Chapter 5


Ami has just suffered an attack at the hands of her team mate, how will she recuperate?

Ami stirred, she was dimly aware of a cold hard feeling on her back. She attempted to open her eyes only to feel a searing pain in one of them. She yelped in pain, then began to right herself. It hurt a lot, but she managed to get herself into a sitting position.

She didn't remember much, but she did recall an argument, had it really escalated to such a scale that she'd been knocked unconscious?

Ami opened her good eye, everything was fuzzy but she could see well enough to grab onto a bench and haul herself up into a standing position. She was still in the changing rooms that much she knew, there was the helmet she'd taken off…she didn't know how long ago.

Ami dragged herself to the mirrors in the bathroom and stared into it, she gasped in shock at the reflection. Her good eye was blackened and her bad eye…was bleeding, crust and puss surrounding it, what had Liana done to her? Her normally pretty face was blackened and bruised, she looked ridiculous.

Tears poured out of the monsters eyes. Why had this happened to her? Ami knew why, because of their loss to the Snowkids, Ami was now a disgusting monster. Anger filled Ami's heart as she thought of the smiling kids, how they'd been so hysterically happy about their win. How dare they? She thought furiously to herself.

All Ami had wanted was to leave Akillian, to fulfil her dreams in Genesis stadium, she wouldn't even have minded if they'd lost their first match there! A dark feeling engulfed Ami, it was completely the Snowkid's fault in her opinion.

Ami dragged herself into the shower and turned it on, she curled into a ball as the piping hot water rained down on her. Her tears mixed in with the water as did her blood, she watched with her good eye as her blood, sweat and tears mixed with the water and disappeared down the drain…just like her dreams.

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