Capture: A UryuXToshirou Story

Aizen smiled watching Uryu fix himself and looking Toshirou over in amusement. "So? Did you like my gift?" He purred.

Toshirou's eyes widened, face hidden in Uryu's chest and his form tensed and shook in fury. Aizen! He had done this on purpose.

Uryu stroked Toshiro's back gently then reached down and pulled his pants back up. "He was satisfactory." He replied "Will you tell me where Orihime is now? That was what we agreed upon, was it not?"

Aizen nodded. "You'll get the girl, Quincy, but tell me the truth did you enjoy Toshirou?"

Uryu frowned, "As I said-"

"No, not that half answer, was he good or was he not?"

Uryu looked to the small form in his arms, "He was. " He murmured brushing the bit of hair that always fell near his eye, back, "More so than I would have expected. Why does it matter to you?"

Aizen shrugged, "Just a little tidbit I found interesting. You'll find your friend if you go that way then left and run a few streets." He said before turning and walking away.

Toshirou's face was red and his body shaking in fury and embarrassment.

"Oh! Quincy!" Aizen turned around and tossed Uryu, Toshirou's blade. "Give this back to him once you let him go."

Uryu caught it and looked it over. "Your Zanpakuto?" He murmured looking to his captive.

Toshirou peeked out and nodded, pouting. He wanted it back and he wanted to use it right now, on Aizen, but his bottom ached too much to even try to grab it from Uryu's hand. He hid his face again.

Uryu watched him curl into his chest and kissed his head. "Lift your arm for me, Captain." He murmured.

"Why?" Toshirou asked, confused.

"Just do as I say."

"Hmph." He lifted his arm out to the side.

Uryu slid the strap of the sword's scabbard over his arm "Now, if you'll lift your head…" He murmured.

Toshirou did so sullenly, and glared at Uryu, his eyes widened as the strap settled onto his shoulder and the sword onto his back. "You gave it back to me?" He could not fathom why this could be, but he was glad for the familiar weight on his back. "You know with my Zanpakuto I can make you pay for what you did to me."

Uryu started walking and let him rest against him again. "You could try, but moving around that much would hurt, besides, I think who you really want to punish is Aizen, am I correct?"

Toshirou settled his head on Uryu's shoulder and closed his eyes nodding, "Yes, I want Aizen to pay, but I cannot understand why you would give my Zanpakuto back, nor why you're being so nice all of a sudden."

Uryu shrugged and turned to the left coming upon Orihime soon enough. "I would not want my enemy holding onto my bow either, and it does not even have a name now do I believe it has a mind of it's own. Your Zanpakuto is very personal. I would feel…wrong to keep it from you."

Toshirou twitched. "You ought to feel wrong over what you have done to me already!"

Uryu chuckled softly. "Relax," he murmured "And don't mention that in Orihime's hearing." he said, walking to meet Orihime.

Orihime waved brightly. "Uryu! Oh! Who's this?" She asked as she stopped in front of Uryu. "A captain?!"

Uryu shifted Toshirou and had him wrap his legs around his waist. "His name is Toshirou Hitsugaya. He'll be staying with us for the time being. I captured him a while back while I was looking for you."

Orihime brought her hands to her chest looking worried. "Won't his Squad be looking for him?" She asked, then looked the captain over. "He doesn't appear to be harmed any, didn't he fight you?" She asked curiously pointer finger between her lips cutely.

Toshirou looked up at her. "I fought, but I did not have my Zanpakuto at the time and was all too easily overpowered, Captain Aizen betrayed me to this Quincy." He said calmly easily removing everything in between those two occurrences by merely omitting it and pretending it had not happened.

Orihime smiled brightly "Then this Aizen is on our side and wants to save Rukia?"

Uryu shook his head. "No. Aizen is on his own side and will use anyone to get whatever it is he wants. I have a feeling whatever it is won't be good, for either side. Anyway, we need to regroup with the others and make our way to the Tower like we planned."

Orihime saluted smiling brightly, her large breasts bouncing "Yes sir!" She giggled and pointed. "I can feel Ichigo in this direction." She announced starting off.

Uryu followed her holding Toshirou as he leaned into his run to go faster.

"That girl….Orihime reminds me a lot of my Lieutenant, Rangiku." He muttered to Uryu. "Like she'll just come out of nowhere and try to smother you with those things."

Uryu snorted, unable to help himself. "I take it Rangiku is too big for her bra as well?" He replied highly amused. Toshirou pouted. "I was serious! Those things are serious choking hazards when she insists on hugging so tightly so sudden!"

Uryu snickered. "I bet!"

Toshirou fumed, "Stop laughing about it!" He hit him on the shoulder, but Uryu just laughed harder, so much that Orihime looked back and almost fell. "Whoops!" She rubbed her head and started running again. "What were you laughing so hard about, Uryu?" She asked innocently.

Uryu shook his head. "Just a little joke at Toshirou's expense."

Toshirou growled, "Use my title, Damn you!"

And so it went, Uryu's capture of Toshirou's heart began with his capture of his body, with him completely unaware of how he was to affect the small captain in his days of being the Quincy's hostage.

(Sorry about the underlining that wasn't supposed to happened)