Author's Note: Just a quick one-shot drabbly piece inspired by a challenge at the GA. Also, I was craving Yuffentine. Now that this is out of my system, hopefully I can get back to Reefie. Don't forget to tell me what you think. :)

Although I'd never admit it, I wish I had brought a sweater. He's standing outside on the porch, alone, his cape billowing in gale force winds. Well, maybe they're not that strong, but he must have known he'd look awesome with his cloak and hair all tousled in the breeze as he stairs off at nothing in particular. Everywhere he goes, whether he knows it or not, he has to look epic.

I always want a piece of that awesome; so I follow him around from time to time. I noticed him outside from my spot at Tifa's bar, a cup of hot cocoa clutched in my hand. There was an air of sadness here; for we weren't all gathered for shits and giggles this time around. I told him if he didn't put that goddamn thing out, he was going to die. He laughed at me like I hadn't really cared. I hope he can taste my tears now.

Tifa is wonderful at being a comforting mother, but my strength was found watching him; standing poised to take on the world, immortalized in my memories, immortalized by the world's memories. I wanted to be strong like him, and so I took off outside, just to be near to him.

So I burst through the doors, loudly, as only I know how to do. I nearly stumble, but in midair I catch myself, spinning and striking a pose next to him. My short ninja bob and close fitting knee-length black (black, black, black) dress don't have the same effect. The wind fails to turn me into the god it does him, and the only difference I feel is the cold seep into my bones. My eyes are dull and grey, not rich and deep like his.

It's hard to focus on him when all I can't hear is loud laughter and the clank of beer bottles from inside the bar. I start to wonder how long until the next one goes, and the scent of tobacco comes back to me as I think about the reasons.

Cloud might crash his motorbike; he drives too fast too much of the time. Marlene will go froma sugar over-dose, because her favourite thing in this world (next to me) is candy. Reno might fight too much and die from a well aimed bullet. Tifa might love too much and die of a broken heart. Nanaki might know too much for his own good, and Cait may not know when to shut the hell up. Barret might be too passionate; Aeris, too innocent.

I take in a sharp breath of air, and hurts like ice in my lungs.

He glances at me now, seeing me cringe, and I smile a little. "Heya Vinnie."

He doesn't say anything, but tugs at the buckles on his cape, effectively freeing them so that the heavy cloak falls from his shoulders, gathered up in a bundle in his claw.

He turns back to the bar, transferring the garment into my arms as he does so. I look up at him with big questioning eyes, the cold pricks at my limbs, and I can quite clearly picture myself dying of pneumonia following this man to the very top of every mountain and back again, never once minding the temperature.

My addiction bends his neck, and his face is close to my ear as he whispers, "Don't die." Because when this is all through, when the last of us die from the last of our vices, he'll be alone, his only vice being oxygen, a habit that immortality won't let him kick.

Author's Note: Sad, face. I really like this, but since it was written in a concealed amount of time, I think it's a bit choppy and could have been fleshed out a bit more. Oh well. Thats what you guys are for? What did you think?