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Aubrey sat listening to her IPod on her queen size bed. Nothing else mattered to her but her music. What it would be like to be a part of it.

She had her head at the foot of her bed and her feet propped up on pillows. Her white skirt and black tee were wrinkled from her rolling all over her bed, jamming to music only she could hear.

Her song selection changed to a tune she knew well. It was David Cook's version of 'Music of the Night' from the opera Phantom of the Opera. Out of habit perhaps she looked over at her full length mirror that she had begged her mother to get her. She got the idea from Phantom of the Opera in fact.

Aubrey had been 12 when the movie was released and she had persuaded her mother to take her to se it in theaters before it left, her mother willingly obliged, not having known the results of taking her daughter to a simple movie. She became obsessed.

After that Aubrey had spent hours trying to find tickets to go to a live show, only having realized tickets were rather expensive, but for her sweet 16th birthday her mother having taken pity on her daughter bought tickets and took her to a live show.

She could almost see the tall man dressed in black with a white porcelain mask looking out at her through her mirror and smiled to herself. How many times had she dreamed that Erik, she had read both Phantom of the Opera books to find his name, had opened her mirror and taken her away?

The song ended and she heard a knock at her door. "Come in" She said in a rather bored voice.

Her mother entered and had a look of sadness on her face. "Mom, what is it?" Aubrey asked concerned. Her mother was usually a happy go lucky woman who didn't get upset by anything.

Her mother walked to her bed and taped her feet so she could have room to sit down. Aubrey placed her feet on the floor and sat up next to her mother. She pulled the head phones out of her ears.

"Aubrey, I have some bad news to tell you. Your father has gotten a new job, but it requires that we move. We have found a house already and we have to start packing. We need to be out of here in a month."

Aubrey was horror struck. She would have to move from the house she has lived in for her whole life, leave all her friends behind. She was a Junior in school, she would have a couple months left for this year then her last year in high school, the best year of school, she was supposed to do this at a new school, with strange people.

She felt her mother's hand on her leg and looked up with angry tears in her eyes. "I know this isn't something you wanted to hear, but I'm sorry honey, you will make new friends. Don't worry about that. You need to start packing. There are some boxes in the hall. I have to let your sister know."

She stood up and hesitated kissing her on the top of the head. She watched her mother leave her room.

Aubrey stood up and grabbed a CD out of her stack and place it in her CD player. She slammed her door shut and pushed play. She skipped the CD to the end and turned up till it almost hurt her ears.

Past the Point of No Return blared through her speakers and she felt calmer. She listened as Gerard Butler, who played the Phantom in the movie sing a passionate love song. She let herself get caught up in the music.

She heard a pounding on her wall. Delilah was her little sister and she had the room next to hers. Aubrey rolled her eyes and turned down her music to a 'normal' level.

Aubrey fell onto her bed and sighed. A new school, that was just what she needed.

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