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Everyone was in a hurry to leave to avoid the marines about ready to attack them upon first sight. The anchor was raised, the sail hoisted. But they all stopped when they realized something and surprisingly though, it was the kid captain who noticed it. They were missing a crew and again, surprisingly, it wasn't the captain this time.

It was their swordsman.

Did he still get lost despite the fact that they were running together? Who raised the anchor?

For a while, they were flabbergasted. The fact that Zoro had a poor geographical understanding made Nami hissed in anger and annoyance. Alright Luffy is the number one genius in causing trouble for them but Zoro is second. Such a captain and a First Mate that they areā€¦

So just like what happened in Arabasta when Luffy was separated, they had no choice but to take the ship away from the harbor. They would just have to get back to find him once they shed the Marine ships from the other dock.