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It's been around 90 years since I've seen the love of my life. He died in 1918 of the Spanish Influenza. Edward Anthony Masen and I had just gotten engaged, but then the Spanish Influenza hit Chicago and killed everyone that I loved. I remember the day that he proposed to me I was so excited I loved him so much.


It was a beautiful autumn day and I was heading to the Masen house yet again. I mother always called it my second family, which it basically was. I was still early in the morning and I knew that as soon as I walked downstairs my mother was going to interrogate me. Even though it was still early I knew that Edward's father would already be at work and Edward's mother Elizabeth and he would already be awake. I walked down the stairs and tried to sneak right past the common room where my parents were. My father was again on the phone like he always and my mother was sewing a scarf for my younger sister. I didn't succeed in getting out of the house without being seen.

"Bella, where are you going so early?" my mother asked me.

"I'm going to Edward's, mom. And there is no need to worry because he and his mother already awake," I sighed. My mother always was the one that worried about everything. I was so anxious to see my Edward. When we weren't together it felt like a part of me was missing. We were neighbors and I was thankful for that so I didn't have that far to go. Edward saw me from his window and he ran outside to meet me. Me the accident prone one tripped but luckily Edward caught. He was always saving me.

"Bella, love, do you want to go to our place?" Edward asked. His bright green eyes were filled with anxiousness and excitement.

"Yeah," I smiled. Our special place was a beautiful meadow on the outskirts of Chicago. After sitting in silence for a few minutes he stood up pulling me with him. He stood me in front of a beautiful lake and got down onto his knee.

"Isabella Marie Swan," he started, as I gasped realizing what his intentions were, "I love you so much and I can't live without you. Will you please marry me?"

I stood silent for a moment frozen in shock and speechless. He just sat there politely waiting for my answer.

"Yes!" I exclaimed. That one worded answer made him so happy. He picked me up into his arms and spun me around. We kissed passionately and then we laid together for a long time. Edward and Bella, engaged lovers.

End of Flashback.

I had to move again people in my last town were starting to get suspicious of me. So I packed up everything that I owned and moved to Forks, Washington. Forks was probably one of the rainiest places in the U.S. I was changed after the Spanish Influenza. My powers are that I'm a mental shield, I can read minds and I can change my appearance. Yes I am not human. I am an immortal, beautiful and impossibly fast vegetarian vampire. I hadn't aged in forever, I am stuck at seventeen forever. When I got to this place I bought a simple one-story house in the middle of nowhere. I had just recently bought a beautiful grand piano that reminded me of my dead fiancée. I had taught myself how to play. I still had Edward's mother's wedding and engagement rings; my engagement rings. I hurt too much to wear them on my finger so I kept them on a chain around my neck. After I put everything in my house away I had to go hunting. Tomorrow I would start me only god knows how many times as a junior only this time I would be at Forks High.

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