(damning plot bunnies) Like I needed another. Oh, well. Set-up; Jeff is sucking on a lollipop in the back, fucking original (sarcasm) It's been done, I know, but it's so delicious to do. He's making Adam horny. And Matty has a little secret for Addy. Vickie has sold him Edge's contract. Slash-- M/M. Graphic language and SEX!! Chalk it up to AU, OOC, if you must :) JUST 4 FANTASY!!! Not about personal lives. Edge was married to Vickie. Guess you can guess that other characters, that will be slashed in horrible ways, are not w/ who they are in real-life. I'm so confused. Anyway, Imma make some of your fave wrestlers, and mine, look like whores. Hardycest for the hell of it. B/c, I can :P Maybe bondage and shit later on. Matt/Adam/Jeff, Matt/Adam, Jeff/Adam, and any other ways I can think of. XD!

I don't own them, dude. I'm just gonna borrow them and play with them for a bit ;) I'll return them sticky and cum-stained, but otherwise in awesome condition.

Sold to a Hardy;

Chapter one/ 'Suck and Swallow'
Rated; M/ L, S

Adam walked calmly to the back. Passing the Seamstress', the medics, the locker rooms. Straight to catering. His stomach was growling. There was no time for food earlier. He'd need something if he planned on lasting tonight. Edge reach the table, instantly selecting some choice items and loading them on a paper plate. Whatever, he didn't care it was. Suddenly a loud 'POP!' sound made him jump. Adam looked around wondering what done it. He was all alone, or so he thought. His eyes landed on the 'what' that had made the sound. His eyes narrowed, staring at the source.

Jeff Hardy. Scaring the shit out of him for no reason. Jeff just stood there, not appearing to care that Edge was present. He didn't look at him, even though Adam was drilling holes through the younger man. He just stood there, licking on a lollipop. Adam smirked sinisterly. Thinking that he looked like a child, totally fucking carefree and happy. Licking and sucking on the head of the sucker, his tongue swirling around it, taking it back in and sliding it in and out of his mouth... Adam shook his head. Realizing quickly that he'd been gaping. He continued to get out what he wanted, holding onto the plate with one hand underneath it. He didn't notice Jeff looking at him, a sly smirk painting his face. Fucking with Adam was so much fun. Copeland was so damn jittery these days. Jeff looked away and delibertly made a loud slurping, sucking sound, swallowing the sugary goodness. Gulping loudly.

Adam jerked in frustration, and quietly went over to sit down at a table. If he ignores him, maybe Jeff will go away and he won't have to deal with an angry Matt Hardy later?


Adam jumped again. He slammed his hands down on the table and glared at Jeff. Jeff turned his head away, looking as innocent as ever. Paying the taller man no mind. Adam redirected his eyes to his plate, muttering death threats under his breath.

"Mhmm" Hardy moaned delibertly.

Adam closed his eyes. Stupid.. why was he bothering him? Couldn't he leave him alone? Was this 'fuck with Edge day' or some shit?

Jeff closed his lips around the sucker, sucking around it, making all kinds of filthy noises. Adam picked up his plastic fork, trying to block it out.

"Ohhhmm.." Jeff moaned again.

Adam's eyes got wide. 'Take a deep breath, don't let him get to you.'

Adam, instead, drew his eyes up to watch Jeff's lips, sliding off the large head of the lolly. His tongue circling the tip. His tongue blue from the dye in the delicious candy. His lips turning the same color. Adam licked his lips. Breathing deeply. Jeff's eyes were closed, fluttering open and rolling backwards so sweetly as he reclosed them. Jeff took the sucker back in, sucking tightly around it. Moving it in and out of his mouth, fucking his mouth with it.

Adam groaned silently. Oh, fuck... needed.. to.. look away...

"Umm, shit... mmm..." Jeff had a bit of a gleeful giggle in that one.

"Damn it, Hardy!" Adam finally shouted.

Jeff looked over at him, startled. Adam had his head downward, looking up at him with only his eyes. His blond locks falling down in his face. Adam's fists were balled up on the table top. Jeff sighed. He had him right where he wanted him.

"What, man? Am I bothering you, or something?" Jeff smirked.

