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Hinata walked down the hall, her heart pounding. These initials… They couldn't be is, could they? "He's too GOOD for that little bitch!" the words scoffed in her head. With a sinking heart, she accepted that it probably wasn't from Naruto. There was most likely another NU in the school somewhere…

Skirting the loud group of gossiping populars, she suddenly heard a voice calling her name… well, her nickname anyway.

"Hina-chan! Oi, Hina-chan! Wait up!" a loud voice called from behind her.

A panting Naruto stopped at her side. "So, didja like it?" he asked in an exited, breathless voice.

The bottom of her stomach disappeared. "That- that was you that gave me the statue?" she asked disbelievingly. "It couldn't have been you."

His face fell. "Why couldn't it have been me, Hina-chan?" He paused, before adding hastily, "Is it ok if I call you Hina-chan?"

Red began appearing on Hinata's cheeks. "Yeah, that's fine," she said quietly. Then she said something about girls, math, and a toad.

Naruto's eyes turned cold. "I heard those girls," he growled softly. "It's ridiculous. There is no reason whatsoever for me NOT to like you, Hina-chan."

Her ears must be deceiving her. His smile and his bright eyes must be masking some sort of mischief, a prank or something.

"…You're serious."


"This isn't a prank, or a joke, this is real."


"You like… me?"

He chuckled. "My, you're smart. Must be part of your charm. I am dead serious; I really do like you, no matter what other people think."

Hinata's heart was lifting. The world was brighter, the sounds were crisper, and there was light flooding her vision. The light, it seemed, was coming from this boy's face.

Naruto put his lips close to her ear. "I love you, bunny. Will you go out with me?"

Hinata shivered as his breath ghosted the sensitive skin. Hesitantly, as though he might disappear if she touched her, she stood on her tiptoes and places her arms around his neck.

Naruto hugged her back, very conscious of her soft, velvety skin and her warm, lavender scent.

Then, the warning bell rang. Most of the remaining students began to scurry to their classrooms. Hinata was reluctant to let go of her fox; what if this was just her mind playing tricks?

Almost as if he had read her mind, he whispered, "Its ok. I'll see you after class. I won't leave you. Goodbye, love."

After giving her a peck on the cheek, he walked into his classroom. Hinata was momentarily dazed. She stood there, quite still, for a few moments. Then, she shook her head to clear it, and made her way to her classroom as well.

However, once she got there, it was very hard to focus on the subject, health. Her mind was concentrated on her fox. Hinata felt that this class couldn't be let out too soon.

Somewhere down the hall, a certain blue-eyed blonde was thinking the same way.


As soon as the bell rang, she practically raced out of the classroom door, her stomach in knots.

The knots were instantly released at the sight of her personal angel, Naruto. He was standing outside the door, apparently waiting for her. Relieved, she staggered over and threw herself into his arms. Naruto asking her out wasn't her overactive imagination.

He chuckled. "Gracious, it's only been an hour." He said teasingly. Nevertheless, he stroked the top of her head and planted a kiss there.

"I love you." Hinata's words came out muffled, seeing as her face was buried in his shirt.

"Love you too, bunny." Naruto lifted her slightly off the ground, earning a squeal from Hinata, before placing her back on her feet and grabbing her hand.

Health was the last period of the day, so everyone was at their lockers, chatting and joking with each other.

They reached Hinata's locker. "Be right back. Wait for me!" Naruto said brightly. He raced down the hall towards his locker. Hinata giggled.

After Naruto came racing back, they both headed to the front of the school. "Hey, you walk home, right Hina-chan?" he asked.

"Um… yeah," Hinata murmured softly. "Why do you ask?"

His face lit up. "Cuz I'm walking you home!" he said triumphantly.

Hinata's eyes widened. "Um, it's really cold today, you don't want to walk in that, and it would be too much trouble for-"

Her protests were stopped by Naruto's hand. "Hush, it's ok! I don't mind the cold! And now that you're my girlfriend-" Hinata blushed at the word. "Then I feel it my personal responsibility to walk you home. Oh, and I don't live too far from your house." He added as an afterthought.

Knowing she was defeated, she allowed Naruto to lead her outside by the hand.

As soon as they were outside, their breath began to form little clouds in front of their faces. "Brr, it's nippy today!" Naruto said cheerfully.

"Yeah, I guess it is," replied Hinata, repressing a shiver.

For a while, they walked in silence. About halfway through, however, Naruto noticed his new girlfriend starting to shiver.

"Aww, come on, why didn't you tell me you were cold?" he complained. Without further ado, he threw his arm around her shoulders and drew her to his side.

"Thanks," Hinata gasped. For some odd reason, note the sarcasm, she was having difficulty breathing. She suddenly became aware of his strong, ginger-like scent. It had a very pleasant, soothing effect on her.

As they were walking beside the woods, Hinata saw a stir of movement in the shadow of the trees. She poked Naruto gently and pointed at the source of the disturbance.

It was a bunny. Pure white, it could easily blend in with the snow. Behind it, hopped four little baby bunnies, easily as white and pretty as their mother. A black one, who must be the dad rabbit, was following close behind, nudging forward a smaller black one that was straggling.

The young couple watched as the rabbits poked around, and went back into the woods. Hinata turned to Naruto, awestruck at the beautiful sight they had just seen together. "They were so pretty," she whispered.

Naruto, looking equally amazed, nodded. He was still looking at the spot where the bunny family had disappeared. "That's not something you see every day."

Then, all too soon, they arrived at Hinata's doorstep. He turned to her, and planted his lips on hers.

The kiss was gentle and sweet, innocent and pure. Their lips were hesitant, and it was very short.

They broke apart. Naruto brushed Hinata's hair out of her eyes. "I love you, bunny." He whispered.

She nodded. "I love you too, my sweet fox."

He hugged her. "I'll see you tomorrow." Naruto released her, and was gone. In his wake was a silent, love struck, lavender bunny.

Tomorrow couldn't come soon enough.


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