Yuri: This is my 1st Psycho Busters fic so don't kill me. And now I'll have hm… NATSUME HYUUGA do the disclaimers.

Natsume: Hn

Yuri: Oh pretty please?

Nastume: No Leaves

Yuri: Fine Joi, do the dis- turns to see him gone I hate that future seeing thingy

Yuri: Kakeru the disclaimers

Kakeru: Err… turns back time and leaves before hand

Yuri: Kaito?

Fire ball comes Yuri's way…

Yuri: I guess not then. Xia- Blasted far away

Yuri: Okay now you really suck!

Yuri: So Joi do the disclaimers NOW OR ELSE!!!

Joi: Make me

Yuri: Glare

Joi: Leaves

Yuri: Well I do not own Psycho Busters or anything in my authors notes and/or disclaimers they all belong to their respective owners. And if I didn't own then my drawing skills would ROCK, but sadly they really suck

Yuri: Warning: Characters may be OOC

Yuri: Also Xiao Long = Sharon

Yuri: And Joi = Jonchi

Ayano woke up that morning to the sweet smell of pancakes on the stove. She stretched and got dressed. Walking down the stairs she was meet with Joi, Kaito and Xiao Long (who was making the food).

"Good Morning" Ayano greeted the 2 guys who sat at the table patiently waiting for food and the other guy who was making the food.

"Sleep well?" Xiao Long asked her, while bringing the heavy tray to the table.

"Yeah." They dug into their food and as they stuffed the last piece of pancake into their mouths they threw a book bag over them and left the house that the four were occupying.

They waited for Kakeru who was another one of the 5 some, but he unlike them lived with his family.

"Hey!" Kakeru smiled at them and they headed to school. (A/N: This sucks like hell… Okay MAJOR TIME SKIP!)


"Ayano, can I taste your food one day?" Kakeru asked despite Xiao Long, Joi and Kaito furiously shaking their heads. Ayano turned around to look at them but their mobements stopped, only to resume again, when she turned around.

"Sure!" Ayano smiled as Joi, Xiao Long and Kaito started sobbing in the background.

Yuri: Sorry EXTREMELY SHORT but it's just the prolong. The REAL chappie will come soon, err… I hope…

Yuri: Natsume, Joi, Xiao Long, Kaito, Kakeru say bye to the readers

Natusme: Hn Leaves

Yuri: GET BACK HERE YOU IDIOT!! Takes out a baka missile bought from Hotaru and aims it at Natsume who falls unconscious

Yuri: Err…oops

Joi: Starts running only to get hit by the baka gun bought from Hotaru again and falls unconscious

Yuri: Not again

Xiao Long: Leaves and blocks all attacks with that qi something

Yuri: So Kaito, Kakeru what about you? Turns to see them only to find their outlined shapes but no person

Yuri: Aw… COME ON!!!!!!

Yuri: Review and hope you enjoyed it!