Lacey Richardson sighed and walked into her yearbook class, clutching her "I heart, heart Nine" bag (aka hand held TARDIS number two) tightly. She had been dreading yearbook since she had heard that there would be a substitute teacher (five seconds ago) but according to Allie he was hot (which is a plus!)Lacey look up at her teachers desk and dropped her bag, the contents spilling on the floor. In her teachers' chair, was the Doctor, or Christopher Eccleston, but since he probably doesn't have the credentials to be a teacher (and since on you can't use real people) Lacey safely assumed it was the Doctor.

"He's real… oh god… help us all…" she mumbled. From behind her, Lacey sensed her best friend, Robin Bates (woot!) walk in. Robin screamed then asked frantically;

"What did you do to Mrs. Richards?" The Doctor looked at the two teens like they were insane.

"What on earth are you talking about?" he asked.

"Is Mrs. Richards an alien bent on destroying the universe?" Lacey asked, walking closer, ignoring her bag. "Or a robot… I bet she's a robot."

"I have no idea what you're talking about!"

"YOU'RE THE DOCTOR!" the girls yelled simultaneously.

"Have I been here before?" he asked to himself, all the confirmation the girls needed.

"I have three questions!" Robin said, placing her hands on the podium in front of him. "I'm Robin Bates, don't mark me absent--"

"That wasn't a question." he interrupted. Robin stopped and frowned.

"Shut up." she said. Lacey chuckled from behind her. Robin looked back at her and frowned.

"Sorry." Lacey said.

"I know it's not a question!" Robin snapped. "Second; why are you here? Three--- okay I had only had one question." she frowned.

"I have one!" Lacey shouted. The Doctor and Rose looked at her.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Where's Rose?" she asked.

"Who's Rose?" the Doctor responded. Robin looked at Lacey, jaw dropped.