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Summary: Harry's 19 and a normal college student, with no memory of his past at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry—but what happens to him when all of a sudden, everyone in the wizard world is hunting him down—both to help him and to kill him? Humor/Action/Drama fic R/R!

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Harry Potter sighed and ran his hand through his short-cropped black hair, sticking his tongue out, and poking at the buttons of a calculator, frustrated.  "I hate finances…"

Jewel Johnston, one of his three other roommates laughed and handed him a mug of coffee.  "We all do," she replied cheerfully, plopping into her seat at the round table.  "You're the only one nice enough to do it on time."

She was a short girl, with very long, curly brown hair and dark brown eyes.  She wore small, oval-rimmed glasses that made her look very intelligent.  She was a cheerful girl that Harry had been friends with ever since they could remember, and a very wise person, despite the young age of nineteen.  She was very caring, and looked out for her friends as she would were they family, but she had a limited temper.

Harry sent her a glare, but she was too busy taking a tentative sip of her coffee to care.  He sighed and glanced at his watch, thoroughly annoyed.  It was already eleven at night, and he had a test the next morning….

"I'm going to sleep," he muttered to Jewel, pushing the mug and calculator away from himself.  "Tell Kent and Caity that they have to workout next month's rent."

Jewel grinned.  "Oh, you know you'll be doing it next month, too."

Harry blew another breath, and shrugged.  "I try."

Jewel laughed and waved at him behind her back, pulling the papers and calculator in front of her, and staring blankly at the paper before knitting her eyebrows, and poking at the buttons uncertainly.  Math was never one of her, ah, strong points.

Harry grinned half-heartedly to himself before tiredly making his way up the stairs to his room.  He groaned as he realized that he had to wake up early to study, but was really too sleepy to care about it.  He pushed open the door to his room, flicked the lights on, and found that it wasn't as unoccupied as he thought it would be.

The least strange of all the things in his room started at the windowsill.  There was an owl at his window, and Harry's mind would have registered that it was a big, snowy, and beautifully white owl that seemed a little more than familiar, had he not been frozen stiff.

His bemused green eyes traveled to an enormous, huge, black dog sitting quietly on his bed.  The dog raised his head when the door had opened, and though he sat where he was, his tail was wagging furiously.

Beside the dog, the most bizarre thing Harry had ever seen, or dreamed of seeing, was perched on the chair.  It was a bird—I think, Harry's numbed mind thought—but of a species that Harry was sure was unheard of.  It looked like it was on fire, and Harry's first reaction was the urge to go and hose it down.  It had big, black beads for eyes, and a tail with feathers so long that would give a peacock a run for its money.

Harry stiffened further as the large bird swiveled his beautiful head at Harry.  It blinked at Harry.  And then it started to sing.

For some reason, the bird's song calmed his heart—but not his mind.  Harry took one step back, slammed the door, and literally flew down the stairs, scaring Jewel out her wits.

"You freaked me out!" Jewel exclaimed, steadying the hand that was still holding her mug of coffee.  "What made you do that?"

Harry didn't reply, but sat back down, in such a daze that he didn't even seem to know or understand what he was doing or where he was.  He took quick, short sips of his somewhat cold cup of coffee, and put the mug down.  A few moments later, he picked the mug back up, took another few sips, and set it back down.

The fifth time this happened, Jewel snapped her head up at him, and asked forcefully, "What's wrong?"

Harry, for the first time, took notice that he was in the kitchen of his the large flat he was sharing with his three friends.  He peered at Jewel intently.

"I think," he said, very seriously, "that I'm going crazy."

Jewel stared at him, and slowly placed her cup on the table.  She dropped the pencil down, and leaned back in her chair.

Just as seriously, she replied, "I think so too."

"Really?" Harry said despairingly, slamming the coffee down and running his hands through his hair.

Jewel nodded.  "Really."

Harry rubbed his eyes and moaned.

Jewel watched with no emotion on her face…but suddenly, a wide smile spread on her face as she laughed.  "Gosh, I was kidding.  What makes you think you're crazy?"

Harry looked back up at her, and said, "I-I saw something really strange."

Jewel's teasing expression became one of genuine concern.  "Where?  In your room?  What was it?"

Harry stopped for a moment, figuring it was a good question.  What was that bird?  He shook his head.  "An owl, a big dog, and a bird that was on fire."

Jewel's expression became firm.  Standing and pulling Harry after her, they went up the stairs.  She pushed the door open.

There was nothing there.

Jewel let out a breath that neither had realized she had been holding.  She turned to Harry, and crossed her arms over her chest, looking worried and relieved all at once.  "You're probably tired," she said soothingly.  "Don't worry—math does that to everyone."

Harry bit his lip, and stopped staring out the window to give her a look.  "You believe me, don't you?"

Jewel avoided his eyes and looked out the window.  "If you say it's true, I believe you," she said, turning back to look Harry in the eye.  As she walked out of the room, she called motherly, "Get some sleep, Harry, dear!"

"Yes, Mum," Harry replied.  It was an old joke of theirs…but Harry wasn't nearly as sarcastic this time as he was supposed to sound.  He closed the door, ran his hand through his hair once again, shook his head, and turned back to change for bed.  He had decided that Jewel was right, and that he probably was in dire need of sleep.  The math had done it to him.

Once he had, he turned to turn his desk light off.  Just as his hand had almost reached the switch, his eyes caught something on his desk that hadn't been there before.  Frowning, he reached for it, the texture of the paper surprising him.  Turning it over in his hands, he realized it wasn't normal paper, but rather, some old bit of parchment.  Hm, he thought, I don't remember ever buying this kind of paper….

He opened the parchment, and after he read it, he gasped. In emerald green ink, the parchment bore a simple message:

Time to come home, Harry.

Harry Potter did not sleep that night.



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