"Are you sure you'll be alright with Jake, Zim?" Angel wondered. "He can be quite a handful."

"Don't worry, Angel." Zim assured her. "I can handle it. He's no problem. Are you Jake?"

Jake looked up at his uncle and giggled. Zim picked him up. "Don't worry about us, Angel. We'll be okay together."

Jake nodded and hugged his uncle.

"Come on, Angel, Zim's got it under control. He's babysat our siblings before." Miz assured her for his brother. "You'll call me if there's a problem, won't you?"

Zim gave Miz a thumb's up with the hand that wasn't supporting Jake. "Of course."

"Well, alright." Angel kissed Jake's forehead and ruffled Zim's antennae. "Have fun, you two."

Zim waved her and Miz out. "Go, you're gonna be late." He told them.

Once the husband and wife left, Zim shut and locked the door. "Finally." He stated.

Jake's eyes welled up and he began to cry.

"What's wrong, Jake?" Zim wondered. "I'm here with you, still. You know who I am, right?"

Jake kept crying.

"Uh…" Zim flushed.

Miz and Angel weren't even gone five minutes yet! He couldn't prove himself wrong. He promised he'd handle it.

Zim walked into the kitchen and pulled a bottle from the Fridge. He handed it to the baby. "You want a drink, Jake?"

Jake knocked the bottle away, not stopping his crying.

"Food?" Zim took a can of baby food from the fridge and offered it to him.

Jake batted that away, too.

Zim sighed. What else? His toys? He went into the living room and pulled a stuff dog from the couch. "Want to play?"

He offered it to Jake. Jake's crying started to stop and he took the toy before starting to suck on his thumb.

"Phew." Zim stated, plopping down next to the couch, legs propped up by his feet.

Jake crawled from his arms to sit next to him. He started to chew on the dog's ear. Zim's pet wolf, Ghost, walked up the stairs from the basement. He walked over to Jake and sniffed him.

"Hey, Ghost." Zim greeted him.

Ghost walked over to Zim and put his head on Zim's knee before Jake grabbed on his tail. Ghost looked down and licked Jake before walking towards the kitchen. Jake dragged on with him, laughing.

"Ghost." Zim groaned. "Bring Jake back in here." He stood and followed the wolf into the kitchen.

Ghost was eating from his dog dish. Jake had let go of his tail, but Zim didn't see him walking around.

"Uh…Jake?" Zim wondered. He went around the table, searching the room for the baby. "Jake?!"

He heard laughter coming from another room off the kitchen and went in. He saw Jake's foot crawling out of the room.

"Aha! There you are!" Zim followed the disappearing foot into the other room.

Jake used the couch cushion to pull himself up and stand before he swung a leg up to try and get on. He slid from it and fell on the ground with a light 'whap' before he tried again. Zim walked over and picked him up.

"You're a traveler, aren't you?" He wondered.

Jake laughed and batted at Zim's antennae which were drooping foreword.

Zim shook his head to move his antennae and went back into the living room. He sat Jake in the baby play-pen that was set up in the corner. Jake looked around, as if he was expecting something more to happen.

"This…is turning out to be a little harder then I thought." Zim spoke out loud.

Jake made a noise to show he wasn't happy before he started to pay attention to the toys that had been left in the pen. Zim sighed and laid his head back, clicking on the TV.

When Zim awoke with a start an hour or so later, the play pen was open and Jake was missing. Zim groaned.

"Oh, Jake!" He complained. "Where in the world are you?" He stood and walked towards the back of the house.

Ghost was sleeping in a corner of Zim's bedroom, but Jake wasn't with him.

"Hey, Ghost, come 'ere, boy." He called his wolf.

Ghost looked up and yawned before standing and sulking over. Apparently, he didn't like that his nap was being interrupted.

"Where's Jake, boy?" Zim wondered.

Ghost sat down at Zim's feet and cocked his head to the side. His pink tongue hung out the side of his mouth and he barked. He obviously had no idea what Zim was asking.

"You know what a beer is, but you don't know Jake?" Zim wondered.

Ghost stood at the word 'beer' and trotted around in a circle, head and tail held high.

"No, I don't want a beer."

Ghost barked and took off towards the kitchen. Zim sighed.

"Useless." He shook his head and continued down the hallway.

The basement door was closed, so there was no way Jake could've crawled, or fell, down the stairs. That was good. Zim peered into Miz and Angel's room, where he wasn't allowed to go, and left when he didn't see Jake. After searching the hall and finding nothing, Zim went back into the living room. Ghost sat next to the couch with a beer can sideways in his mouth. He wagged his tail when he spotted Zim and stood. Zim took the beer from him and popped the top, guzzling some down. He pet Ghost on the head.

"Good boy." He told him. "Now find Jake!"

Ghost walked into the kitchen and sat down in the entryway. He looked up and barked twice. Zim went into the kitchen. "Jake?" He wondered.

Jake screeched from above him. Zim looked up. Somehow, Jake had climbed onto the cabinet and was playing with a spoon. Jake waved the spoon at Zim and Ghost.

"Jake!" Zim set his beer on the counter. "How'd you get up there?!"

Jake stopped waving and started to sniffle, knowing he was in trouble.

"Oh, no, Jake. Don't cry. Don't cry!" Zim told him. "I'm gonna get you down." He looked around the kitchen for a stepstool but found none. "Damn."

