Note: The story involves a new character who is actually searching for his identity which he believes only the Straw Hat could answer.

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece and the Characters. Mr. Oda does. I am merely borrowing him but the plot is mine.

Chapter 1: His Name is Art

The man wearing a Marine's uniform stood at the prow of the ship as he watched the island where they would dock. He was wondering what lies ahead for him and his plan.

"Captain, what are your orders? It is believed that the son of Sogeking lives there," his lieutenant asked in wonder as she opened the door from the kitchen. The captain did not even look back.


He smiled dryly. It was not a fitting title for him. However, for the sake of his plan, he had infiltrated the Marine base at a young age. He enlisted as a recruit and trained his sorry ass until he was given that title. But it was a title that would soon be taken away from him.

And he wanted it to be taken from him anyway.

A Marine life did not correspond to him.

He is a pirate after all. A lone wolf…

Growing up with little memory of his parentage, he went out to seek his identity, questioning his existence in the process.


The man looked at her then smiled curtly. This woman knows his real position here. She knew he is not a Marine, she knew he is not working under the government. She knew he is a pirate yet she continued treating him like he is still her captain.

"This is where we part, Olvia. I shall thank you for keeping my secret safe," he said and sighed. He looked down at the waters below…so deep…so dark…so unnerving…so mysterious…just like his life…

His life is still a mystery even to him…a mystery that held in a very deep and dark place…

"I hope whatever you are seeking for, you'll find it someday. Whoever you are, I hope you realize it someday," she said with sincerity as she remained where she stood, waiting for the man to turn back to her.

"Hmm…I shall take my leave then," he said and took off the Marine coat he wore for almost half his life already. Odd, he had been walking with those clothes on, as if telling the people that he is a Marine yet he could not find it in himself to enjoy being one. It's just like he does not belong.

But his mother…her name was Sakura…she had always dreamt of her son to become a marine…and a part of him wanted to grant her that…only this time, there was no mother to acknowledge it. She died when he was just five years old.

She died without even telling him who his father was. She was not even generous enough to offer a name whenever he inquired of his father. She would only smile serenely, her dark hair billowing softly with the winds and her eyes held a certain mystery.

Yet she refused to tell him.

And it was just so infuriating for him to find out a few years later that Sakura was not his real mother. His mother…the real one…died after giving birth…and to the shock of his life…she was a notorious pirate under the Straw Hat Crew.

Her name he would not yet reveal. Whatever he was searching for, he was hoping he could find answers by starting with the Straw Hat.

For the Marines, they might say he was a disgrace for giving up his post and become a pirate. But then, he had always been a pirate.

He only joined the marines after his nakama had died in an encounter with the Marines.

Olvia had even wondered at one point in time if he just joined in order to avenge his nakama. Though the temptation was great, he felt like he needed answers for his old questions first.

Only when the right time comes will he avenge his nakama against two powerful Marines.

"By taking that off, you'd already renounce your title as the Marine Captain…I do not question your decision but I still would like to ask, Art, is this what you truly want?" she asked with her brows raised.


Then he jumped off to the waiting row boat. "Olvia, I wouldn't want to hurt you when we might see each other again as I am a pirate and you are a marine so I suggest that you don't get in my way."

His voice was a little rough and it held warning…a warning which she is smart to heed.


And so she watched as the man whom she only knew as Art made rowed his boat towards the village. Whatever his plan was, she hoped it would work out well.

A sad smile hovered her lips. Many times when her captain sat on the folding chair as he looked in the horizon, she could always see something lurking behind his eyes…grief perhaps and at the same time question…