London? Why the hell were me and Fang in London? We were in the UK!

I rubbed my eyes checking that it wasn't some sort of illusion. I blinked and then blinked again. But I still saw the same thing with every glance.

I ran over to Fang and shook him hard. He woke startled and dazed.

"We are in London!" I yelled at him.

He looked at me blankly and inspected his surroundings. He looked as distressed as I did.

He instantaneously jumped to his feet and ran to the edge of the building. He looked down scanning anything that might give us a clue, how or why. But I knew he was wasting his time. Someone brought us here and I was determined to find out why.

Then, as I leered up at the dark night sky, Something flashed in the air and passed my eyes with incredible speed. I opened my eyes more widely and reached out my senses to find whatever it was soaring above us.

Then Fang looked up too. He sensed something circling above us. We both were searching the skies but we couldn't see anything.

A cold breeze rushed passed me and made me tingle all over. Next thing I knew something accelerated passed me pushing me over the side of the building.

It happened so quick that I couldn't even breathe and I fell unconscious almost instantly. I couldn't stop myself from falling and as I was coming nearer and nearer to the edge I completely blacked out.

Visions were swarming in my mind. Visions of me in a hospital bed bleeding and crying. All the bones in my body were broken and the pain was consuming me like a curse. Then I saw Fang, sitting in a dark corner in a room crying and holding on tight to my favourite white shirt my mum had gave me from her holiday in Rio.

I felt his pain and it was almost as bad as the pain I was feeling in that hospital bed.

Suddenly, I woke up.

Sweat was pouring down my face, I struggled to breathe and my eyes were stinging.

I looked around and this time i was in a small room not on top of a building.

It looked like a room from the school and that would explain why my arms and legs are chained to the wall.

A strange noise came from the big metal door and it made a sound when it opened. In walked...Jeb with his face red and almost swollen looking.

"I'm very sorry I let them put you through this my dear. I tried to do everything in my power to stop them but it just wasn't under my control." He said looking dismal.

"What happened to me? Where's Fang?"

"Fang is 's in the next room." He quickly reassured me.

I sat up and gave a big sigh.

"I had this strange dream..." I began.

"I know. You were injected with something that made you see strange things in your sleep." He told me. He already knew what I was going to say. Of course he did.

"What do they have to gain by making me have strange dreams?" I asked confused.

"They wasn't trying to make you have bad dreams, you were injected with something that will make you more vulnerable and slow. The after effect is what causes you to have bad dreams." I was confused at what Jeb was telling me. Here I was, a grown woman still living life as an animal. You would have thought things would be looking up for me by now.

Guess not.

"What do they want with me this time?" I asked out of breathe.

"Well, they wanted to try to eventually mate your daughter with one of their erasers, I believe you have met him. But since that isn't going to well they are going to try and make you pregnant instead." Jeb explained slowly.

"Wait a minute they can't be serious. My little girl is still a baby herslef they can't really be considering..." I began but J eb cut me off.

"Maximum, it appears that you don't know clearly what has happened. You have been under a coma like state for 4 years..." He trailed off.

"WHAT! 4 years!" I screamed.

"Ummm yes. In fact it's been so long because you really did go to London that day. You were took there both you and Fang to stay out of the white coats way. Only when you fell off the building and got hurt, it was unbearable for me. I told your mother and she came as soon as she could and stayed by your side. You've been in a bad shape for months Maximum. Im sorry to tell you all this in one go but that's just how it is."

I couldn't believe I was hearing this. Everything I'd seen was true. That's why Fang was crying and I'd seen it all.

But 4 years? How could Fang cope 4 years as a single father?

"Fang has been very brave and very strong. He has done everything in his power to be like you. He has done a good job with your son and as for your little girl well she isn't so little anymore. In fact now that Sophia has started puberty, the white coats have tried to make her with the eraser she is still in love with." Jeb continued.

He unlocked me from my chains and began escorting me through the corridors to another room where Fang was being kept.

Jeb opened it and inside i was my son and Fang cuddled up together on the bed. Their faces lit up like a neon sign when they saw me walk in. They ran over to me and gave me the biggest hug I had ever had.

I told them that I didn't realise I has been "away" for 4 years but I was back and ready to fight. Fang seemed delighted I was back to my old self. Nicky was too.

"Will someone tell me what the deal is with Sophia? Why has she fell in love with an eraser?" I asked Fang hoping that he could tell me.

"I guess it was just one of those things. Wolf has been getting alot better lately he seems more nicer and relaxed than he ever did before and infact he might even just stop with the whole listening to the white coats thing. I've been talking to him and he is much better than he used to be." Fang explained sitting me down.

It took a while to sink in but one thing was for sure I wasn't going to let my 11 year old daughter become a mother. And Fang knew that too.

We raced along the corridors of the school searching for Sophia. We managed to find her in a room but she was with Wolfie. I stood back not sure what to do as Fang just walked in. I followed and saw Sophia's pretty little face stare back at me. She ran up to me and kissed me on the cheek.

"Mummy I've missed you so much, I thought I was never gonna see you again!" She began to cry.

"No sweetie mummy's here and im staying this time." I reassured her.

"Mum knows what the white coats are trying to do to you." Nicky told his sister thinking that it might help her to realise exactly what she's doing.

"Oh, well I love my Wolfie so it doesn't bother me." She said smiling at me and then at him.

"I don't think she knows how babies are born, does she?" Nicky said with a grin on his face.

I looked over at him and then at Fang. He had done a nice job telling hi son what was what. I felt quite proud so I smiled back.

"Huh?" Sophia said with a confused look on her face looking at everyone.

"How are babies born?" She asked.

"Come home with us and we will tell you honey." I laughed and held out my hand to her.

"She grabbed my hand and Held out hers for Wolf.

He took it and followed. I knew there was no getting rid of him in a hurry.

It took a while to get back but when we did I explained everything to her. She seemed a little scared as well as disappointed.

"First thing in the morning I'm taking you to get rid of it alright sweetie?" I asked.

"Yes alright then." She said looking down at the floor.

That was that sorted,now how exactly to get her to stop liking Wolf.

"She never will..." Jeb said startling me once again.

"Never?" I asked back.

"Never. There will always be a place in her heart for him. Speaking of which, Angel and Kyle are now married. You may want to go over and see them. Also Nudge and Iggy have had a daughter. They called her Summer. Thought you might want to know sweetheart." Jeb said lively.

"Wow Angel is married and Nudge and Ig have a kid!" I yelled at Fang nearly making him fall over.

"Yes Max, you wanna go over and see them?" He asked smiling and showing his beautiful straight teeth. How I missed Fang so much over the last 4 years. Still couldn't believe it had been 4 years.

But nothings changed. Not really.

As we all headed out into the sunset I was reminded of all the good times me, Fang and the flock had. The time when Gaz farted in the lift and then sent it down to the bottom floor and stank out everyone who got on. Or the time when Iggy went swimming and lost his swimming shorts in the sea and Nudge had to help him find them. One of their most embracing moments.

I held Fang's hand and smiled knowing that things were back to normal and we could finally settle down in peace.