I don't know how many chapters there will be in the future but whenever I feel like I will post them.

Note : The chapters will be in the form of a drabble but they can exceed 100 word count sometimes.

No smoking

'No you will not smoke'

'Why are you prohibiting smoking all of a sudden?'

'Because smoking is injurious to health.'

'Misaki are you worried about me?'

Usagi's face lit up and he proceeded towards Misaki with a predatory look in his hungry eyes.

'NO don't move or else I will destroy all of them'

Misaki reprimanded pointing at the packs of cigarettes.

'Hmm there is only one solution to this.'


'I need a substitution and it has to be Misaki's lips.'


'Then Misaki's adorable body…'

Further conversation was only physical.