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Chapter 7 To the party!

"Who the hell gets drunk in the morning?!" Ichigo shouted out in annoyance. He tried to think, looking around for something, and saw Rukia standing right in the way of the moving car. It was going way above the speed limit, if Rukia didn't move; clearly the car would kill her. Yet, she didn't move an inch. Ichigo started running towards her, shouting, "Rukia!" Rukia wasn't listening, and the car was about to impact with her body when she jumped towards the car. She landed on the hood of the car, and grabbed on, quickly, but cautiously making her way to the window on the driver's side. The drunken man driving the car barely noticed her, slowly drifting into an unconscious state. She kicked through the window with her small feet, cracking it open. She then crawled inside onto the driver's seat, shoving the driver to the seat next to her. Rukia took hold of the driver's wheel, and pushed down on the breaks slowly, eventually bringing the car to a reasonable speed, and parking it in a lot nearby. She then got out, looking quite satisfied, as Ichigo stared at her, completely shocked…no he was past shocked. "What is this person?" He thought to himself, as Rukia made her way over to him.

"Is the boy ok?" Rukia asked Ichigo calmly as if nothing happened.

"Yeah he's fine—wait what the heck was that?!" Ichigo shouted out, pointing at her.

"What was what?" Rukia asked.

"That whole freaking thing!" Ichigo exclaimed. "The whole Jumping on the car, breaking open the window, walking away calmly as if nothing even happened thing! It look like it came straight out of some freaking action movie or something! Next thing you're going to tell me you're a shinigami or something!"

"Well I am." Rukia replied calmly. Ichigo stared at her in disbelief. "Is that so hard to believe?"

"Yes!" Ichigo shouted angrily.

"Ok so I'm not a shinigami, just a normal human being, is that so hard to believe?" Rukia asked. "I don't see why you're making a big deal out of nothing…"

"It's not nothing!" Ichigo responded. "That was freaking insane and crazy and dangerous!" He exclaimed, sounding angry, but had a look of concern in his eyes. Rukia just stared at him and he stared back at her. They were quiet for a few minutes, and then Rukia interrupted the silence.

"Ichigo…" She started. "You fool!" Ichigo looked at her in surprise. "If you have time to worry about others worry about yourself first!" She announced, and then started walking away. Ichigo blinked in confusion, and then returned to his same worried expression. Rukia stopped, and turned around to face Ichigo and smiled.

"I'm quite capable of doing things on my own you know!" She said proudly, making Ichigo give a small smile. At that, they began walking. However the whole way, Ichigo couldn't get a strange tugging feeling out of his heart.


"Please! I beg of you my sweet daughters!" Isshin was on the floor, on his knees in front of his daughters.

"Why would I invite my friends? They don't even know Rukia-nee!" Karin shouted.

"Yuzu…!" Isshin turned to his other daughter, who just kept her back turned, concentrating on the cooking. "Masaki! Our daughters are being cruel to their Papa!" Isshin cried as he ran to his Masaki poster.


Orihime was walking along home by herself, when a thought crossed her mind. Was she supposed to bring a gift to Rukia's welcoming party? Or maybe some snacks? As she contemplated this, she saw someone walking in front of her. She took a closer look and noticed it was none other than Ishida, holding his school bag in one hand, and a plastic bag that had sewing supplies from his favorite store in it.

"Ishida-kun!" She called to him, making the dark haired teen stop and turn around to see who was calling him. When he saw it was Orihime he looked a bit surprised, obviously not expecting to see her there.


"Hm so it's almost time…" Ichigo said out loud as he checked his watch.

"It's almost time for what?" Rukia asked.

"Uh nothing…" Ichigo lied. "Hey where'd you're bags go?"

"What bags?" Rukia blinked, and then remembered…her Chappy stuff!"Oh no! I must have left them back at the park!" She figured, and started running back towards the park.

"Hey wait!" Ichigo yelled after her, then sighed to himself, and ran after her.

When they got to the park, it was about 4:00pm the sun was still bright, but just lower in the sky, not quite reaching sunset. The wind softly blew through Rukia's hair, as she searched around frantically for her Chappy stuff.

"Damn…why'd you have to be so careless…?" Ichigo sighed and searched around near some benches. Rukia just looked at him, then gave a small grateful smile, and kept looking.


"Inoue-san?" Ishida gave Orihime a perplexed but kind smile.

"Hi Ishida-kun! I was just walking home when I noticed you there." Orihime smiled. "Were you also going home?"

"Yes, I was." Ishida replied. The two just stood there in silence, both of them not knowing what to say.

"Ano..well I better go then!" Orihime finally said. "Sorry for bothering you Ishida-kun!"

"N-No…you weren't bothering me." Ishida said quietly. Orihime smiled at him, then turned around to leave and tripped on her own feet. Ishida quickly caught her in his arms.

"Thanks Ishida-kun." Orihime said, as Ishida let go.

"Anytime." Ishida said, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose with his finger. Orihime then noticed that she was holding one too many bags, some of which didn't belong to her. They had tons of Chappy supplies ranging from stuffed animals to stationary, to candy dispensers.

"T-This isn't mine." She pointed out looking at the Chappy filled bags. "Oh no! These must be Kuchiki-san's! She must be so worried! Well I'll give them to her at the party." Orihime figured, and then turned to Ishida. "Ah Ishida! Are you coming to the party?"

"I don't think I was invite-." Ishida was interrupted by the ringtone of Orihime's phone.

