When they reached their suite on the top floor of the Plaza, exhausted but happy with their day, Eloise struggled with the key and her panda, then heard the telephone ringing inside. "Oh, it's Maman!" At last she got the door unlocked and ran in to grab the phone.

Nanny looked shyly at Wilkes. "It must be her mother, as she's still talking... and telling her about the circus and the rides."

"Mmmhmm," Wilkes smiled and nodded absently.

"Sir Wilkes, I cannot thank you enough for everything today. I'm sure Eloise enjoyed it... and I know *I* did."

"All of it?" he asked, significantly, and his eyes fell to her lips.

Nanny's mouth went dry as the air rapidly became charged with erotic possibilities. "A-All of it," she admitted huskily.

Before she could move back, he pressed a soft kiss to the corner of her mouth. "So did I." He kissed the other corner of her mouth in the same manner. "All of it." Then his lips covered hers for a brief, heart-stopping moment.

At her sudden intake of breath, he raised his head slightly, then ran his tongue over his lips as if to taste her. "You're so very, very, very special, Nanny. Mmmhmmm, I enjoyed ALL of it."

The first brush of his lips on hers had set her aflame. The combustion was instantaneous and enthralling and it consumed her entirely, sensations running through her like a hot river. Nanny almost melted as his mouth moved over hers again. His touch set her on fire and was almost too much for her sensation-starved body. She felt every nerve jump to attention, every single cell and pore screaming for more and more. The kiss was demanding and she could feel herself being swept away on the tide of spiralling need that flowed between them. She could feel it in the leap of her breasts at the touch of his chest pressed firmly against her. She could feel it in his body, the energy and strength that pulsed there. She could taste it in his kiss, the heat and fire that burned against her mouth as she returned his kiss with fevered urgency. She could feel it in her own body, the ache and throb of unmet needs that refused to be denied any longer.

"Willy..." she breathed in wonder when she could speak again. "Oh my Lord... Willy... 'ow could you possibly think that *I* am special? I'm a nobody! I'm invisible to people of your station..."

Wilkes had no intentions of leaving Nanny with any doubt about being wanted, about how special, how unforgettable, how totally un-invisible she was. He kissed her again, and the muted sounds coming from her were not the sounds of an untried girl, but rather the sounds of a woman who wanted to be loved. "Nanny..." he breathed in wonder at the rising tide of passion that was beginning to overwhelm him.

"Oh, knickers, Willy, we're in PUBLIC! In the HALLWAY, for Lord's sake!" Nanny trembled with desire even as she tried to draw back.

"Yes, yes, of course..." He released his grip slightly, and she bit her lip at the loss, taking deep breaths as she edged further away from him. Wilkes kissed her softly once more. "I suppose you should go inside, much as I would rather stay up all night with you and cuddle..."

"Oh, my stars, stars, stars, Willy!" she began before her faint protests died under the pressure of his lips again.

"Sir Wilkes took Nanny and me, Eloise, to the CIRCUS today! It was absolutely divine!"

Eloise's voice penetrated the haze in which Nanny was floating, and in a panic, she put her hands on Wilkes' chest and tried to push away.

"Oh, they're still out in the hallway. Maybe Nanny is giving him another thank-you kiss."

Wilkes grunted slightly and reluctantly released Nanny, both of them flushed and breathing heavily. Neither one could look the other in the eye, and neither could think of a thing to say.

"Oh, I think Sir Wilkes likes her too, now... you should just SEE how he looks at her. And Maman, they were holding hands almost all day!"

"She noticed..." Wilkes said at last when his breathing was almost normal.

Nanny smiled shyly at him. "Eloise would, for sure, sure, sure."

"She's half right, too," he added impulsively.

"'alf right?"

"I... I suppose it could be said that I like you ... but that doesn't quite cover it... I must say, I'm rather glad Eloise noticed."

Nanny was startled and flattered... and terrified. "Why?" she asked, rawther bluntly as she inwardly acknowledged.

"Cannot a man admire a woman without his motives being questioned?" Wilkes asked with a faint smile now that he had managed to get the words out.

Her eyes narrowed slightly, Nanny studied him for a moment. "No, he can't. Eloise did this, didn't she? It's because of what she said..."

Wilkes shook his head, his eyes still on hers. "No, Nanny, Eloise is not party to my thoughts. Perhaps I simply find your company fascinating? I enjoyed today immensely, and hope to begin to woo you properly now that Eloise suspects my motives. Then perhaps we will be fortunate enough to do some cuddling without our little chaperone being... you know, disgusted by our behaviour. You... you do agree, do you not?" His eyes were pleading.

With a short laugh of disbelief, Nanny considered his words for a moment, but all her instincts were screaming at her that if she believed him now, she would become accustomed to something that could never be hers. She didn't think she could bear the pain of being spurned once more. No. Sir Wilkes was above her station. It was best that she remember that, and keep her distance, and perhaps her sanity. Therefore it was something of a shock to hear herself agree softly. "Yes, I… I suppose…" Perhaps she could change to become the sort of person he deserved...

Wilkes beamed at her, then drew her close again and, as he nuzzled her ear, he whispered, "And don't ever change, Nanny. You are so special... suffering through interminably boring teas at a friend's behest, then doing your best to help an annoying stranger get back on track, crashing through crowds to help someone you love, throwing your enthusiasm and joy into things as simple as midways and boxing bouts..."

As his murmur died away, along with much of her apprehension, she welcomed his lips on hers once more.

"Oh my LORD, you two! Holding hands and kissing all DAY!" Eloise interrupted them again, exasperation evident in her voice.

It was impossible to continue kissing when both Nanny and Wilkes began to chuckle. Still in each other's arms, however, they turned to face Eloise. "Get used to it, love," Nanny advised her. "Perhaps you'll see more of this than you ever imagined."

Wilkes nodded, in complete agreement. "MUCH more of this," he added. "Much, much, much!" and he and Nanny shared a secret smile.

The End