Zim walked over to the table and pulled out a chair. He set the chair in front of the cabinet and climbed on. He reached up towards Jake and Jake laughed.

"Jake, come here." Zim ordered. "Come to Uncle Zim! I have to get you down from here!"

Jake laughed and waved again before throwing the spoon at Zim's head. It bounced off and hit the floor with a clunk, thankfully only being made out of wood.

"Ow." Zim complained, rubbing his head.

Jake squealed and clapped his hands together.

"Very nice, Jake. You're a sadist." Zim sighed and stood on his toes on the chair.

Jake reached to him and Zim pulled him down by the wrists. Jake landed safely in Zim's arms and Zim fell to the floor, landing on his back. His head lightly hit the floor and he let go of Jake, rolling over and moaning. Jake squealed and climbed on top of Zim's side, laying on him.

"E heh!" Jake cried.

Zim rolled onto his back again and Jake sat on top of him. Ghost trotted over and sat down. He lay down after a few moments and licked Zim's face.

"Ugh…Ghost!" Zim pushed him away lightly. "No, boy."

Ghost barked and lay his head down on Zim's stomach. Jake began to bounce.

"Oh, Jake!" Zim grabbed him and moved him. "Don't do that!" He lay his head back and let his dizziness take him away.

When Zim came to, he was laying on the living room couch with a splitting headache. He moaned and held his head, sitting up. How'd he get there?

"Miz?" Zim wondered. "Angel? You guys home?"

"Nope!" Skye popped in from the kitchen. He held Jake in his left arm. "Just me and TJ."

"Where's TJ?" Zim wondered.

"Bathroom." TJ answered, coming in from down the hall.

"How'd you two get in here?" Zim questioned, confused.

"Spare key." TJ pulled the object from his pocket and twirled it around his finger.

Jake made a noise and reached to TJ.

"Sorry, Jake, but you can't have the key." TJ bent down and picked up a toy. He walked over and handed it to Jake.

"What happened to you, Zim?" Skye wondered, walking over and sitting next to his friend.

"I put Jake in the play pen and fell asleep for an hour and he wasn't there when I woke up. I went looking for him and, long story short, Ghost spotted him sitting on the cabinet." Zim looked down to notice that his furry, faithful companion was fast asleep next to the couch, as if waiting for Zim to awaken. "So I used a chair to get up, but I'm too short, so I yanked hard when I got a hold of Jake and fell. I hit my head. Is he okay?"

"He's fine." Skye answered, as Jake left him to crawl onto Zim's lap.

Jake sat and sucked his thumb, looking up at Zim. TJ came in from the kitchen with Zim's beer and a bottle. He poured a handful of aspirin into Zim's hand and handed over the beer.

"Take some of these." TJ ordered him. "They'll help your head."

"Thanks." Zim gulped down three or four pills with his beer. "You didn't call Angel and Miz, did you?"

"Oh, Slark, no!" Skye shook his head. "They'd be here by now if we did."

"Yeah…" Zim lay his head back. "Thanks, guys. He's a bit of a terror."

Skye laughed. "He seems okay to me." He informed. "Makes me want to have kids of my own." He winked at TJ.

"Keep dreaming." TJ rolled his eyes. "I don't know about you, but there's no chance I'm ready for a kid."

"Sides, Skye." Zim addressed him. "One TJ in this world is enough."

Skye snickered into his hand as Ghost sat up and jumped onto the couch. He lay next to Zim, head on Zim's knee, as if he could make everything better.

"Watch it, kid." TJ grinned. "Or I will tell Miz and Angel what happened."

Zim rolled his eyes. "I know you won't." He stuck out his tongue. "Sides, you know I was kidding with ya."

"Of course he knows." Skye sent TJ a look. "He's just playing with you."

TJ snickered. "That's…"

"If you say 'that's what he said', I'll smack you." Skye threatened.

"That's also what he said." TJ stuck out his tongue.

Skye stood. "That's it!"

TJ took off through the kitchen's side door. Skye followed.

"Get back here!" Skye called.

Zim and Jake looked at each other. "I think they need a baby sitter." Zim told the baby.

Jake giggled, though Zim was sure he had no idea what Zim had even said.

The front door opened and Angel walked in with Miz. "We're home!" She greeted.

Jake screeched and reached to them. Zim picked him up and walked over to Angel. He handed Jake over.

"Everything went okay?" Miz wondered, ruffling Jake's antennae.

"If you don't count the newlyweds running around your house chasing each other, then everything was fine." Zim answered.

"Skye and TJ are here?" Angel wondered.

"They went that way." Zim pointed to the kitchen.

Miz went in, the others behind them. The kitchen door was open, so they went out through it. TJ and Skye were running around the yard, seemingly chasing each other. Skye pounced and tackled TJ to the ground.

"Got cha!" Skye told him.

"Yeah, you got me." TJ responded, pulling Skye in for a kiss.

"Ahem." Miz cleared his throat as the two of them started getting into it.

They broke apart and looked up.

"Oh." TJ flushed. "You're home."

"Yeah." Miz spoke slowly, nodding.

"Hi." Skye flushed as well.

The Halens laughed. Zim looked at Jake and winked. Jake winked back. Their secret was safe…for now…