"Ah excuse me Ishida-kun!" Orihime told him, and then put the phone to her ear. "Hello? K-Kurosaki-kun?!" She almost squealed. Ishida noticed her whole face brighten up, somehow this made him annoyed. "Oh y-yes! I have them here…it seems I grabbed them by accident. I'll bring them to the party then. Oh and can Ishida-kun come to the party too?" She asked Ichigo into the phone. Ishida looked at Orihime, clearly surprised.

"The party's at Kurosaki's? Then I will most certainly not make it." Ishida announced. He heard Ichigo say something like "Do what you want. I don't care."

"Are you sure Ishida-kun?" Orhime asked.

"I don't know…I'll think about it…" He finally said. This answer seemed to satisfy Orihime, then she said goodbye to Ichigo and hung up, and goodbye to Ishida as well and made her way home to prepare for the party.


"So it looks like Inoue accidently took your bags." Ichigo told Rukia, who stopped searching.

"Oh I see." Was Rukia's response, as she breathed out a sigh of relief. "Well I guess Inoue can give then to me on Monday then."

"Uh yeah sure." Ichigo said, trying to hide a smile. "Well we better head home then." He said as casually as he could.

"Hm yeah…" Rukia agreed. "It seems like we wasted the whole day for one morning sale, and I still didn't even get the stuff. Well sorry for wasting you're Saturday." She said, looking straight ahead, as they walked towards the setting sun.

"Yeah well, not like I had anything better to do…" Ichigo mentioned, also looking ahead. Rukia glanced up at Ichigo, who was still looking towards the sun.

"This guy…He's not the tough guy he pretends to be." Rukia thought to herself, and smiled remembering the way he treated Nel and his sisters as well. Ichigo glimpsed in her direction and noticed her smiling at him.

"W-What?" He asked.

"Hm…oh n-nothing…" Rukia replied quickly and looked the other way. They were silent the whole way back, but not an awkward or distant silence, a comfortable quiet, as they both gazed towards the glowing orange soon to be setting sun.

When they finally got back, Ichigo took his keys out of his pocket, and stuck them into the door's keyhole, He slowly turned the doorknob hoping they were all prepared inside. When he opened it there was no sound, and it was dark and silent inside. The both walked inside, and Ichigo flipped on the light switch, and there was still silence. He flipped it off, and then back on, hoping to get their attention.

"What the hell are they doing?!" Ichigo thought to himself angrily.

"Why do you keep turning the light off and on?" Rukia asked him, giving him a strange look.

"…No reason…" Ichigo muttered, trying to peek behind the couches for anyone. But there was no one around. "Where the hell are they?!" He was starting to get concerned now. Suddenly, there was some noise coming from the dining room. Ichigo opened the door slightly to see Isshin, Urahara and Yoruichi laughing out loud and having a conversation. On the other side of the room, Karin and Yuzu were talking to some other people that looked to be of the same age as Ichigo's two sisters. "W-What the hell are you guys doing?!" Ichigo shouted, causing everyone to turn towards him.

"You're already home?" Karin asked.

"But its not even…" Isshin stared looked at the clock on the wall that read 4:39pm. "Oh shit! Everyone get into positions!" He ordered. Rukia heard the loud noise, and opened the door to the dining room, but Ichigo quickly stood in the way, blocking the room from Rukia's view.

"What was that sound? And where is everyone?" Rukia asked, eyeing Ichigo suspiciously.

"Uh nothing, and nowhere." Ichigo responded nervously.

"How can they be nowhere? It's not like they disappeared off the face of the planet or something. Even then they would still be somewhere!" Rukia explained.

"Yeah yeah…whatever." Ichigo sighed, glancing back to see if everyone was ready, but they were still scrambling around trying to hide or find a hiding place. Ichigo muttered something under his breath, then walked outside, closing the door behind him. Rukia tried to look over him, but was clearly too short to do so. "Look there's nothing going on in there, so just go away." He told her.

"If there was really nothing there, then why won't you let me see?" Rukia asked giving him a shifty look.

"Tch…why do you always have to be so annoying?" He complained, earning him a glare from Rukia.

"Then just let me in!" She said and tried to push past him, but he stopped her.

"No!" He announced, trying to push her away from the door. She reached out her hands to push him away, but he grabbed them instead and attempted to thrust her away, but she leaned in towards him, leaning all her weight on to him with her arms, which he was still grasping.

"Let go!" She shouted into his face.

"Never!" He said right back into her face. They both had their hands grasped to each others, trying to drive each other away. Suddenly the door swung open pushing Ichigo towards Rukia, who fell backwards onto the carpeted floor, Ichigo falling right on top of her. Isshin peeked out from the other side of the door and gasped. Everyone else peeked through as well, observing the scene with great surprise.

"Oh my, I didn't know Ichigo was such an animal." Mizuiro stated calmly, and took out his cell phone and snapped a picture. Ichigo and Rukia both realized their positions and quickly got up.

"Why the hell does that door open both ways?!" Ichigo asked, more embarrassed then angry.

"I think there are more important things to think about right now." Keigo pointed out. "Like how you're a traitor Ichigo!" Keigo shouted and threw a banana peel at Ichigo. Ichigo dodged it, and it smashed into the face of Orihime who just walked in.

"Oh nooo! I'm so sorry Inoue-san!" Keigo shouted out in horror. He ran towards her, just as the banana peel slipped off her face and onto the floor. Keigo tripped on the banana peel, accidentally bumping a un expecting Ichigo who fell on top of Rukia again, this time Ichigo's lips, colliding onto Rukia's!


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