Chapter 4: Back with Straw Hat

Kira regarded him carefully before leaving him. This man is still shrouded in mystery. However, she knew of grief and loss and pain when she sees one. She's accustomed to that at such a young age.

Her father told her about his mistake together with Sanji. That night…after so many weeks of searching and found them dead…he went into a bar with Sanji and well…out of recklessness, they ended up with some whores.

Her mother it turned out does not want her as a child especially because she had in her vein the blood of a pirate. She threw her away but then when Zoro learned of her existence, he traveled with the rest of the Straw Hat and got her.

Some said she bore a striking resemblance to him in which she would proudly say of course. She never wanted to have anything to do with her mother anymore. She was five when he found her and took her. She was five when her name was changed to Kira.

There she met Norin, Sanji's daughter. The irony is not lost to them.

Who would have thought they were daughters of pirates and whores. But then, they never wanted to associate with the whore-thing. They are children of pirates. That is all that matters.

Norin is a different story. Oh her mother wanted her alright but only so she could extort treasures from Sanji. Usopp and Chopper, wise as they were, bought Norin from the whore and Sanji was just so glad to have her. An odd of it is, she also resembles her father.

So the two girls actually are not new to what they see in Art's eyes whenever he was alone gazing at the horizon. Grief…

Vivi watched with misty eyes as the legendary Thousand Sunny had docked the Nanohona port. She was there waiting for them. Her people had accepted the Straw Hat Pirates when they learned of her acquaintance to them. The Marines, tried to use Arabasta as reason to make the Pirate king and his crew surrender but it never worked out because her people fought well.

Buster call was also used but the king and his men were already aware of it and it only took one slash from Zoro to stop it. Heh…that is how strong they are…one slash and the ships were cut in half…

She is happy meeting this group when she was younger yet inside, she hides her own grief too at their loss. Yes…one incident caused the Straw Hat to lose two crewmembers

"I wonder how you are able to put up with this kind of relationship Vivi," her friend, Kohza said with a frown and she only smiled at him while the rest of the Legends disembarked. People thronged over the harbor to have a sight at them. They never tired of it. They seem to love looking at them.

"I guess it is what love can do neh?" she said and turned to him. Chaka and Pell and her father had long since passed away after protecting the country from the marines. This time though, no marine dared step on the island in fear of angering the Pirate King.

"Ch," was the only reply she got from her friend.

"He gave me Aros and I am very thankful for that," she continued and a wistful smile crossed her face. Aros had grown up just like her father eh. Wherever the two are…I'm sure they felt happy for her…but sometimes, when left alone, she could not help but remember them…she could not help but mourn them…

"That kid sure is just like Luffy neh…and the rest of the crew…Kira, her father, Norin her father, Ricky and all…"

She giggled when reminded of the rest of the children. She became their mother aside from Kaya. She was a mother to all of them. Sometimes, when Aros was out training with Luffy and Zoro, she would accompany Kira and Norin.

She felt horrible for them. And disgusted at the whores who would throw away such treasures…

"Yo Vivi!!!!"

The shout actually had already signaled the Pirate King's descent and a few seconds later, she was already locked in a bone-crushing hug from the man she held dearly.

"Luffy…no matter what age you are in, you never lost that hyper activeness," his cook had growled as he stood next to Luffy while Zoro is obviously not interested to talk about that matter.

"Welcome everyone," she said as she motioned for the Royal Guards to bring the horses in. Brooke and Franky were already talking about something she could not quite decipher.

"The children haven't arrived yet, have they?" Franky asked while strangling Brooke.

She shook her head expectantly waiting for anyone to elaborate.

"They will meet with us here," Luffy said.

No matter how active he was, his innocence, his grin were lost that day when they learned of their death. Yes…Nami and Robin…the only women in the Straw Hat Crew died in an encounter with Blackbeard. Oh Blackbeard got his ass beaten a couple of times by Luffy and mostly by Ace.

Who would not get angry when the man was the one who defeated you?

"Really/?" she asked with excitement as Luffy held her close to him.

"Yes. I am sure he will first be looking for food…five-day worth probably," Luffy continued in which he earned a hit from Zorro and Sanji.

"That's you and not he…at least Aros had the decency to control his voraciousness," Zoro muttered which made Kohza sigh in exasperation. Nothing seemed to have changed about them…

Well…there is a change yes but the two were very good in hiding the effect of their death…

Luffy just laughed out loud at the passing comment.

For Vivi…things changed after that particular day with Blackbeard and his crew,,,

She who met them and befriended them knew that.