Author's Note: Bleh. Unbeta-ed.

Disclaimer: Twilight.

Love Letter

It starts with a letter. (Dear Jacob. Jacob. Hey Jake. Jerk.)

The envelope it arrived in is white. Jacob Black written in her cramped style. It's right there for anyone to see. He wonders if the mail carrier recognized Bella's scrawl the way he did. If his heart stopped and stuttered and dove straight towards the ground the way Jacob's did. He doubts it. (I'm sorry. I miss you. How are you? Why'd you leave?)

His fingers shake, actually shake, when he opens the envelope. He thinks he's going to throw up when he slips the letter out. He doesn't. (The pack won't tell me a thing. Are you hurt somewhere? I'm not going to cry over you. I won't wait for you.)

Yellow legal paper folded into three sections, like an electricity bill or a brochure. The creases are sharp, and Jacob can picture Bella running the nail of her index finger along the folds. (Alice keeps looking at me funny. Jasper can't stand to be near me. Edward is becoming distant. Rosalie smiled at me.)

He's afraid to open it. The fear weighs heavy in the pit of his stomach, makes him sick. He can almost hear Quil snickering in his ear; Jesus Christ, Jake, quite being a girl and read the damned letter already. (Why were you so determined to fix me? You shouldn't have tried to be my friend. It's all your fault. Sometimes I think I hate you more than anything.)

An atom bomb lands on his chest, and Jacob's heart explodes. It's not even a real letter. It's three fucking words.

I love you.