Edge continued to watch his lips, as they curled into an arrogant little smile.

"Yes. Can't you see I'm trying to eat?" Adam growled.

"And what the fuck do you think I'm doing? Sleeping?" Jeff quipped.

"You're bothering the shit outta me." Adam picked back up his fork.

"Free country." Jeff took the sucker back in, sucking hard.


Adam jumped. "Damn it!" The food spilled out fo his fork and in his lap. He glared back up at Jeff when the younger Hardy giggled.

"Oh, you think this is funny?" Adam snarled.

"Yes, yes, I do." Hardy admitted.

Adam watched as his tongue flicked fastly across the tip of the lollipop.

"Stop being dirty, Jeff. It's not cute." Adam warned, wiping the food out of his lap, glad it wasn't anything to stain his clothes.

"I'm not doing anything. If you're thinking about me in dirty ways, then that's your fault. Not mine." Jeff said innocently.

Oh, he was so freaking... goddamn Hardy was asking for it.

"What makes you think I'm thinking about you in dirty ways?" Adam glared at him.

"Cause you just said it." Jeff smiled, popping the sucker again.

Adam shot him a confused look. Squinting up his eyes. "I did not!"

"Uhm, hum. You said, 'I'm thinking about you in dirty ways.' I heard you plain as day." Jeff taunted.

"What?! What I said was, 'What makes YOU THINK I'm thinking about you in dirty ways?' That's what the fuck I said." Edge corrected.

"You still said the line; I'm thinking about you in dirty ways." Jeff moaned again.

"Uht.. that's not what I.. Shut the fuck up, Hardy." Adam barked.

He redirected his attention back to the plate. Not noticing Jeff making his way over to the table. He leaned up against it. Still twirling the sucker in his mouth. Making smacking noises with it as he did so.

'Didn't he once say, he hated when people chewed with their mouths open and made smacking sounds? He should really practice what the fuck he preaches.' Adam thought silently to himself.

He jumped again, however, when he heard the sound of Jeff pulling the chair out beside him. The metal making an awful noise as it scrapped across the floor. Jeff plopped down on the side of it, facing the Rated 'R' Superstar.

"Do you mind?" Adam looked at him, irritated.

"No. I work here too. I have just as much right to catering as you do." Jeff stuck the lollipop back in his mouth and rested his elbows on his knees, clasping his hands together.

"Just let me eat then." Adam glanced back at him as Jeff smiled widely, still holding the sucker in the side of his mouth. Adam turned back around. And was about to take a bite when...


"Damn, that's sooo, good." Jeff teased, a slutty pout in his voice.

Adam held onto the fork tightly, nearly snapping the fragile plastic. His dick was getting so fucking hard he couldn't stand it. Fucking Jeff Hardy. Has to rub shit in. He'd fuck Jeff in a fucking second. He's always wanted to. But that would be suicide. Yep, he'd die as soon as big brother Matty found out. And Jeff would probably tell him just to watch him die.

"Do you like sucking on things, Adam?" Jeff asked blatantly.

Adam's eyes snapped wide. 'Did he just fucking say that?'

"Wh..what?" Adam turned his head back to him.

"I said, do you like sucking on things? Y'know, like hard candy, suckers, tootsie pops..."

"N..no.. I..." Adam stammered.

"You don't suck?" Jeff asked.

"What?" Adam's eyebrows furrowed. Where the hell was Jeff getting at?

"D'you swallow?" Jeff licked his lips.

Adam's eyes got wider. He stared at Jeff, who smiled pervertedly and tapped the sucker on his blue-stained lips. Fuck, they looked so damn good.

"Stop.. stop that." Adam replied quietly.

"Stop what?" Jeff sucked the lollipop back into his mouth. 'POP!'

"That!" Adam shouted.

"Ooh, Addy, so damn tense." Jeff reach over and lightly ran his fingertips up Edge's thigh, ghosting near his crotch.

Adam froze. 'What the fuck?!'

"I swallow." Jeff whispered.

Adam was stone at this point. "J..Jeff.. uhm.."

"I suck too." He sighed near Edge's neck.

Adam swallowed, groaning loudly as Jeff began gropping him through his jeans.

"Wh..what.. what are you doing, Jeff?"

