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Tremble For My Beloved
Prompt given: Romance – Alice didn't care about Jasper's scars, she knew their first time would be special no matter what.

"Don't be afraid." Alice whispered, her voice very nearly became Jasper's undoing.

Jasper trembled slightly in the darkness of their motel room, suddenly realizing the exact emotion he was feeling. Up until now, he had been confused but not anymore. It was fear but not the kind he had been expecting.

It was not fear of the deed itself but it was dread of the wake of it that was striking terror into his cold, dead heart. What if he wasn't good enough for Alice? What if he scared her so badly that she would run away from him?

He couldn't lose Alice. Not when he had just gotten her. A century of despair and anguish ended when he met her in the diner a week ago and he never wanted to let her go. Ever. She gave him a feeling of hope, a joy he had never experienced for so long; he thought God had given up on him.

He was not a very devout Christian when he was human. He was raised as one, much like many in the South at that time. But when he was turned into a vampire, he felt like God had forsaken him. He had thrown Jasper into Hell and he was never going to get out.

But Alice changed that. She showed him that perhaps, just perhaps, God hadn't forgotten about him after all.

Alice sighed and leaned her head against his chest. "Don't be afraid." She encouraged him once more. "I love you."

Jasper knew she was telling the truth. Her emotions of love, tenderness, warmth and so much more were radiating from her core and he could not doubt her. It was himself he doubted. He had a past he was not proud of, scars that were evidence of it. He didn't believe he deserved Alice.

"I…" Jasper tried to speak but tightness constricted around his throat. Might as well get it done, he told himself. He loved Alice but if she didn't return his feelings after tonight, he was convinced that there would be no place in this world for him. He would live out the rest of his existence alone and unloved.

"I don't know if I know how to…" He could not continue. He didn't know how to continue.

"Oh, Jasper, it's okay if…" Before Alice could finish assuring him, he cut her off.

"No, I mean, I've had sex before… But this, this is different." There, he said it.

"You love me." Alice said quite simply, her voice in awe. "That's why you're afraid. This, us, it's going to last, just like in my visions." She held Jasper's hand in hers and gave it a gentle squeeze. "You don't need to fear our future."

"I don't know if you'll feel the same way after…"

"After I know about your past?" Alice asked quietly before laughing softly. "I already know all I need to, from what you've told me and from my visions." Her delicate left hand traced his jaw line. "I'll always want you."

"Even after you've seen my scars?" Jasper asked in a reproachful tone. How could anyone want him, love him? He was a monster. He had killed countless of humans, helped an army of his kind kill them. His scars were only evidence of his ugly past. How he wished he could burn them off himself.

"Your scars do not make the man you are now. They're just a part of it." Alice kissed the one right at the crook of his neck. "I don't care about them."

No words could describe the relief Jasper felt then. Everything was illuminated, everything was on fire. He was finally able to let go of the burden resting upon his shoulders. Alice didn't care about his past. She loved him just the way he was.

"You're happy." Alice smiled up to him. She was feeling the emotions Jasper was projecting. He couldn't help when he projected his own emotions on to others but this time, she was glad he was doing it. "And relieved…"

"I am now." He beamed before bending down to capture Alice's lips.