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Skye's snow white eyes slowly opened early one Tuesday morning, to the light chirping of morning birds and the scream of his alarm clock. He rolled over and hit the snooze button before closing his eyes and turning away from it to try to get some sleep. The alarm shortly went off again.

"Damn it!" Skye cursed in his slightly high pitched voice. He rolled back to the clock as it screamed at him. "I hate you." He muttered.

Skye hit the off button on the clock and it stopped. As he sat up, he was vaguely aware of the sunlight streaming in through the broken blinds on the windows. Skye threw the ripped blanket that had been covering him to the side. The cold air that hit his skin sent a shiver through his thin body. As he looked around more, he noticed that the rest of the guys he had been living with had already left. A note sat on the box, that served as a table, next to him. He was about to dismiss it, but his conscious got the best of him. He opened it up.

The oldest guy in his squat, 27 years of age, had written it. His terrible handwriting was scrawled across the paper.


Get your ass to work the second you get up. Boss wants to speak with us all at once. Don't make him wait. You know what happens when he has to wait too long.


Knowing what Josh meant, Skye raced to his makeshift closet, dropping his note on the floor. He pulled on a pair of tight, skinny, black jeans and a black off the shoulder top. The only pair of shoes left was a set of black, two sizes too small, sneakers. They were better then nothing, though. Skye raced out the door, not bothering to make his bed first.

When Skye got to his Boss' house, all the others from his squat, and a few from other places, were already there waiting. His boss sat at a table, going over some papers. Skye sidled up next to Josh and waited, mouth closed.
"About time you got here." Boss growled in his gruff voice, not looking up.
"Sorry, sir." Skye spoke quietly. Boss always intimidated him. "Alarm clock problems."
Boss looked him over, seeming satisfied with what he saw. He stood. "I'm sure all of you are wondering why I've called you here." He started. "I've been getting some…complaints from a few customers regarding services lately." He didn't look at anyone specifically as he spoke the last sentence. "If I get one more complaint about anyone…" he paused for effect. "There will be dire consequences. Understood?"

They all nodded, a few shouting 'Yes Sir'.

"Good." He didn't smile. "Get out of my sights and to work."

They couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Well, there you go. Part one of Blue Skyes Are Grey is DONE! The next chapter will show how this is a Zim fic and not just some drabble I decided to post to be a pain. It's gonna be longer, so more stuff will make sense, so I hope it's tolerable. If you've managed to get this far and not have to run away screaming with your eyeballs bleeding, then congratulations! You're one of the few. Reviews Welcome!

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