Jeff didn't reply, just continued to rub him through his jeans. Adam closed his eyes, panting deeply.

"Ohh, uhmm.." Adam smiled, losing himself for a second.

"You like that?" Jeff growled, "That feel good?"

"Ohh, yeah.." Adam's eyes snapped opened. "What? No, stop. Are you fucking crazy?" He jerked Jeff's hand away.

But, instead he found Jeff's lips pressed up against his. Immediately tasting candy sugar, and feeling Jeff's tongue sliding past his lips. Adam stared wide-eyed for a second, but caved. Closing his lids and molding into the kiss. Savoring the sweet taste of Jeff Hardy. He pushed his plate back, forgetting that he was starving, and grabbed hold of the back of Jeff's neck. Moaning in the kiss. Feeling Jeff smile victoriously.

Then a dangerous thought occured to The Ultimate Opportunist; Matt could be lurking, hell anyone could be lurking and tell Matt for the hell of it. And for the fun of seeing Adam die a tragic death at the hands of a very pissed off older Hardy brother. Instantly he broke. Jeff stared at him confused.

"Not here." Adam purred, petting the back of his hair.

"Locker room?" Jeff offered, panting.

Adam shook his head, swallowing deeply, "Not mine."

"Mine?" Jeff asked, never taking his eyes off Adam's.

Edge thought for a second. 'Matt. Hell, no!'

"No. Not there."

"Steal one from someone else?" Jeff nibbled on his bottom lip.

"That'd be good." Adam closed his eyes and yelped when Jeff got up and pulled his arm, jerking him to his feet. Adam followed like a puppy on a leash as Jeff drug him to the first locker room he saw.

"No one's here, man. Lock the door." Jeff scouted, pulling him inside.

Adam nodded and locked the door after it closed behind him. Immediately he found himself pressed against it hard, Jeff attacking his neck, and fighting with his belt. Adam stared straight forward. Wincing when Jeff's teeth found his collarbone through the t-shirt. His pesky belt finally came lose as did his pants. Adam gasped loudly as Jeff's hand slide down inside, rubbing and teasing his hard cock. He let go for a second and jerked Edge's jeans down a bit. Taking him in his hand and jerking on him roughly.

"Holy shit.. Jeff... who knew?" Adam growled, smiling arrogantly.

"I've been dying to touch you like this. You were just too stupid to fucking see it." Jeff muttered through pants and gasps.

"Why didn't you... uhh.. why didn't you say something?.. ohh, shit, Jeff.. harder.." Adam closed his eyes. Jeff's hands felt so good.

"Couldn't get away from Matty long enough." Jeff smirked slyly, sliding down to his knees.

He lifted Edge's shirt, never relinguishing his rhythm on Adam's throbbing cock. Jeff stuck out his tongue and licked all the way up Adam's abdomen, sliding back down and circling his belly button with his tongue. Dipping it inside, moving it in and out, gathering nice little whimpers and moans from Edge.

'I thought you liked sucking?" Adam panted, impatiently.

"I also like licking." Jeff kissed the skin right above Adam's groin.

Edge groaned louder as Jeff licked up the underside of his cock. His pretty tongue circling the head.


"Beg." Jeff demanded.


"Beg for it.. beg me to suck you off.." Jeff taunted.

"Pl..please... please, Jeff.." Adam muttered. Opening his eyes and threading his fingers in Jeff's hair.

"Nuh, uh, uh. Louder, say it. Say, 'suck me off Jeffy'."

Adam grunted loudly as Jeff dug his fingernails into the side of his aching cock.

"Come on, say it.. Beg for me. I know I'm worth begging for." Jeff trailed the tip of his tongue lightly over the tip. Holding to Adam's cock. Not stroking, or anything else.

"Please..please.. Jeffy, suck me off.. please... want your.. mouth... so damn bad.." Adam panted.

"That's more like it." Jeff grinned wickedly as he slid his lips over the swollen head of Adam's hard-on and down the shaft, causing the older man to cry out. Jeff brought his lips back off of him and then took him back inside. Sucking around the head.

"Shit.. shit.. Hardy... your..mouth.. so fucking good..." Adam grunted, twisting Jeff's hair in his fingers. Crying out when Jeff's teeth scrapped him.

