Maximum Ride-The Ultimate Ride

Me and the flock had settled down in a cosy yet old abandoned house in the woods. We had been chased all through the night by erasers and we were holding our chests with our hands to stop our hearts from pounding out of it.

There was 3 rooms so Angel and Nudge shared one room, Gazzy and Iggy shared another and I had to share with Fang.

I didn't mind sharing with Fang as he was always so quiet and peaceful. Although, saying this, inside i was screaming of happiness every time we got to share a room together and I'm pretty sure he was too, but we never admitted our feelings to anyone.

It was around 7.00pm and the kids were all settled and managed to get the old,dusty T.V working again.

Me and Fang were sitting quite close together on the e sofa, when i noticed something out of the ordinary.

Fang had this strange look on his face. A smile. But it was no normal smile for Fang. I've known Fang my whole life and the only time i have seen him smiling like that was when.... was when we were together in a cave hiding from erasers and separated from the flock and he kissed me. Suddenly Fang turned to look at me still smiling his beautiful smile. I asked him if he was okay and all he replied was "yeah".

Fang got up from the sofa as the kids were all sitting on the floor and headed for the stairs. I just thought that he needed the toilet or something but about 10 minutes later he still hadn't returned. So i prized myself up of the soft, broken cushions and snuck upstairs. As i tiptoed passed my room i noticed a figure and I instantly assumed eraser but as I turned and looked more carefully, I noticed it wasn't an eraser, but Fang.

"Fang what's wrong? What are you doing in my room?" i asked worriedly. He gazed at me yet again still smiling at me making me just want to run over to him and kiss his face off.

I blushed at the thought of this and tried to regain control. Fang was laying on my bed proped up on his elbows staring at my whole presence. It was though he was looking deep into my soul, searching for something. All I could do was just stand there, frozen in time and glaring at him till finally, he spoke.

"It's about time, I've been waiting for you." Fang said sexily.

"Waiting for me? Why?" I replied huskily. I could see that something definitely wasn't right with him.

"Well..." Fang began " Why don't you come here and find out" He urged to me in a deep, sexy voice.

My heart started to pound in my chest once again as I realised things would be different from now on.

I crept slowly forwards to Fang not taking my eyes off of his in case I missed something. His shirt was half open, revealing his unbelievably toned muscular chest underneath. I felt myself get wetter and wetter staring at his naked flesh.

"That's it come closer Max". Fang smirked. I stopped moving when I reached the foot of my bed. He sat up a little and put his arms around my waist cradling me like a baby that needed protecting from dangerous monsters.

"Fang what's going on?" I asked him waiting for an answer.

"Max you know exactly what's going on. Don't pretend that you don't want this" He replied softly.

"But I...I." I stuttered trying to think of a good reply but nothing came out.

"No buts Max,you know you want me,don't deny it to me" Fang said and I could of swore that I nodded in agreement without realising.

I felt a warm pair of soft hands slide up my back and onto my shoulders. I closed my eyes feeling relaxed and unharmed.

Fand grabbed me along the waist once again and pulled me onto the bed.

Before I could say anything he quickly pressed his lips on mine and wrapped his strong muscly arms around me. I didn't want to resist because i loved Fang so much and he knew it. Instead, I acted with Fang and kissed back putting my hands behind his head and to kiss him harder.

A few groans of excitement slipped out of my mouth and Fang was loving every minute of it. He shoved his hands up my shirt and into my warm padded bra. He began to grope my breasts and rub my nipples with his thumbs. More moans slipped out and i felt a hot rush of embarrassment come over me. Fang knew exactly what i liked.

I never knew Fang could be so passionate. His kisses felt so nice against mine that it was unreal. Everything about him made me go crazy, his touch, his smile, his laugh, his words. He was like a plate of jelly i could just sink into.

He continued to grope me and squeeze me leaving marks on my neck where he had been sucking furiously.

Now my shirt was ripped off by Fang and he started on my trouser buttons.

"Ughh Fang I love you" I gasped through our kisses.

"Your so beautiful Maximum Ride, I love you too" He soothed. I felt so happy and relaxed like all my troubles had gone away. All I could focus on was Fang. I tugged away at his shirt and pulled it off his sexy body. I gazed in awe at his muscles and ran my hands over them. I felt like I was in heaven.

