Foreign Issues

Akihiko's pov

I pouted when Misaki glared at me and instead of giving me the sufficient attention that a devoted and hungry lover deserved, Misaki pursued cleaning the piles of books spread on the floor.

Was I never going to get a nice smile from Misaki with a proper kiss every time I would say how much Misaki meant to me and how much I lover him?

Playing with a strand of hair on the back of Misaki's head, I mumbled.

'I want Misaki so much…'

The change of language from Japanese to English was strange but it was nice to express my feelings sometimes in English too.

Misaki faced me and blinked with utter confusion.

'What did you say Usagi-san?'

Ofcoarse Misaki was weak in English and barely knew the language.

I couldn't help the grin replacing the past frown on my face. It could be fun.

'I want to love my Misaki…'

Misaki crinkled his eyebrows and blushed hearing the word 'love'.

'Stop speaking in English, speak in the language which I can understand.'

Not so easily Misaki.

'I want to fuck Misaki and make him go crazy for me.'

I loved that scarlet tainting Misaki's cheeks, I knew Misaki could feel my desires from the raw lust glowing in my eyes, but he could not comprehend the meaning of my words.

'Usagi-san what are you saying?'

My heart trembled hearing the vulnerability in Misaki's voice. I touched his fragile fingers; they were so warm against my cold ones.

I guessed no matter how much I wanted to tease Misaki; Misaki's cuteness always defeated my cockiness.

'I want to make Misaki scream my name when he comes.'

I whispered in English, making Misaki pout. Shit I could not hold on anymore.

Leaning in, I kissed those subtle lips, polilely begging to get ravished.

'I will tell you what I am speaking but only on one condition.'

I spoke in native language. I saw Misaki nod with slight uncertainty. It was so easy to trick him.

'I love you.'

Misaki blushed again.

'hey I know the meaning of love.'

He protested.

'Then what are you asking me?'

'The other things you said, you said some freaky things right, Usagi-san?'

'No Misaki, my every word has the same origin that is I love you.'

'Liar, tell me what you said before.'

'Then say with me.'


'I Love You.'

Misaki didn't notice how close we were getting, our clothes were touching and we were almost breathing the same air.

Misaki gulped and uttered.

'I love you.'

I didn't care if I had had died right away, as I could never be happier, being loved by the person whom I loved the most, my life was no less than a dream.

'Now tell me.'

How could Misaki expect me to stand and repeat my previous words to him after what he just said to me? He was an idiot no doubt.

'Misaki why don't I show them to you?'

'What- hey!'

I lifted up Misaki on my shoulder and headed for the bedroom.

I should speak in some foreign languages with Misaki more often. On my way, I made Misaki understand the meaning of 'I love you', and felt Misaki's erect hard-on poke on my clavicle immediately.

Don't know why but whenever I write from Akihiko's pov my ideas get better and I take less time to write a fic....