Jeff took him out and jerked him roughly.

"Y'like that, huh? Y'want me to make you come?" The younger Hardy teased.

Adam nodded, looking down at him. Jeff looked so hot on his knees, with his legs folded underneath him.

"Tell me.. say it." Jeff licked his lips, staring up at him. His green eyes shining with horny fascination and mischief.

"Please, Jeff.. make me come.." Adam whimpered.

"I don't think you're worthy to come in my mouth." Jeff taunted.

Adam groaned louder. "Please, Jeff.. please..."

The blonde Canadian was cut off when he was jerked around and his pants were shoved on down further.

"Jeff? What the hell..."

He didn't get to finish that either, before he was bent forward.

"Such a nice ass." Jeff smirked.


Once again Adam was cut off as he felt Jeff spread him further apart with both his hands, followed by Jeff's tongue probing eagerly at his entrance.

Adam moaned, and used his hands to hold himself up against the wall. Shit, that was so fucking good.

"Ohmm, Jeff.. shit..." What a talented little tongue. Lots of practice on lollys, perhaps?

Jeff held him apart further, licking across Adam's virginal pucker. Damn he was tight.

"Damn it, Jeff.. please..."

Jeff stood up and jerked him back around. God, he loved having his way with him. Jeff grabbed both of his hands and led him over to the wooden bench, sitting as he felt himself back against it. He gripped Adam's cock in his hand tightly, taking him back in his mouth. Sucking hard. Edge shut his eyes tight, groaning loudly, grasping to Jeff's jacket.

"Ohh, shit.. fuck... fuck... Uhmm, Jeff!" Adam shouted as he came in the younger Hardy's mouth.

Jeff swallowed, trying to get all of him. Failing as cum dripped down his chin. He pulled his lips off Adam's cock and wiped it off with his finger. Sticking it in his mouth and sucking it off. Adam smiled lazily and started to pull up his jeans. Jeff grabbed his hands, stopping him. Edge's eyes shot open and he looked Jeff in his.

"What about me?" Jeff growled.

Adam swallowed. "You want me to do that?"

Jeff shook his head, "Nope."

Adam squeaked as he found himself jerked down on his knees, bent over the bench. Jeff jerked his pants on off of him in one quick motion. Adam tried to get up, but Jeff pushed him back down.

"J..Jeff.. uhm.." He failed to mask the apprehension in his voice.

"Relax, It'll feel good, I promise." Hardy purred.

"Jeff, I've nev..never had this before." Adam wasn't sure if he had turned a new shade of red, or not.

"Oooh, virgin!" Jeff squealed excitedly, he took something out of his coat pocket and popped the lid.

Apart of Edge wanted to get up. Another part was too fucking curious. Jeff forced his legs on apart. Adam's eyes widened when he felt something cold being spread between his cheeks.

"Jeff.. please.."

"I'll be easy. Hold very still, this may be a tad uncomfortable."

'What might..?' Adam didn't get a chance to ask out loud, he groaned as he felt two fingers slide deep inside of him.

"Oh, god, that's not easy." Edge grunted, holding his breath.

"Ooh, sorry. I've never delt with a virgin before. Try not to tense up so much. Just breathe." Jeff coached.

Edge nodded and felt Jeff raise his shirt up, placing kisses on his back. It was actually pretty soothing. Adam gasped, panting.

"Go ahead, go slow." He permitted, closing his eyes.

Jeff wiggled his fingers, stretching him. He was so fucking hard. And having Edge bent over, groaning in pain, at his mercy, didn't help. Jeff slipped his fingers half-way out, before plunging them back in. He smiled when Adam whined.

"I..I said slow, Hardy." Adam snapped.

"I have to get you adjusted, if you expect to handle certain other body parts." Jeff licked his lips.

Adam laid his head down, holding to the other side of the bench. He had no earthly clue when he woke up this morning, that by the end of the day, he'd be a Hardy Boy's bitch. Jeff splayed his fingers a bit wider, sliding them in and out of Adam's tight opening. Stabbing at his prostate in an attempt to show Edge how good it could feel. When Adam arched up, and bucked, groaning oh so sweetly.. he knew he'd hit it.

