The summer months had passed by much too quickly for the gang, and just like the previous school year it had not passes without complications and fights. It was obvious that even though they were now freshmen in collage they still had a lot of growing up to do. It was very early in the morning and half of the house was up and heading off to their classes, the ones with the morning classes. They had been lucky enough that Tsunade was good friends with the head master and she had talked him into giving them their own living quarters on campus. "Sasuke-kun come on, we're going to be late." Sakura said grabbing her coffee mug off of the counter.

"Sakura." Sasuke said grabbing Sakura around the waist and dragging her body closely against his. "Calm down baby." He kissed her lips once and Sakura relaxed in his arms. "Now Sakura come on honey." Sakura smiled and laced her fingers with Sasuke's and they walked out of the door and out to Sasuke's car.

"Tenten!" Neji called out form the door as Sasuke and Sakura walked by him. He had his bag already in the car, and Tenten's over his shoulder.

Tenten came running down the stairs with Daiza and Kiba following her. "I'm coming Neji baby." She called running up to him and kissing his lips once. "Sorry to keep you waiting."

"No problem." Neji laced their fingers and hitched her bag higher up on his shoulder. "You two have fun." Neji said walking out the door with Tenten.

Kiba smiled a little and kisses Daiza. "Scared at all?" he asked as they walked out to the car.

Daiza climbed in and threw her bag into the backseat. "Not at all, actually I'm really looking forward to my Designer's classes." She said with a smile. Kiba chuckled and pulled out of the drive way and drove off to school.

(A/N: Please bear with me, but I'm actually not going to be writing any of the classes yet…I'm in school and I don't have the concentration or the patients to experiment with writing collage classes right now. That's going to have to wait until I'm all full of caffeine, so please bear with me.)

The alarm went off in Deidara and Ryu's room and the buzzer sounded over and over again, startling Ryu away. She leaned across Deidara and shut it off. It was still only about one in the afternoon and their classes didn't start until three, but Ryu knew that Deidara would need time to wake up. She kissed his cheek slowly and smoothed his hair back away from his face. "Deidara, baby it's time to get up." she whispered softly. Deidara groaned and pulled the pillow up over his face. "Sorry but you need to get up and get ready for class." Ryu started to roll off the bed when Deidara grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into his, rapping his arms around her waist. "Deidara I have to get up." she complained trying to push away from him.

"How about you just stay here with me." Deidara whispered and proceeded to kiss her neck leaving a trail of warm kisses in his wake.

"Deidara knock it off." Ryu said finally pulling away from him, she grabbed her clothes and waking into the bathroom and started to get ready for school Deidara groaned and rolled out of the bed. He pulled on a pair of dark jeans and a red T-shirt and tucked his feet into a pair of shoes and waited by the door. Ryu came out wearing a pair of tight apple-bottom jeans and a low cut V-neck shirt that was black with a silver chain around her neck.


"What?" ryu asked looking up at him, what did he mean change?

"Your jeans are too tight, put something else on." he said crossing his arms.

"Why? I love these jeans." ryu said grabbing her bd and waling out the door.

Deidara's temper faired and he grabbed her, trying to pull her back but Ryu was out of his reach and by the stairs. He ran up to her and grabbed her bag, Ryu gasped and spun around her left foot caught on the right ankle and she fell backwards down the stairs. Deidara stood at the top of the flight and watched as his girlfriend fell down twenty stairs and landed at the bottom with a sickening crack. Ino and Hinata came running in and gasped. "Ryu! God what happened?" Hinata asked trying to help Ryu up, she only whimpered and grabbed her side.

Shikamaru and Naruto came in from the livingroom and looked up at Deidara. "What happened?" Shikamaru asked glaring hard at Deidara.

"She fell." Deidara said simply, he shrugged and walked down the stairs, slowly mentally counting to ten.

Hinata and Ino helped Ryu stand up. She was clutching her left side and putting all of her weight on her left foot, she had a few bruises on her arms and a slight black eye. "Ryu maybe we should take you tot he hospital." Ino said clearly not buying Deidara's story. Ryu was graceful, she wouldn't just simple "fall" like that.

"No, I-I'm fine. Hinata, to do you have a wrap you can put on my ankle?" Ryu asked limping over to the couch. Hinata nodded and ran off to her bathroom and came back a moment later. Ryu's right ankle was already twice it's normal size.

Hinata rolled Ryu's pant leg up and started to warp the brown ACE bandage around her ankle. "Ryu I really think you should go to the hospital, you could have broken your ankle." she protested clipping a safety pin in place.

"No I'm okay." Ryu stood up and slipped her feet into a pair of flip flops. "I have to go to class." she walked tot eh door and grabbed her bad, Deidara followed silently behind her and out to the car. He got in on the driver's side while Ryu carefully climbed in beside him, whimpering as she bent her side over, and put too much weight on her foot. Deidara pulled away and down the road.

"You better keep your mouth shut about what really happened." he threatened as his knuckles turned white, his grip on the steering wheel tightening.

"You pushed me down the stairs!" she shouted but instantly regretted it as Deidara's hand came across her cheek. Ryu's head snapped to the side and her hair fell across her face covering it. She could feel the sting and she knew that there was going to be a nasty bruise.

"No." he growled his voice dangerous and low. "You. Fell." he parked the car and glared at her.

Ryu unbuckled herself and turned to look at him with teary eyes. "Really? Because form where I was standing. You. Pushed. Me." Deidara back handed her again on the same side as last time and Ryu bit her lip to keep from crying out.

"You. Fell." he said again.

Ryu grabbed her bag and got out of the car, she slammed the door and ran off to class. People gave her concerned looks as she wiped blood off of her busted lip. She rushed into the class room and took a seat int he back corner, hoping no one would ask about her wounds or anything. "Okay shut up and sit down." Ryu snapped to attention when she heard the familiar voice of her old home room teacher. Kakashi was standing in the front of the room in a clean cut suit, and he was...dare I say it...ON TIME! "I'm Professor Hatake, and I will be educating you young adults on the world of literature." Kakashi's eyes traveled over the room and when they met Ryu's she had to look away. The class began and Ryu took notes ad paid attention as much as she could, and when the class was over and she was packing up her tings, Kakashi's voice cut through the crowed. "Ryu, I'd like to see you before you leave." he said and turned to start cleaning off his boards.

"Hai Sensei." Ryu mumbled. She sat in her seat and waited for everyone to leave before she walked down to stand in front of Kakashi. He was leaning against his desk with his arms crossed and his head down a little. Ryu never noticed how...handsome her really was. "You wanted to see me Professor?"

"Cut the crap Ryu." she snapped. Ryu looked at him taken aback. She looked closed and noticed that he was gripping the life out of his arms. "What happened to you?"

Ryu looked down. "I uh...I fell." she lied.

"You fell?" he asked. "Ryu you're one of the most graceful players on the soccer field, people like you don't just fall." Kakashi sighed and pushed himself off of his desk. "Did Deidara hit you?"