A/N: Hopefully this is non-fluffy enough for you, Riti :D

It Wouldn't Be Appropriate

Glinda was reading. Glinda was trying to read. Glinda was stuck on the same sentence, over and over. Glinda was, as she too often found herself these days, watching Elphaba.

Her roommate was a ghastly sight. She was an intrusion. She was a horror. She was Elphaba. All angles and limbs, fire and water, fits and starts, passion and rationality, and sweet Lurline, despite her best efforts, Glinda was drawn to her as though she were a forbidden fruit, dark, sweet, tender, and oh, oh, oh, how she could never find the words fit enough to describe it, despite the hours tallied musing on the beautifully horrific sight in front of her.

As if reading her mind, one Miss Thropp nearly threw her book down onto the awkward pooling of boughs- it somehow brought to mind the image of a nest, and Glinda, longing as she was to examine the haven in excruciating detail, could not attribute the blush spreading across her face to simply the start of movement- that served as her lap. "Will you stop it?" Elphaba managed to gasp out, her pointed teeth clashing and knocking against one another as her fiery eyes locked onto the quivering, shivering, finally, finally, finally broken Miss Glinda.

"Stop what, Miss Elphaba?" Glinda asked, hoping her voice did not betray the intensity of the wave of emotions surging through her. Really, Elphaba hadn't needed to blow up at her- she was only looking. gazing. staring.

Glinda could really not understand how a simple look from her bespectacled roommate could have her in such a state; how, how, how could she look at her with such a blazing fire when at the same time, she could see the water that longed to fall behind the cruelly dry eyes?

Elphaba pushed her glasses further up her long, hawk-like nose and clenched her fists. "Stop looking at me like that."

She knew it was a dangerous game, but somehow, Glinda could not resist. "Like what? Really, Miss Elphaba, you oughtn't to get so upset, I was only-"

"Stop looking at me like you want to fuck me."

And somehow, the rest of the air flew from the room, and it was too, too hot, but so, so cold, and Glinda shivered, managing to compose her tone into an affronted one. "Why, I never…!"

Elphaba simply grinned, an eerie, humourless, wicked grin that sent the rest of Glinda's senses prickling with fear, anticipation, and desperate need. "Then stop staring."

The silence resumed, and for a moment, Glinda could breathe again, trying to stop her arms from desperately flailing around and how, how, how could she be so… aroused by her roommate's crassness? The blush restrengthened itself, out of shame this time.

And then she spoke again with the same damned, toothy grin that seemed to mock, haunt, and caress her no matter where she went, and Glinda knew without a doubt that she was doomed. fated. blessed to live in this horrible, wonderful heightened sense for the rest of her time at Shiz.

"Really, Miss Glinda, it wouldn't be appropriate."