Matters of the Heart

A Carlisle Cullen/OC Story

By: Katie Sheridan aka GerrysLittleMissSunshine08

Summary: Katie Sheridan has always lived a quiet, but never normal life in Indiana. Now when her boyfriend moves them to a small town in Forks, Washington when she meets a young, charismatic doctor who is still grieving the loss of his wife. When it comes to matters of the heart, can they both help one another with the love they need?

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Author's Note: This is my first Twilight story ever. It is a Carlisle/OC storyline and will mention all the Cullen's/Hale's and does have Bella in there as Edward's partner. This takes place during the Twilight book with some events being changed and some added scenes so I am making the book a bit longer. There is no Esme in here, and I do feel bad because I do love her and Carlisle together. But in order for the story to work, I needed her to be gone, so I was evil and killed her before the story began. Carlisle needs to be in mourning for most of the beginning so yeah. I feel really bad and I am sorry for all Esme fans.

Rating is T for now.

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"Carlisle I love you." Her voice whispered to him as he held her in his gentle arms.

"Don't leave me Esme…I….the kids…we need you. You will be alright I promise you." He promised his wife who was slowly dying in his arms. He never thought this would ever happen. Hearing her struggle for survival.

She smiled once last time at him before closing her eyes for the last time and becoming limp in his arms. He just held onto her tightly like it was oxygen or animal blood. These things did not happen, he thought to himself as he pulled her close to him and held her close as the five other vampires he knew surrounded him and tried their best to comfort him. He could still hear her voice in his head. Now that he had lost Esme, what was going to do?

"Carlisle!" A voice shook him from his thoughts and he shook his head trying to focus on the fact that someone was in front of him. He smiled slightly as he recognized one of his adoptive daughters in front of him.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen was the compassionate one. The one who was always calm and was respected by everyone else around him yet never got angry or unfocused. He was also the one who was still grieving the loss of his wife Esme. It had been almost a year, his kids were moving on, so why couldn't he?"

"What can I help you with Alice?" he asked her with a solemn tone in his voice.

"I just saw a vision and it was about you. Do you want to know?" Alice Cullen asked him slowly and he nodded as he motioned for her to take a seat in front of his desk in his study. Carlisle went to work and when he was home, he was always in his study.

"Of course Alice, forgive me; please tell me what you saw."

"I just had a vision of someone coming to help Erik in the Maternity Ward. She has blonde hair, blue eyes and lots of bruises. I remember that very vividly, I saw lots of bruises on her arms and neck. I also see her helping you out in the Emergency Room sometimes. If I remember correctly, her name was Katie."

Carlisle raised an eyebrow, "Bruises? How unusual. Is there anything else you remember about this woman? Why she was there at the hospital? Anything of the sort?"

"Yes bruises. I saw her in scrubs so she might be working there. She is not a doctor, maybe a nurse or an aide. Are there any openings right now?" She asked him curiously.

"Yes we are always in need of nurses, but Erik is searching for someone to help him in the Maternity Ward since his last nurse quit a few weeks ago. That makes me even more intrigued; do you have a date of her arrival?"

"I do not know that Carlisle I am sorry." Alice said to him softly and he nodded.

"That's quite alright Alice. I appreciate you telling me." He replied and she took that as a sign to leave him. She sighed quietly as she hopped up from the chair and exited Carlisle's study where she met one of her brothers.

"How is he?" Edward asked her quietly and she shook her head.

"Just the same. He said he is more curious to meet this woman so that is a positive thing right?" She asked and Edward shrugged.

"I do not know, but I need to speak to him." Edward replied as he went around Alice and entered Carlisle's study.

Carlisle glanced up and saw the blackness in Edward's eyes and immediately became alert and worried.

"Edward, son, what is it?" he asked walking over to him.

"I met her…" Edward whispered to him and Carlisle raised an eyebrow once again.


"Yes…Bella Swan. I wanted her blood Carlisle." He replied and Carlisle nodded.

"And you controlled yourself? Wonderful job Edward. Now shall we head to Alaska or will you be alright by yourself? Do you need someone to come with you?"

Edward shook his head no, "No I shall be alright, but thank you for your concern Carlisle. However, if you wish to come along, you are more than welcome to."

Carlisle sighed as he glanced back at the picture of Esme on his desk and then turned back to his son, "Let me call the hospital and we shall head to Alaska later this evening."

Edward slowly nodded and turned sharply to leave the study, but stopped shortly outside the door when he read his adoptive father's mind. He sighed and hoped that maybe the woman in Alice's vision could somehow help Carlisle become his normal self and become the friend that he needed.

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