B Pov

There was light knock on my door barely noticeable but there. "Come in," I said in a whisper knowing they could hear me. "Hey Hope how's it going?" asked Felix as he and Demetri came in. "Good, wat you want?" I asked. "Nothin can't we talk to our own little sister," Demetri had responded. "Yes but with ya'll I should have known I wouldn't have had been alone long," I sighed.

Ever since they found me in the woods after Victoria left and so did Edward they never left my side. Ugh! I hate that name so much. Ever since they left I have had so much pain in my life with Victoria and my eyes can prove it. My eyes are black and red, but my diet is animal blood. They said it was because of all the pain I had in my past life. It hurts to think of them because of what they did to me.


After Edward left I was sitting in the woods dead and crying. I heard footsteps coming and I didn't care who they were. I was already dead no matter what. I looked up anyways to see Victoria with that red hair of hers blowing in the wind. She looked deadly. She approached me and asked why I was out here alone I told her everything. She took my hand out of sorrow and said "Well I feel really sorry for you and I hope you have a good life" something told me she was lying. All the sudden she laughed and bit me hard. I felt the fire run through my body. As I screamed and cried so hard she left without a sound. Soon I slipped into blackness and the next thing I remember was that I was in Italy with my family.

End of Flashback

"Hey you okay?" Felix asked me. "Yeah just thinking" I replied. "So the family is having a meeting later at 6:00 so we need to hunt soon." Demetri said. "Okay give me a second" I walked over to my closet to change into a blood red knee high dress. I wore this dress every time I went out to hunt. I don't know why but it always made me feel comfortable. I shot a glance at the photo with my family in it: Jane, Alec, Demetri, Felix, Heidi, Marcus, Cassandra, Chance and Aro and Caius. Then there was one of me in my deep red cocktail dress in the front of the castle. I took a deep breath and opened the door to see my brothers waiting for me to hunt. I walked with them to the back of the castle and set off to hunt.

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