"Fang take your trousers off" I pleaded. I saw the smirk on his face when he heard those words. It didn't take him long to take them off and he laid by the side of me on the bed, kissing my neck and torso. His hands ran over my body and made me shiver suddenly. I was lost in his dark silent eyes and I think he was lost in mine.

I had my pants and bra on and Fang had just his boxers on. I felt so exposed but i didn't care, because I was with the man I love. Suddenly, his hand slid from my breasts down into my pants unexpectedly. I quivered and blushed but when he kissed my arm i felt safe again. His hand continued into my wet pants and i rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes.

Fang smirked at me and rubbed around my genitals. I groaned and tried to keep it in.

"Don't do that, I wanna hear you moan" Fang said as though he had just read my mind. I giggled and raised my legs up wanting Fang to do more. He played about with my clit making me gasp for breath and moan with excitement. Fang bit his lower lip and stared at me hornily.

He rubbed his erection against my hip and made me feel even wetter. I put my left hand down by my side and stroked over Fangs wet boxers. It surprised me how wet Fang was so I pulled my hand away quickly. Fang soon grabbed it with his right hand and placed it inside his boxers where i gently stroked his erection.

The kids were still downstairs watching T.V as we were so quiet we could her them all down stairs debating over a program called Who wants to be a millionnaire. For some reason they love that program and ever weekend they watch it for hours.

I moved my concentration back to Fang who was now probing my entrance with his middle finger. I let out a reassuring moan to let him know I want him to continue. He knew exactly what I meant and continued, giving me a little smile.

Fang twisted me round so he was between my legs on his knees and spread my legs around him. He then inserted his middle finger into me and i bit my lower lip. It felt so good and when he started thrusting his finger in and out, it was like being re-born into heaven.

"Louder, Max, moan louder for me" I heard Fang command to me. He was thrusting his finger in and out so fast I could hear the squelching of my own lubrication passing in and out of my body.

"Mmmm Fang, its so good." I told him but I think he still expected more of me. Just then i began to feel a little uncomfortable in my area down below. I felt as though my skin was being stretched some more. I opened my eyes and looked down at Fang. He was looking up at me grinning and i saw him very slowly moving two fingers inside me. He moved them faster and faster in me, making me moan more and more. It was the best thing i had experienced yet. I wrapped my legs around Fang some more, but then suddenly, he stopped altogether.

"Fang whats wrong? Why did you stop? I begged.

"Because your ready for the next step." I replied. I thought of what he could of meant and then it hit me.

I took a glimpse of Fang taking off his boxers and I stared at his manhood. He was so big and muscular even removed my pants from my ankles and placed them on the floor with his. He laid in between my legs like before, except this time, I knew what was about to happen. His face was in line with mine and he looked into my eyes.

"Are you ready for this beautiful?" He asked me. I looked at him, grinned and bit my lip. Fang could tell I said yes.

He held his hard penis in his right hand and with the other held himself up on top of me.

I felt him probe at me with his erection and begin to slide it jently in. It hurt quite a bit at first, gritting my teeth as Fang reassured me it was okay. I shut my eyes tight waiting for the pain to be over hoping that I wouldn't bleed all over Fang.

I felt him dig deeper into my walls and then I knew he was fully in.

I a took few deep breaths as did Fang before he started to thrust inside me. It gradually got better and better and we found ourselves moaning and groaning together in pleasure. I was enjoying every moment of it. Fang felt so hard inside me it was unreal. I only then realised that I had lost my virginity to... Fang. The man I love. He was pounding me so fast that he was sweating and trembling with pleasure. He grabbed my legs and placed them on top of my shoulders. His penis penetrated me even better than before and I could feel his whole soul inside me. I felt wetter and wetter and moaned louder with every hard thrust. I gazed into Fangs dark eyes and he smiled, panting and gasping out of breath.

"Max, I'm...I'm gonna..." Fang stuttered. Fang never stutters I thought. But then I knew what he was going to say.

" Ughhhhhh, MAX! YEAH!" Fang gasped as he let out an Almighty moan yelling my name. I felt a warm, hot substance inside me and made me scream out Fangs name also.

Fang was trembling and gasping for fresh air. I'd never experienced anything as amazing as that ever before. I kissed Fang on the forehead and watched him collapse at my side. He lay there for a few minutes catching his breath. As we both lay there we gradually began to fall asleep.

That was the ultimate ride of my life.