"That feel good?" Jeff panted, a laugh in his voice.

Adam nodded. On top of the pain, he had to admit, it did. "A..again?"



Jeff smiled sweetly. This was better than he'd pictured it. He slid his fingers out.

Adam swallowed thickly and gazed behind him. Stopping when he heard a zipper coming down.

"You.. you think I'm ready?" He asked nervously.

Jeff shrugged. "Never had a virgin before. But, I can't take it any longer." He pushed his pants down and out of the way.

"Jeff.. I don't.." Adam tried to raise up, but Jeff pushed him back down.

"I'll be easy. Trust me."

Jeff groaned, taking his cock in his hand. Rubbing down the length, aiming it towards Adam's entrance. Dabbing the bit of precum on his asshole. His cock twitched when he saw Adam flinch at his slight touch. But damn, it was hot seeing his cum smeared on Edge's ass.

"Just relax, I'll go slow."

Adam nodded and held his breath. Jeff held his cock as he pushed past Adam's tight ring. Adam grunted and Jeff nearly lost it. He stayed still for a second.

"Y'okay?" He whispered.

Adam nodded. His heart pounding.

"Here, lift up." Jeff pulled at Adam's hips.

Adam got the message and scooted back some. He moaned when he felt Jeff's fingers wrap around his cock, pumping him slowly. Feeling him get harder under his touch.

"G..go ahead, Jeff.. uhm.." His head was kindly spining.

Jeff pushed himself the rest of the way inside, joining himself to his one time friend and current enemy. So, fucking poetic.

"Shit.. fuck..." Adam muttered softly. The pain shooting up his back was incredible.

"Imma go slow." Jeff whispered. "Relax."

Jeff released his own dick, keeping a steady rhythm on Edge as he began thrusting slowly. Adam folded his arms under his head, biting on his fingers. Damn, it hurt. The stretching, the tearing. But, it felt so good.

"Har..harder.. please.. harder.." Edge mumbled.

Jeff smiled. Adam ashamed of something? It was fucking adorable. Jeff abandoned Edge's cock, receiving a cute little whine. He took hold of Edge's hips and set a rougher pace. Thrusting harder. Pushing in and out of Adam's tight ass. He was a virgin no more. Adam felt so fucking good. So tight, so hot around his cock. The rumors about Randy must of not been true. His brother would be so mad that Jeff had popped Copeland's cherry.

"Shit.. Jeff..." Adam reach down infront of him, reaching for his throbbing cock. Jeff grabbed his hand and held it behind him.

"You.. came already.. It's my turn.." Jeff panted.

"Please... ohh, yeah.." Adam cried out.

Jeff hit his prostate again, sending a spark through the beach blonde. Jeff wondered if he could make him come by hitting it. He read about that somewhere. He tried again. Loving the groan he got from Adam in return.

"Yeah, you like it?" He delibertly stabbed at it again.

Adam panted, whimpered, and whined. It was like fucking music. Sounded so good. Jeff leaned forward and groaned next to Edge's ear, fucking him harder, pushing deeper.

"God, Jeff... harder.. Ooh, shit..."

"Uhm, Adam, soo good and tight... love fucking your virgin ass..." Jeff taunted.

Edge grunted and turned a deep shade of crimson. Jeff lifted back up, and pulled all the way out, before plunging back inside, causing Adam to cry out. Jeff smiled. Must try that again. He pulled out half-way this time, shoving back in more slowly.

"Jeff.. please.. can't fucking.. take it.." Adam begged.

"You'll wait, bitch."

"I'm the bitch?!" Edge yelped.

"Right now, you're my bitch. All mine." Jeff sounded sort of insane.

Adam turned his eyes forward. His dick was hurting so bad, he might explode. No, literally fucking explode. Jeff grabbed a handfull of Edge's hair, twisting his fingers in it tightly. Holding his head down to the bench.

"My pretty little bitch. Say it." Hardy commanded.

"Please, Jeff... give me a hand.."

"No, say what I told you." Jeff demanded again.


Jeff thrust into him hard. Adam's eyes nearly popped out. He wasn't quite sure if that scream came from him, or someone else.


