The other side

This is basically a view from an OC (who plays for the Tigers) of the loss and the following events to come.

"This the first match of the rest of your lives, you understand me!?"

The Red Tigers nodded in agreement as their coach Artegor Nexus shouted this, spit flew out and hit Ami Yung- the Red Tigers star striker- right on her chin, Ami grimaced and wiped the spit of with a clenched fist. Artegor was right of course, they had to win this if they wanted to continue their dream. They'd been training for so long! But it never seemed to pay off. Ami had always felt slightly awkward with the rest of her team, they were all rich, getting their mummies and daddies to do and buy everything for them, but that wasn't like Ami. Ami was rich because she had no parents; they had died when she was younger and had left a vast fortune for her. Ami was only with the Tigers because she was rich and she knew this, it didn't matter to them if she was good at football or not, as long as she kept giving money to sustain the team she was accepted…as a player though, not as a friend. Ami had wanted to leave the Tigers for years now, but they were her only chance to get to the big time, and she really needed to get to the big time. She hated living on Akillian; she had no proper friends, just parasites coming to suck money and presents off her. Ami was good at football and most of the others on the team were not, they insisted on wearing the ridiculous suits because they claimed it helped them to be good at football, but Ami knew this wasn't true, the suits gave them confidence not skill and definitely not good sportsmanship. Ami was beginning to get fed up of the humiliation of losing every match, constantly. That Ryker match had been one of the most horrible experiences of her life. "Are you listening Yung?"

Ami tuned back in to see Artegor and the rest of the team staring at her. "Uh?" she said.

"I was saying that the team is depending on you to score the goals, you understand?"

Ami sighed then nodded, and the team relaxed. Ami sighed again, had they not worked it out yet? One person alone could not be the team!


The Tigers team looked up at the ceiling as they hear the announcer tell them this.

"Get ready team, you're in for an easy match" Artegor grinned.

To be continued…

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