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Sannin: Treachery

"GET BACK HERE!" shouted the Sannin. "You can't leave!"
"And why not?" asked his teammate.
"Because it's treachery."

The two Sannin faced one another, on the Konohan outskirts.

"And?" he replied.
"You can't do that! What would Sarutobi-sensei think?"
"Why should it matter? I will learn every technique that exists. I will become the ultimate being, if it takes a thousand lifetimes and a billion lives."
"…that's wrong."
"Says the one who snuck a look at the Forbidden Scrolls looking for the Immortality Jutsu."
"But I wouldn't use it! That's horrible, I wouldn't steal someone's body."
"You have to come back with me. Now. While it's not too late."
"Because… because… think of Tsunade. You know she loves you."


"If you won't come with me, I'll make you."
"No. You won't."

The Sannin ran off, leaving Konoha. Something glinted on the ground. A headband.

The other Sannin picked it up, and returned home, his mission failed.

* * *

"What happened?"
"I'm sorry, Tsunade… he wouldn't come back."

Tsunade began to cry a little.
"I told him that you loved him, but he didn't care…"

Tsunade started, almost laughing.
"You're a fool. He's like a brother, but I love you. I always have."
"…promise me one thing…" said the Sannin.
"Stay here. With me. With Konoha."
"Of course."

Tsunade went to kiss him.
Orochimaru kissed her back.

* * *
Some years later…
* * *

"Sarutobi-sensei." said the famous ninja.
"You know that I am planning to retire soon. Well, the council and I have decided that you shall be my successor, the Yondaime."

The raven haired, pale Sannin was shocked.
"I am honoured, sensei. But why me?"

The Third Hokage smiled.
"You are the most skilled Shinobi of the village. Only your student, Namikaze Minato, and I come close to your skill. You can protect this village like no other."
"Thank you, sensei."

* * *
Later, on a very unfortunate day…
* * *

"Yondaime!" shouted a very worried ninja.

Orochimaru turned, lifting his hat to see more clearly.
"What's wrong?"
"The Kyuubi no Kitsune…"

* * *

"Sarutobi-sensei…" said Orochimaru. "What do I do?"

The third Hokage was quiet.

"There's only one technique that can defeat it. Try to hold it off."

* * *

"Minato… I'm so sorry… your wife's giving birth today, isn't she?" asked Sarutobi.
"Yes, Tsunade's with her. There was a problem, I think, but Tsunade can deal with it if anyone can."
"I'm so, so sorry to ask this. But there's no-one else to ask. The Kyuubi no Kitsune is attacking…"
"…I have to do something! Where is it!" shouted Minato.
"No, there's only one thing that can stop it, you stay here. I'm so, so sorry, Minato…"

* * *

Orochimaru unleashed the strongest technique he knew upon the Kyuubi, barely causing it pain.

The Fox looked at him, malign intelligence in its eyes. It was then that he knew he was going to die there.

It opened its mouth and a blast of chakra and wind flew into Orochimaru, throwing him backwards.

The Kyuubi stood over him, its teeth almost looking like a grin as it prepared another sphere of chakra at point-blank range.

But it saw something else, and there was a loud noise, the Kyuubi roaring in pain.

It ran towards the new threat, leaving Orochimaru almost dead.

He pulled himself painfully along the ground, away from the Fox.

Someone stopped him.

"Sensei! Oh, Kami above…" said Minato.

There was a silence as Minato seemed to struggle with himself.
"You're more important than I am. There's only one thing that can save you."
Orochimaru's eyes widened.
"Fushi Tensei."
Fushi Tensei. An ancient technique too horrible to contemplate, the user could take over another's body, repeated use of the technique granting effective immortality."

"Never." Orochimaru managed to say, agony coursing through him.
"I'm not giving you a choice." said Minato sadly. "Look after my son. Shintenshin no Jutsu."

The speciality of the Yamanaka clan.

Minato, in Orochimaru's body, went through the complicated seals required for Fushi Tensei, ignoring the searing pain all over the Sannin's body.

"Fushi Tensei!" shouted Minato, through Orochimaru.

* * *

"Dear Kami, Kushina, I hope you forgive me…" said Orochimaru. "Poor Naruto, no father, and now…"

The Sannin looked well now, blonde hair shining in the sun.

Well? Good?