Leelah addressed Xander a warning look.

"It's nothing really.." Leelah waved her hand like she was trying to chase away some kind of flying bug. Xander had a hurt look in his eyes. Anya frowned.

"I'm just a friend," Leelah continued. There was an awkward silence. "And I'll be taking a shower right now, because I smell" she added. She ran up the stairs before Xander could stop her and headed for the shower.
She felt disorientated. It was like the alcohol had started to work even more just now.
It hadn't been quite a good idea to be drinking so much, letting her conscience not bother her and go kissing Xander.

She slapped her forehand to her head. "Stupid Leelah. Stupid!" She said punishingly to herself. She turned on the shower, let the water run, and started to undress.

The warm water felt nice on her naked, drunk body. It felt like the water could wash of the mistakes she had made tonight. There was one thing for sure.
Leelah couldn't allow herself to do anything with Xander anymore.
Tomorrow would be different. She would be sober.

After what felt like hours, she put on a t-shirt, gathered her clothes around the bathroom and cautiously went downstairs.
When she came there, Xander was alone. He was sitting on his bed and staring at the wall. Motionlessly.

"Ah there you are, you little heartbreak." He scoffed as he looked up at her.

"I'm sorry Xander," Leelah said in a soft voice.

"See, what I don't understand is you pulling up that whole I'm-scared-Xander thing, then letting me comfort you and turning me down straight after. What the hell is wrong with you?" He raised his voice.


"No, don't you Xander-me. Let me finish!" He cut Leelah of. She kept quiet and crossed her arms like she was protecting herself for what was about to come.

But nothing came anymore.

"I was finished" He finally said like a moaning child. Leelah couldn't help herself, but smiled at the boy. S
he sat down on the bed next to him. They were quiet for a while.

"You want PJ pants for that?" He asked, suggesting she should put something on her bare legs. Leelah nodded.
So he rose, grabbed a pair of PJ pants and threw it at her. Then he sat down again next to her, though still stubbornly looking another way.

"We can't be anything together." Leelah finally tried carefully. "It's not your path."

"Well, you great psychic then please do tell me what is"

"Fix it with Anya"

"You got to be kidding. Me dating a demon?"

"Ex-demon" Leelah corrected him.

"Listen and please look at me" she gently turned his face like she'd sometimes do with the kids to make them listen. "Let me start by saying that what we did was very nice." She felt a color creeping up her cheeks and fell silent for a while "It felt good. But the truth is: it's not right" Leelah continued.

Xander sighed. He just couldn't be mad with her for too long even though she had hurt his feelings. It was obvious she didn't have bad intentions.

"I just like you," He said. Leelah smiled. She wanted to reply the same to him, but then realized it wouldn't make it any easier, so she kindly thanked him.

Drusilla waggled around the room, swinging her hips from side to side.

"I really want to know about this girl, Doc." She pushed her nail into the bottom of Doc's chin and lifted his head from the book he was browsing in. "You need to help me."

"Drusilla, love. I was just searching for you. What spell did you precisely use?"

"How would I know?" She waved her hand aside to support her words, but did in her usual Drusilla-way. Slow and amorous.

"Well, I need to know to help you."

"I do remember some words." She tacked her fingers on her chin, starting with her wise finger and ending with her pink.

"Something about betrayal on the heart, and sending something that will be too smart."

Doc. looked as if a light had flipped on in his head.

"That spell is quite heavy and creates a portal between this world and another one. I'm surprised it didn't kill you"

"I'm dead already," She giggled.

"But what does it summon?"

"Depends on the one who summons. Might have a different effect with demons like ourselves than when a human performs it."

"So, it will summon something dirty?" She stroke her hands from her hips up to her neck as if it the word dirty made her sexually excited.

"Hard to say what exactly it will summon. You send him his very own personal nightmare"

"That's good… good!" She screamed out, throwing her hands up in the air and swirling around. Then she suddenly stopped. "But tell me why I can't enjoy a bit of that?" she pouted. "Why doesn't she come to me in my visions?" Doc fixed his glasses up his nose.

"I will need to work that out for you. I can't answer to that right away."

"Alright then. I will come back tomorrow and will expect you to have this answer for me" Drusilla demanded. With those words which obviously were her way to tell him goodnight she turned around to walk out.

Then she finally got hit by a vision. She closed her eyes and let it come to her.

The Buffy boy. She stick out her tongue to ick him out. Sitting on a bed, talking to…

Who was he talking to? The vision started to become blurry again. She screamed frustrated grabbing with her hands to her head.