fate,

Alice of course was bouncing around happily as we boarded the bus to the camp, as I hopped on to the bus I stared around, that's when I saw them, they were beautiful, there was three of them, the first guy was obviously a body builder, his body was huge and full of muscle, he had short curly hair and a giant grin, he would look positively scary if it wasn't for the huge smile spread across his face but I still found him slightly scary, wrapped in his arms was a girl that looked like she had stepped out of a fashion magazine, she had blonde hair and was slim, she had make-up on but not smothered on like most girls had these days, she was laughing lightly as the big guy kissed her on the ear, the next guy was a lot skinnier and looked like a person you could talk to, he had messy golden hair and was laughing at something the big guy had said. "BELLA UP HERE" I snapped out of my gaze at the voice knowing it was Alice, I looked around to see where the she was, and oh my god she was sitting across the aisle from the beauty group, hearing her yell out they looked up to see Alice and then me. I felt me cheeks go red under there gaze, I walked up to Alice and sat next to her, luckily I didn't trip and make a fool of my self. I sit next to Alice and stare out the window. I soon drifted to sleep.

I wake up a while later and slowly open my eyes to see Alice not in her seat. I start to panic, what if she has abounded me. I glance around only to see her sitting next to the skinny, godlike guy.

At that moment she turns around and sees me, "hey Bella, when you were asleep this guys decided to entertain me, I blush red, "hey" I say nervously, "Bella this is jasper, the other guy is Emmett and the girl is Rosalie.

At that moment Emmett comes and sits behind me, soon followed by Rosalie, "hey as already introduced my name is Rosalie and this is my boyfriend Emmett, Alice told us already told you a bit about you." I groan, oh no what has she told them, "What did she tell you I ask" nervously, "oh don't worry nothing." "She has told us you are accident prone, and that you trip over everything" Emmett interrupted, I blushed bright red, "oh and she told us to watch out for your blush, and she was right, you blush almost as red as Rosalie's." Rosalie's smacked Emmett over the head so he couldn't finish, I still blushed even brighter, and I started to giggle.

"Don't you start making jokes about Bella Emmett, she's not use to your crack arse jokes" Rosalie said and then turned to me, "just ignore him, he cant help it that he has a mind like a two year old" "hey, I am not a two year old, a two year old couldn't make you scream as I do when…" Rosalie grabbed him and dragged him to the back off the bus as she threw me an apologetic glance.

I sat there still bright red. "Bella, come sit with us" I turn to see Alice beckoning me over, I stood up and made my way over to her sitting behind her and jasper, "Bella this is Jasper, jasper as I have already told you this is Bella" "hello jasper" I say "hey Bella" just then I heard a noise, I turn around to see Emmett and Rosalie making out two seats back, I turn back to Alice blushing red. "Just ignore those two, they are always like this" jasper said while rolling his eyes, making me laugh.

We talked for a while all the while Jasper was keeping his eyes on Alice, completely mesmerized by her, totally into her, and then finally we arrived at the destination. "Oooooooh look Bella I swimming pool" Alice said excitedly, I groan, great.

We pile out of the bus and waited till a bunch of group leaders came to direct us. A guy that looked quite young silenced us.

"Hey every one, my name is Felix. I am the group organizer, I basically organize the activities you guys do, just try to relax and get to know each other, this camp is to build trust in the other gender and each other, to my left is Carlisle, he is the camp doctor, I hope he doesn't have to see you guys much, and then to my left is James, he is the councilor, you guys will have to speak to him once every few days and tell him how you are feeling and if you think this camp is helping, he is also there if you need to talk to someone. Guys and girls will be sleeping in the same rooms and I expect good behavior, from all of you, last of all in a few days we will be going off on a hike around the mountain in a few days, and last of all cabins, there is a list on the wall over there that will assign you to your rooms, thanks" and with that he walked off. "Come on Bella lets go see where we will be sleeping" she says as she drags me off, nearly making me trip, Jasper walking along behind, puppy dog eyeing Alice, Emmett and Rosalie following next.