Hi everyone! This is my first attempt at an IchiRuki fanfic. Well, I hope you like it! By the way this is just an intro, so that's why it's kind of short.

Chapter 1 Intro

It was about 5:30 in the afternoon, in a place called Karakura town located in Japan when sixteen-year-old Ichigo Kurosaki was making his way home from school. The sun was just about setting, filling the sky with beautiful tones of orange and pink. He stopped to look at the colorful sky, and couldn't help but remember the times he had come to watch the sunset so often with his mother. While he was reminiscing, Ichigo didn't notice some guys that were walking by, and one of them accidentally knocked into him.

"Hey watch where you're going!" The guy who knocked into Ichigo said in a low voice. The guy was probably about a year or so older than Ichigo and had black long messy and unattractive hair with blonde streaks in it.


"Ya think ya somethin' special hah? Walking' around with that dyed orange hair?" The guy interrupted Ichigo.

"This is my real hair color." Ichigo stated in a bland voice.

"Che. Yeah right. You wanna' mess with me?" The guy walked closer to Ichigo, attempting to give him a tough look. Ichigo just rolled his eyes, an action that put the guy over the edge. He lunged forward with a large fist at Ichigo, who just barely dodged it.

"Here we go again…" Ichigo thought to himself.


Somewhere in a mansion in England, Rukia Kuchiki was in her room busy packing her last suitcase. She sighed at the thought of leaving the Kuchiki mansion and going to a foreign country. Just as she was placing a white blouse in her bag, there was a light knock at the door.

"Come in." Rukia said, without turning around.

"Rukia." Byakuya Kuchiki entered the large indigo colored bedroom, clad in a stylish dark grey suit, with his signature white scarf and family head piece. At the sound of her brother's voice, Rukia quickly turned around.


"You're flight is tomorrow…" Byakuya said. It looked like he was going to say more, but he didn't.

"Yes Nii-sama." Rukia responded. She noticed he was holding a small light blue wrapped package with a periwinkle ribbon. She stared at the package, and wondered what he was going to do with it. Byakuya noticed her looking at it, and handed it to her.

"This is for you." He said, as she took it. Then he immediately made his way out of the room, but before he did, he told her with his back turned, "Don't open it until you arrive." At that, he exited the room. Rukia was partially confused with her older brother's behavior, but at the same time happy that he gave her a parting gift.


"You did what?!" Ichigo almost spat out his drink.

"Well…Daddy was feeling lonely, since you've been so cold lately, so I decided to have another child." Ichigo's father Isshin stated happily.

"H-how is that your child?! A foreign exchange student can't be your child!" Ichigo shouted annoyed with his father's foolish antics. "Besides you have two other kids."

"Don't involve me with that perverted man." Karin, Ichigo's younger sister said blatantly.

"Yuzu, Karin's being mean to Daddy!" Isshin cried dramatically as he ran to Yuzu. Alas, Yuzu was no where to be found. "W-where's Yuzu?" Isshin sniffled as he looked around the kitchen.

"She's on a date." Karin said.

"What?! My Yuzu is on a date?! Masaki, my sweet little daughter has betrayed her father!" Isshin cried to his poster of his beloved deceased wife that was mounted on the wall.

"Is Yuzu really on a date?" Ichigo asked Karin, while their father was distracted.

"No, she's sleeping over at a friend's house." Karin smirked.


Well how was it? I know that it was kind of short and didn't have that much excitement, but like I said it's just an intro. I love reviews, so if you have and questions, comments, constructive criticism, and the like it will be welcomed and appreciated.