Chapter 1 – Taking revenge –

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She grabbed the book of dark magic arts she had used and read the spell again.
There wasn't supposed to be any sparkle. She checked the words again.

There was no way it could have gone wrong when everything Drusilla had done on the spell had been right.
The bright yellow sparkle which was the size of tennis ball rotated around, flying up to the ceiling and floating right through it as if it was leaving the factory through the roof.

Drusilla waited for visions of what would happen come up, but all there was, was blank.
Drusilla sighed. Maybe it was just an innocent sparkle that wouldn't do anything, that wouldn't create any portal.
Drusilla growled and pouted.

Now what?

She turned to the kitten that she had picked up from the street earlier and looked it right into it's innocent eyes. "What do you think, misses Kitten?" But of course the kitten just looked at her without saying anything back.
"Talk to me," she cried snapping it's kitten mow-ed angrily trying to scratch Drusilla in the face.
"Now that's not nice," she pouted dropping him on the floor.

She turned the pages in the book, feeling frustrated.
She heard noises outside,so maybe something did happen.
She walked to the factory's door and opened it, feeling immediately disappointed again.

It was a group of teenager boys considering the space around the old factory as a nice hanging place.
When she was discovered, she smiled. There were only two of them.

"Hello there" she drawled, her smile sickly sweet.

"Check it out, Brady, some chick standing in the doorway of the factory" A blonde guy with a cap laughed. "Hey yo missy, what you doin' out there?" He jeered at Drusilla in a macho accent.

"The question is: what are you still doing out there?" Drusilla leered at them.

"Woohoo! You hear that Brade? Missy hittin' on us!" The other guy, who was thinner and more likely to be the insecure one, still hadn't talked.

"I dunno Rode" He finally mumbled. "I thought we were just going to hang out here. With no chicks and all for a change"

"Am I no fun to hang out with?" Drusilla questioned frantically, Her voice gasped a bit while she was saying this.

"What you talkin' bout woman? I don't even know you" Brady replied.

"There there now, why don't you come to keep this lonely woman some company? Didn't your mother teach you to be nice?"

"Come on, Brady, just for a little while" Rode convinced him.

Brady shrugged and rolled his eyes. He was annoyed by his best friend, but figured if he wouldn't give him what he wanted he would be a pain in the ass all night.

"Oh alright" He said. Drusilla clapped her hands and jumped up and down. "Yey!" She cheered, inviting her snacks in…
to play...