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Fight and Shadow

Chapter 12: Fury

Remy got lost somewhere around the "Low level kinetic manipulative mutations, and possibly kinestheticly triggered ones, are frequently found in direct proportion to some sort of low level cognitive sensory or shielding capabilities."

He stared at Kitty with a blank face. Rogue glanced up and giggled.

"Still with us, Sugar?" Rogue tossed her head slightly, sending her hair rippling backward.

"In English, Chaton," Remy said lightly.

Kitty looked annoyed. "That was English."

Rogue sighed and rose to the occasion. "What she means is that a mutation allowing someone to control molecules or one like mine that involves touch and that's activated genetically rather than mentally seems to go hand in hand with a strong mental mutation that is also activated genetically."

"I see." He didn't, not really, but it was certainly clearer than Kitty's explanation. "And why is this important?"

"Because her mutation is kinesthetic!" Kitty huffed in exasperation. "All right. What do you know about controlling powers?" She leaned back and crossed her arms. "Start talking."

Rogue cocked her head in interest.

Remy wanted to roll his eyes. "Kinda depends on the mutation, Chaton."


Blatant curiosity kindled in Rogue's eyes. If it weren't for that, he would protest this whole turn of events, but his fiery Southern belle had shown interest in him only rarely.

So he flipped out a deck of cards and started shuffling it in the thoughtless way that helped him concentrate—or go into details he'd rather not.

"My mutation mostly works on contact," he began. "Touch something, I can let the charge go into the object and it'll explode. The longer I hold it once I start charging, the more charge it gets, the bigger the explosion."

"Charge." Kitty arched an eyebrow. "Explain."

He wanted to grind his teeth but instead focused on Rogue listening with a thoughtful expression on her face.

"It's like molecules doing a dance. Biokinetic energy." He slipped the cards away again. "My body generates it. My touch transfers it. I can draw the charge back if I concentrate."

"How?" Rogue asked, her soft drawl dragging out the word.

Remy and Kitty both looked at her. One simple word and the reality of just what she was dealing with hit him for the first time. She had no idea how her power worked. It was simply...on.

He frowned and shrugged. "I have to will it to stay in when there's a lot of charge. It wants out."

Both of Kitty's eyebrows shot up.

"To reabsorb it is kinda the same. I coax it back."

"So it's mental." Rogue breathed out a heavy sigh. Deflated.

He didn't like where this was going. "Was a time when it wasn't." The words slipped out without his willing them and he winced as two pairs of eyes turned on him.

"Had a little help with that?" Rogue asked, small smile, untrusting eyes.

His fingers twitched as he felt the first cravings for a cigarette. "Oui," he replied drily, then fell silent.

The silence stretched until Kitty glanced uncomfortably at her papers and chewed on her lower lip. "Well..." she began. "What level is your power?" She turned assessing again, but decidedly less hostile. "We use the Greek letters system."

"Which is?" Remy asked.

"Gamma is purely physical," Rogue said. "Beta is more powerful, but to put it simply, mostly parlor tricks."

"The exact details are more complex than that," Kitty huffed.

Rogue ignored her. "Alpha is the really strong gifts, like Storm or Pyro or Kitty."

"And Omega," Kitty finished, brandishing her pencil, "is so strong that the mutant can actually exist as a being of energy or thought. They're basically unkillable unless you catch them right."

Remy studied the girls silently as they awaited his answer. He had no intention of telling them the entire truth about his struggles and the "help" he'd received. So he simply shrugged, looked straight into Rogue's emerald eyes, and said, "Alpha."


Professor Xavier turned back from the papers to Moira. "How is it that Kitty is succeeding where we have failed?" he asked, genuinely puzzled. Kitty was not a degreed scientist.

Moira shrugged her shoulders. "We did not fail, Professor. We merely took a different path." She straightened the papers as she spoke. "Kitty comes from a computer type background. Where we looked for how the mutations expressed, she searches for how they operate. Where we treat control as so much physical therapy, she seeks the underlying genetic and physical functions in order to better know how to manipulate the power."

The Professor frowned thoughtfully.

Suddenly, his eyes became vacant and preoccupied, and Moira looked up sharply. He was active on the astral plane.

She stretched out her wings, seeking for herself, her body, the world over. She herself had commanded it destroyed, but still she sought.

"Moira," Xavier said slowly. "I do not believe I will be joining you at the Institute yet."

She looked at him in dismay. "Why not, Professor? You are physically ready."

A sharp, primal cry rang out in the Phoenix cries of rebirth. The flames gathered from the wings of heaven. Thought, energy, force, power...

The Professor turned and met Moira's gaze. "I have something to do."

Pieces of elements came together, flying about and drawing inward in the howling hurricane across the wasteland. She drew them tighter, stronger, recreating the form she would need while her mental force stood in the midst of the whirlwind.

"I'm not sure..." He touched his head as if in pain. "I'm concerned."



"Did you miss me, Kitten?"

Shadowcat yelled at the warm breathy whisper in her ear and whirled on the kitchen intruder. She had been getting a midafternoon snack, but now was opting for an impromptu self defense class.

She glared at Pyro with uncontrolled fury. "You lost the right to call me that."

"Oh really?" Pyro raised his eyebrows at her, then smirked as he leaned his long, lanky body against the edge of the counter. "If I heard correctly, someone ordered me to come back." His eyes dared her to contradict him.

Her eyes fell to the flicking Zippo lighter in his right hand as it clicked open and shut in an easy rhythm.

"Always try to please a lady," he quipped.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Since when?" she scoffed.

Annoyance flashed in his dark eyes and the flicking hesitated for just an instant before settling back into his rhythm. "Shows how well you know me."

"Know you—" She cut herself off as anger boiled up in her that he would dare to bring up that. Shadowcat swung at him with a hard right hook.

Instantly, he caught her wrist and twisted it, bringing her down. He had gotten better, but so had she. She caught his leg with her foot and brought him with her. He rolled and threw her over him by her wrists as she cried out in pain and then pinned her beneath his hard body. Heat coiled within her belly. She used her advantage and phased through him before backtracking to hit him hard. He flew away from her with surprising speed, then stared her down in a defensive position.

He had gotten better. He had changed.

She suddenly stood, completely solid, and strode up to him as he cautiously got to his feet. She clenched her fists and stared directly up into those dark, burning eyes, mere centimeters away.

"I know you," she said bluntly. "I still remember."

She half closed her eyes and watched as his fingers flicked towards her for just a moment. He caught himself and pulled away. She whispered and his eyes darkened further.

"When the fires of love ignited and burned,
When I realized all I'd ever learned
Could not compare to the wings in me
When your hand touched mine and set me free...

"Then I chose my path anew—
I'd do it all again for you.
I want to run from this spell you weave,
But I've forgotten how to leave."

He backed away. His eyes were half shut pools of pain.

She drove in the knife and twisted it. "Guess you remembered."

And she walked away.

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