My heart leapt into my throat, did he just say that? About me? Me of all people? I could feel my cheeks flush crimson. He diverted his eyes to the ground, obviously regretting what he said... or waiting for my reaction... who was I kidding? Of course he had no feelings for me.

"You know Bella sometimes you can be so... inobservant."

"What do y-" but I was interrupted by the bell, signalling it was time for biology.

"We'll talk later," he promised, before shooting another dazzling smile and turning and walking to the gym. "Have fun in Biology" he called back.

With a smile on my face I slowly walked to the science lab.

I was a little late, but the teacher wasn't in yet, so it was fine. I sat in my usual window seat when something that hadn't happened in a very long time happened. Mike came and perched on the edge of my desk to make idle conversation. It was very comfortable talking to Mike like this again. This is how it used to be, before it all started. We only got a few minutes to talk before Mr Banner came in and Mike had to go and sit back next to Jessica, who I swear had been shooting death glares at the back of my head all the time I was talking to him. Not that it bothered me at all.

We were looking at onions through microscopes today, to see there cells. Mr Banner called it 'revisiting past knowledge' but my heart panged as my mind recalled images of the first time we had studied onion cells, I was careful to shut them away, as soon as they came. What I didn't need right now was to start sobbing.

Not the time.

I started to cut the onion into shred to put on the slide, when I slipped and ran the blade over my skin.

I waited to feel the pain, or see the blood. But it didn't come.

My skin looked perfectly unharmed. I took the knife again and tried to cut my thumb, it wasn't working, the knife could not penetrate the delicate skin of my thumb. I tried again.

Applying more pressure... nothing. Not that I wanted to cut myself, I just wanted to see if I could. Must be the knife I thought, so I put it back to the onion, hacking through it with incredible ease. I made sure to finish the work before pondering this situation, and I gently squeezed the bottom of the table, it had some give. I squeezed just a tiny bit harder and the wood broke off in my hand inconspicuously, because of its location, no one would notice the chunk missing from the underside of the bench. I applied a lot more pressure to the chunk and it crumbled in my clenched fist, I released and the dust fell to the floor.

Tom was right I was inobservant.