Ah, Kushina. So you know, if you want to read a fic about what happened if Kushina survived, read the 'A Mother's Love' series by Lord of the Land of Fire. Amazingly awesome.

Sannin: Treachery Chapter Three: Wave

"Kaa-san! Kaa-san!" cried Naruto, running into his house.

Uzumaki Kushina turned and smiled at him.
"You passed?" she asked
"Course I did!" said Naruto, hugging her.
"I knew you would." replied Kushina, happily. "Who is on your team?"
"Uchiha Sasuke." said Naruto with a scowl. Then his expression cheered up. "And onesan!"
"Chishimi-chan?" asked Kushina. "Well, that's good. Who is your teacher?"
"Uchiha Itachi. He's really strong."

Kushina blanched a little. Two Uchiha… even if one was Itachi. Naruto could be in for a hard time.

"And, and, Orochimaru-san is teaching our team as well cause we're Team One!" exploded Naruto in excitement.

Kushina blinked.
There hadn't been a Team One since Orochimaru's own team. Traditionally the three strongest graduates, normally two males and a female, it was said that those chosen as part of this team were destined to become Kage level ninja, or greater. Kushina may not like Orochimaru much… but Naruto did, and this was one hell of a compliment.

"That's great." she smiled.

Naruto grinned.

* * *

A week later, the grin had been long replaced with a scowl.
"Itachi-sama, why are we doing these stupid missions?" he asked, annoyed.
"We cannot do anything higher ranked until Orochimaru has cleared his work for a while." said Itachi quietly. "We are lucky he has offered to join our team, or we would simply have to wait."
Naruto sighed. "Can we ask him when he's free? Please?"
"You may." said Itachi. "After you've done the weeding."

Naruto groaned.
Behind him, Chishimi rolled her eyes. Sasuke just ignored the discussion,

* * *

"Can we have a c-rank? PLEASE?!" said Naruto, almost shouting the last word.

Orochimaru looked down at a sheet of paper.
"Yes." he said.

"Oh, come o-wait, yes?" said Naruto.
"Yes. We have a mission involving escorting someone to the land of waves. A simple c-rank. It should be fine." said the Yondaime.

Honestly they could have gone on the mission without him-if it really was a C-rank. Something about their client-Tazuna, a bridge builder-was off. Orochimaru didn't trust him.

The bridge builder was escorted in by Orochimaru's assistant-a medic nin, named Kabuto.
"They don't look like much. They're just kids. Especially that short one, he looks like an idiot."

Naruto looked around wildly, before realising that he was the shortest.

Itachi grabbed him and stopped him from moving towards the bridge builder, reminding him quietly.
"He is the client. We are not here to attack him." he said quietly.
Naruto reluctantly saw sense.

"It is not just the genin." said Itachi. "Both I and the kage shall be coming with you."
"I'm sure we'll be enough for a… simple… C-rank." said Orochimaru with a smile.

He took some enjoyment out of watching the bridge builder squirm. So he was hiding something.

"Ummm…. yes." said the bridge builder. "I'm sure you will."

Orochimaru held back laughter.

* * *

Orochimaru's eyes glinted. Itachi nodded once.

Four kunai slashed into the bushes, and the sound of metal on metal was heard.
Two ninja, wearing dark robes, and metal gauntlets, a chain of sharp blades running between them, ran out, throwing a spray of shuriken.
"Genin?" asked Orochimaru.

Sasuke smirked, and ran through some handsigns, as Chishimi cried out

Naruto had frozen.
"Scared?" asked Orochimaru.

Naruto shook his head and drew a kunai.
"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu!"

But it was too late, they had been defeated.
"Naruto-kun." said Itachi. "You're bleeding."

He was right. There was a large cut on his hand-not deep, but long, caused by a shuriken skimming it.

Naruto shook his head.

"Scared?" Orochimaru had asked.

"I believe they were poisoned." said Orochimaru.
Naruto drew a kunai, and stabbed it into the cut.

"I swear." he said. "I will never fail to defend my precious people again, by this pain."
"That's an impressive way of removing the poison;" said Orochimaru. "And an excellent sentiment, but…"

He stared at the cut.
"But what?" asked Naruto.
"…nothing." said Orochimaru, as he saw the cut all but healed, except for where the stab had been.


* * *

Katon-Gokakyu no Jutsu: Fire Release-Blazing Fireball Technique
Sen'Eijashu: Hidden Snake Hands

* * *

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