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Playing Dress Up
Prompt given: Humor – Why is Jasper wearing Rosalie's new dress?

"Alice, please. I don't feel comfortable…" Jasper trailed off as he reached down to scratch his leg, only to have his hands swatted away by Alice.

"Stay still." She warned severely as she walked back to admire her newest masterpiece.

"Alice…" He pleaded once more but was shushed by Alice. Jasper cleared his throat, all the time still trying to find a more comfortable position in his situation.

"Jasper! Stay still or you'll rip the dress!" Alice admonished him, walking forward to forcibly get him to stop squirming.

"Why am I even in the dress?" He complained. He should have never come into the room to bother Alice. He had been reading in the living room and thought that perhaps she would like to go on a hunt with him. He went into their room, only to find Alice hard at work on Rosalie's new dress.

Alice had decided that this year, for Christmas, she wanted to give her sister a dress that had a one-of-a-kind design: hers.

Too bad she needed someone to model in it for her; just to see if the dress went well with Rosalie's blond hair.

Alice had made the dress from scratch, modeling it using Jasper's body, but she had pinned it so that it would fit Rosalie's curves just right. Unsurprisingly, Jasper found himself jutting his chest and backside out a lot, while sucking his stomach in.

"Because I need to see if the dress goes with her hair color." Alice rolled her eyes, as if the question was an incredibly silly one. "And I can't possibly ask her to try it on first."

"You've already seen her wearing it in your visions…"

"I just want to be sure." Alice mumbled as she walked around Jasper in circles. "Good, good, it'll go well." She kept saying to herself.

Jasper closed his eyes and tried to visualize himself out of the dress. He loved Alice more than anything else in the world and would do anything for her but he was definitely going to have to draw the line next time.

But how could he? Just seeing Alice, being Alice, running around and muttering about dress details, it made his chest swell just thinking that this brilliant, awesome, wonderful girl was all his.

"Okay, Jasper, you can get out of the dress now." Alice smiled widely. Obviously, she found the dress matching to his hair color and must have seen a vision guaranteeing that Rosalie would be wearing it too.

"One problem, honey."

"Yes?" Alice was confused. How could there be a problem?

"You know how you made the dress to fit Rosalie?" Jasper scratched his head a little uneasily.

"Yes…" She tried to follow his train of thought.

"How am I going to get out without ripping it?"

"Bella? Bella, time to wake up." I felt something cold nudging me and the sensation was enough to rouse me. I blinked a couple of times for my eyes to adjust to the light, and naturally, Edward was on the bed, right in front of me.

"Wow, I had a really weird dream." I rubbed my eyes tiredly.

"Yes. Something about Jasper being in a dress?" Edward's eyes seemed to almost twinkle in the morning light.

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