Jeff twisted his fingers tighter. Thrusting harder.

"Say it, or you don't come."

"I..I'm your bitch.. I'm your pretty bitch.." Adam grunted reluctantly.

"That's so much better. See, wasn't that easy, bitch?"

Jeff let go of Adam's hair, and reach underneath him, stroking him hard. Feeling Adam buck against him.

"Come for me, Adam.. you wanted it.." Jeff taunted.

Adam had never seen this side of young Jeffrey before. So dominating. So psychotic-like. Edge liked it. He wanted more of it. Adam cried out as Jeff hit his magic button again, shuddering as he came all over the floor and Jeff's hand. Jeff milked the last of him before he pulled himself out and jerked Edge away from the bench by his hips. Edge fell down to the floor on his bare, and sore, ass.

"Open your mouth, Adam." Jeff stood straddled over him, waiting eagerly for him to follow his command.

Adam slowly opened his mouth, watching Jeff take his cock in his hand, jerking off over top of him. Adam licked his lips, urging him on. That's all it took.

"Shit.. mhmm.." Jeff moaned sweetly as he squirted cum all over Adam's face, actually getting some in his mouth.

Adam smacked and licked his lips, tasting what Jeff had to give. Jeff reach down and wiped some of the white goodness off Adam's face and stuck his thumb in the Canadian's mouth, licking his lips as Adam sucked on it. He cupped Adam face, touching his hair gently. Jeff leaned down and pressed his lips softly to Edge's before zipping back up his pants. He opened the door and was met by none other than Matt Hardy. Adam stared up at him terrified, attempting to cover up with his discarded jeans.

"M..Matt." He squeaked. He was surely fucked.

"Jeff, you little shit." Matt said, ignoring Adam completely.

"Hehe.. sorry, guess I beat you to him." Jeff smiled.

Adam looked at both Hardys confused.

"He's all yours now, though. But, I want him cleaned and returned to me by 2 am. Kay." Jeff grabbed Matt by the back of the head and pressed his lips to his brother's.

Adam blinked, disbelieving. Was he seeing right? It was actually fucking hot. Seeing both Hardy Boys tonguing each other in the door way. Matt took hold of Jeff's head, slipping his tongue down Jeff's throat almost. Jeff moaned sweetly under it. He broke abruptly.

"You'll get me started again. I had my turn." Jeff winked as he made his way on out the door.

Adam sat frozen as Matt turned his attention back to him. The older Hardy's hands were clasped together.

"What.." He mumbled, confused.

"Don't worry about it, Adam." Matt walked in and shut the door behind him.

"Matt? I.. Jeff came on to me.." He started to stand slowly.

"Oh, I know, Edge. I know. I didn't want him fucking you first, but you know little brothers." Matt smiled, rolling his dark eyes.

Adam swallowed. "Fucking me first... what the fuck does that shit mean?"

"Well, Edge. I finally found the perfect way to get revenge on you." Matt rubbed his hands together, grinning like the cat that ate the fucking canary.

Adam stared at him wide-eyed. This did not sound too good.

"Y'see, Vickie, your wife, is really tired of you. So, I made her a little offer." Matt explained.

"Offer?" Adam whimpered.

"I bought your contract, Edge. You're mine now." Matt continued.

Adam stared down at the ground. This definitely wasn't good.

This story got turned around sooo much while writing. It started as a one-shot fantasy, then it got turned around and got away with me. I just go with it. I wanna torture Edge. I know, Jeff is a sexy bottom, and there are a few of us, who fucking love, and prefer, Jeffy as a bottom. But, I had to have him dominate just once. Again? I dunno.... (walks away innocently) Sorry, NeroAnne, I know you'll read... I hope you'll read. I hope you'll stay with me if you do. I come with gifts of Hardycest! Ooh, Imma have fun, XD! Don't hate me, just for fantasy. B/c Imma horny, bored fangirl ;) I'll apologize now for all the dirty things I wish to do to Edge here. But, he did have his fun in 'Captive', so....

Oh, and don't gimme that, 'oh, that would never happen' bullshit. I don't care if it could or not. It's just 4 FANTASY, and for me to have fun. Did I mention it was just 4 fantasy?