My Clandestine


Meowth tugged anxiously at a lock of hair, eyeing his luggage as a distraction. He was clothed in chocolate cargo pants and a navy jacket lined with ginger faux-fur.

It was the day he had been dreading, when they would be leaving Vermillion City. Their time went by fast and was rather uneventful. Most of it had been spent taking care of business. Meowth helped with mediating during meetings with contacts, but otherwise spent his time staying quietly to the side and out of the way.

Persian was been quiet too, forgoing the insults he had initially flung at the younger humanoid, instead keeping himself calm around the other. Then again, Meowth had been on his best behavior, just in case Persian had more say over the new guard than he let on.

Upon checking out, they headed out to Route 11 to meet up with the Rockets. Persian sneered as he spied the sleeping goons as he approached. Meowth merely sat back and watched with amusement as the furious leader threw his and Meowth's luggage at them. He momentarily forgot about his situation as the goons jumped up startled, shaking in their boots at the fury being unleashed toward them.

Meowth was just glad he wasn't the target of that.

"Let's go," Persian growled toward them, before turning toward Meowth, his red jewel flashing in the morning sunshine. It made the younger one think of wealth and violence.

The bejeweled one just gave him a peculiar look and tapped his coin lightly, walking away and expecting him to follow.

They walked side by side as they took the path through the wild. Meowth stuck close, remembering the trouble he had gotten up to in this very area.

Unconsciously, his hand moved to his cheek, the smooth skin not betraying the wound that had marred it a few days before. He healed fast, though not as fast as before, he thought.

He glanced over at Persian and observed his confident posture and calm, commanding disposition. Meowth had once looked up to Giovanni for those very qualities. But now he hated Giovanni. Surprisingly it seemed to shift some of the distaste from Persian. Though he'd deny over and over again to admiring him now. Because that just wasn't true. His presence just didn't make him feel hostile and spiteful. Not after the last couple days at least.

Persian caught him staring, but simply rolled his eyes and kept his eyes forward again. Meowth smirked at the gesture and felt a little lighter for some reason.

They stopped abruptly when they got to the intersection of Route 11 and Route 12. The sea sparkled in front of them as the waited between the north and south path. Meowth looked at Persian questioningly, but he was ignored as the other stood tense, looking watchful.

It wasn't until the minions started to complain that the silence broke and Persian moved to yell at them. By then Meowth had figured out that they were waiting to meet up with that somebody who was going to be his baby sitter.

He nervously started tugging at his sleeves as the sun moved along the sky. He was warm in his clothes, and it made him feel comforted, as if he was back in his fur. He started to get as impatient and tense as Persian looked, letting his silver eyes flick from one path to the other.

What he didn't expect some time later was to hear a choppy motor sound to fill his ears, coming from the sea. Persian perked up a good two minutes after himself, Meowth noted smugly. After a good ten minutes later Meowth's squinted eyes saw a dot coming closer on the horizon. His heart fell to his stomach just as Persian gave an annoyed scoff. The idiot Rocket recruits started to pick up on the presence too and pointed in dumb amazement.

A bright lime green jet ski with black tribal decals came skidding closer and fast. The driver was leaning back on it precariously, waving his hand over his sapphire-colored mop, whooping and laughing as he drew closer.

His dark shades blocked his eyes, but there was an unconceivable boisterousness to him that did not agree with the plain blue swimmer shorts and beige short sleeved button up. He slowed and smiled as he approached the edge of the water, first throwing a stuffed backpack up, and then jumping up after it. Meowth glanced at Persian, seeing the displeased look on his face.

"Sorry, I'm late," the new arrival said chipperly. He slid the shades up and revealed slate-gray eyes. They sparkled mischievously. With spiky, wind tossed hair and laughing dark eyes, Meowth thought he looked insane. He drew closer to Persian as the blue-head turned his manic gaze at him.

Meowth recoiled at the look he got, but was relieved of it when it swept up toward Persian. On Persian's part he was ignoring Meowth's clutching and examining the nuisance with a cool, arrogant glare.

"Hi, there, I'm Blastoise, but you can call me Kamex. Here to 'look after' the little runaway," the tall stranger introduced himself, replacing his grin with a formal smile and putting his hand out to shake. Persian silently took the hand and introduced himself in a much less enthusiastic manner.

"You must be the little fugitive I have to look after," Blastoise said a little more brightly, turning to the lighter brunette. Meowth backed away some behind Persian, letting his blunt nails dig into Persian's arm through his shirt.

"You're cute. You can call me Kam," Blastoise chimed before laughing. Meowth's fear melted into vexation and he bristled. For some reason he had the strong urge to knee the guy in the face. He wasn't that much taller than him or Persian, he was sure he could do it. Though he did seem to have a bit of muscle on him.

As soon as he stopped laughing Kamex turned serious and retrieved something from a hidden hostler. "You be good or I'll have to use this," he said half playfully as he cocked his pistol. Meowth's eyes widened and he would have fell over in shock if he wasn't still holding onto Persian.

"Kamex-san, must you tease him so much? Try to be professional for once will you?" Persian said calmly.

Kamex turned instantly, his gun still on his target.

"Now now, Persian-san. It wouldn't kill him, look," he said childishly, pulling the trigger.

Meowth flinched as water shot from the pistol into his face. Kamex laughed heartily, while a few snickers floated by in the background. Persian stood silently next to him, looking void of emotion besides the disapproving look he was sending the Blastoise.

"Sorry, sorry, I couldn't resist. It was so worth it though! The look on your face was priceless!" Kamex said cheerily as he put away his water pistol, a chuckle still escaping from time to time.

"No, this is the one you have to watch out for. My pretty lady here," Kamex said fondly as he took out a silver handgun. It looked more expensive than the other, and even had a few inscriptions on it.

"Be a good kitty, and you wont have to feel her wrath, Nyasu-chan," Kamex said, letting the light threat under his cheer wash over the brunette.

"The sooner you show obedience the sooner he will leave," Persian murmured to Meowth so only he could hear. Meowth looked up and from the look in the other's eyes he knew he wanted this guy gone as much as he himself.

"So… We're going to Celadon, aren't we, better start heading toward Lavender Town before it starts getting dark," Kamex announced, shouldering his pack and grabbing Meowth with his other arm. Meowth stumbled a few steps, but recovered quickly with a glare at the blue-headed hybrid. Persian shook his head passively as he followed after them, glaring at any Rocket that dared to slack behind.

A/N: Short, but I really felt that I should update after all that time. Excuse any mistakes. And Kamex is based off a fanart thing I saw on deviantart, which helped me decide which Pokemon to hybridize and turn into a Meowth's keeper.